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final 53 man roster, not counting pace

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    Re: final 53 man roster, not counting pace

    We dont necessarily have to cut anyone, we could put jimmy kennedy on IR, but I think that you are correct in the belief that we are saving the kennedy to IR move for a defensive tackle, or possibly a CB, from the waiver wire. I looked and it doesnt look too promising at the DT position, not that expected much. Holsey was a nice signing for depth but he never got healthy for us. I am not sure which lineman would go since even with Pace we are thin at tackle.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: final 53 man roster, not counting pace

    No surprises... remaining questions are who gets the chop when Pace is back and do we try and pick up a decent DT from the offcuts

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    Guest started a topic final 53 man roster, not counting pace

    final 53 man roster, not counting pace

    Here it is guys, pending the addition of pace and any changes for the waiver wire. To my knowledge, neither fisher nor kennedy were put on IR, so i have them as on the roster for now.

    qb- bulger, chandler, smoker
    rb- faulk, jackson, gordon
    fb-goodspeed, harris
    wr-bruce, holt, looker, mcdonald, curtis, furrey
    te-cleeland, mamliamula, brake
    ot-williams, randall, tercero
    og-timmerman, dishman, nutten, andy king
    c-mccollom, turner

    specialits- wilkens, landetta, massey

    de- little, fisher, hargrove, flowers
    dt-pickett, lewis, t. jackson, howard, kennedy
    lb-pisa, thomas, chillar, polley, newsom, trev faulk
    cb-butler, fisher, garrett, groce
    safety- aeneas, archuletta, coady, bronson, shivers

    If I am counting correctly, that makes 53. Someone will have to go if Pace ever gets his big fat ass onto the team and signs the tender.

    ramming speed to all, i await your comments and observations.

    general counsel

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    Final Cuts are Finally In!!!!!
    by Guest
    This was just posted on the post dispatch website. One of our more technologically savy brothers can post the link.

    11 final cuts (keep in mind, pace does not count as a roster spot until he signs the tender), plus erik jensen and tom knight put on the IR. I think that they are stashing jensen, they said his knee injury last week was minor. Apparantly, neither kennedy nor fisher were put on IR.

    Also, we signed zach bronson as a backup safety, formerly of the niners.

    Cut- Holsey, nigel eason, dwight anderson, spoon, noll, jones, mcgorty, justin lucas, sean moran, alridge

    Who made the team that was "on the bubble"- coady, brian howard, trev faulk (over spoon for the last linebacker spot), mike brake as the #3 tight end.

    Biggest surprise was that holsey didnt make it, even though he was lousy in preseason. At defensive tackle, we have brian howard and tyoka behind the starters. Lord help us if either of the two main guys get hurt.

    Practice squad to be determined.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

    I will post in a separate post the final 53 man roster, for now, exclusive of pace.
    -09-05-2004, 03:06 PM
  • ZigZagRam
    53-Man Roster
    by ZigZagRam
    Here's my take on the 53-man roster. I can't remember if we IR'd Kennedy or not but here it goes.

    QB: Bulger, Chandler, Smoker
    RB: Faulk, Jackson, Gordon, Harris
    FB: Goodspeed, Massey
    WR: Holt, Bruce, McDonald, Looker, Curtis, Furrey
    TE: Manumaleuna, Cleeland, Brake
    OT: Pace, Williams, Tercero
    OG: Timmerman, Tercero, Dishman, King
    C: McCullom, Turner
    DE: Little, Fisher, Jackson, Hargrove, Flowers
    DT: Pickett, Lewis, Howard
    LB: Tinoisamoa, Thomas, Chillar, Polley, Newson, Faulk
    SS: Archuleta, Coady
    FS: Williams, Lucas, Shivers
    CB: Butler, Garrett, Groce, Anderson, Fisher
    K: Wilkins
    P: Landeta

    Notable Cuts: Greg Randall, Erik Jensen, Sean Moran, Brandon Spoon, Tom Knight

    Your thoughts?
    -08-31-2004, 10:40 AM
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    Updated projected 53 man roster
    by Guest
    Updated 53 man roster to reflect the recent moves (praying of course for no injuries in camp that effect this)

    Offense (26)

    bulger, chandler, smoker
    faulk, jackson, gordon
    goodspeed, harris
    mamliamula, cleeland, jensen
    bruce, holt, curtis, looker, mcdonald, furrey
    pace, turley, williams
    timmerman, mccollum, king, tercero
    wohlambaugh, eby or turner (the other makes the practice squad)

    Defense (24)

    pickett, lewis, kennedy, holsey/brian howard
    little, fisher, jackson, hargrove, flowers/moran
    thomas, pisa, polley, chillar, two of the following (newsom, spoon, lloyd, trev faulk, justin smith, mcwilliams)
    fisher, butler, groce, garrett
    a williams, archuleta, coady, shivers, lucas

    specialists (3)

    wilkens, massey, nicassio/landetta

    Other guys with a shot, but more likely candidates for the practice squad (unless someone gets hurt)

    nick burley, sheddrick copeland, nijrell eason, brian sump (kick returner)

    Other practice squad candidates- the 4th qb, coleman (wr), anyone else??????

    If Moran gets beat out, he probably gets waived. If brian howard gets beat out, he probably winds up on the practice squad, along with two linebackers and at least one guy from the secondary.

    Any updated thoughts from anyone?

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -06-21-2004, 09:50 PM
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    Rams roster into training camp
    by Guest
    During the ceremony my daughter and I held tonight at exactly 5pm central, as the players were checking in for camp, i did my best public address anouncer imitation for her and recited the entire 53 man roster from memory as she cheered for each guy. I believe that barring injury, the offense is basically set unless sump beats out furrey for a receiver spot in order to serve as the return guy.

    bubble spots- backup linebackers (special teams key). we will carry six, two spots available for tony newsom, spoon, lloyd, justin smith, trev faulk, mwilliams.
    Defensive end- Will moran make the team? I predict no.
    Defensive Tackle _ Will brian howard make the team. I predict practice squad.
    Punter- Will Landetta get beat out? Could go either way.

    Here is what it looks like

    bulger, chandler, smoker
    faulk, jackson, gordon
    goodspeed, harris
    bruce, holt, looker, curtis, macdonald, furrey (sump)
    mamliamula, cleeland, jensen
    pace, turley, williams
    wolabaugh, turner
    timmerman, mccollum, king, tercero

    Wilkens, Landetta/Nicasso, Massey

    Little, fisher, tyoka jackson, hargrove, flowers (moran)
    pickett, lewis, kennedy, holsey (brian howard)
    thomas, pisa, polley, chillar, two of the following (spoon, lloyd, newson, burley, justin smith, trev faulk, mcwilliams)
    fisher, butler, garrett, groce
    aeneas williams, archuleta, coady, shivers, lucas

    Biggest variable, outside of the backup linebacker spots is injuries. Hopefully, we will make it through camp and the preseason with nothing more than a few bumps and bruises here and there.

    ramming speed to all, as always, i would love your analysis of the roster,

    sign the big man

    general counsel
    -07-27-2004, 09:03 PM
  • general counsel
    The Big Man-orlando pace
    by general counsel
    As av pointed out, we are nowhere without the big man. I dont know why he missed the one series at the end of the half, but willig sure got toasted on the one pass play. We take the big man for granted at times, he is such a critical guy for us. You guys think we have problems on the line now, without him we have no shot at all.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -09-18-2005, 06:55 PM