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  • Armey on Sirius Radio

    He's supposedly coming on soon, so I'll try and post a summary of anything important.

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    Re: Armey on Sirius Radio

    -Armey says getting everyone on the same page with a contract is pretty difficult but a player of his caliber is a long range project for them and they want to get it done. Said they'll be diligent to get him happy and get him his just rewards.

    -Says the problem is that they can't connect with the total scenario on the contract. Once you clear the first hurdle, you move to the second and then look back to see the first has fallen down. Says Jay Zygmunt has worked really hard to try and get this done. Says that things last night pointed toward hope about getting something done. Says they're going to get all their ducks in a row and get something worked out, but they're happy to get him back here.

    -Says that if they don't get a long term deal done this year, that there's a possibility they might not be able to sign him. Says the player isn't necessarily to blame and says if Pace goes to camp and something happens to him, then he can't negotiate a big bonus. Says it's a tough situation for both sides because of the CBA and the Rams have to take advantage to the tools provided to them. Says you have to look at it from Pace's perspective before getting upset with him. He's known Pace since he's played at OSU and Pace wants to play football and that won't change.

    -Says that the loss of Kyle Turley upset the balance but he hopes they've done a good job in preparing the team for that loss. Said all the teams are faced with this chance of losing a key player, but they feel good about their young players. Said they're realistic in that they know every team loses players and they have to be ready.

    -Faulk has been oustanding. Best he's looked in two years. Rehabbed his knee really well. Always concerns with 10-11 year vet, but that's where they are.

    -That's all he could say because he got called to a meeting about their waiver wires.


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    • RamWraith
      Armey on KTRS
      by RamWraith
      Posted by dmoff206 on the HERD Board--
      Armey on KTRS

      Just getting my notes together and making sure someone else didn't post it first. Not much of a note taker and sometimes things are hard to read, but here we go.......

      As we already know, Truley's on the IR for the year, but no talk about a problem between him and Martz. Armey feels Pace will be back this week and with him back the Rams will have 3 solid tackles to start the year. Armey had nothing but praise for the offensive line and the way they protected on Friday Night with all the blitzs they came with.

      We've heard this before, but after Friday Nights game it's pretty clear that this can be a good offensive line this year, especially once Pace gets back

      Armey couldn't say enough good things about Steven Jackson and the way he runs the ball. He compared him to Marshall as a receiver and to Dickerson as a runner. But even with those comparisons he says Jackson is really his own person and does things differently than other RBs that he might be compared to. He made the comment that they (the Rams) couldn't believe Parcells let this guy slide by. He is the perfect Parcells type runner. Armey also says that Martz is so happy about this Jackson situation that he can now do things on the offensive side of the ball he could never do before.

      Establish a running game?

      One of the biggest surprises this preseason has been the play of Chillar. When originally scouted, Chillar looked like a player who could excell at everything he attempted on the field and so far it's been true. He's made some rookie mistakes, but overall his play has been solid. He's actually playing like anticipated but he's doing it in his rookie season. That's the big surprise.

      Armey was then asked if the preseason was too long. He says there's two ways to look at it. IF you have a vet team, then yes it is too long. But for most teams, you need the time to prepare. "You only get good at this game by playing it". He is really high on the way Martz prepared this team over the last two weeks. He really believes the Rams are nearing the point of being totally ready for the beginning of the season. Says he was impressed by the Friday Night game.

      The final talk was about the waiver wire. Armey says they are going to be watching the wire for good players. Interesting point, Armey claims the best teams to watch are the ones with a turnover in staff from the pervious year. He says these are the teams who most likely will cut a solid player. He says there will be a good number of solid players on the waiver wire after the last two cuts. Two interesting points, Armey says that most of the Rams that will be cut will be picked up because their scouting department is so good. And there are 79 former Rams on other teams at this point in time.

      -08-29-2004, 11:57 AM
    • Nick
      Armey on KTRS
      by Nick
      Armey on KTRS
      Posted by PhillyRam on the HERD Board


      A lot of rosey comments, but afterall the guy is the GM so don't expect anything negative. I listen to him and just notice who he omits or who he does not talk up when asked about a player and figure that guy is not cutting it.

      The only negative vibe he gave was when asked about D.Lew. Said something to the effect that after 3 years if you haven't defined yourself as a player then maybe that player is not the player he was expected to be. So he mentioned that Lewis has to step up this year.

      On Turley and the OL:

      Thinks Turley just pushed it too much, but they (doctors) don't think it will sideline him for too long. Says he will be fine and they just have to be more cautious with him. Said the 1st round of tests were favorable, but they are sending him for some more to be sure.

      Also cautious with Wohlabaugh because they need him when the season starts, but he feels he should be ready for the opener.

      Again he commented on how good Turner and Tercero look. Tercero has been playing some OT at both LT and RT as Martz thinks he has a future there.

      Said of the UDFA's he likes Morgan and Noll. Says that Jackie Slater has said that Noll is the best UDFA guy they have and has looked good.

      Says he feels they have a lot of good young players and he credited McCutcheon and his staff for finding these guys.

      On Jackson:

      Say's that he has been very impressive in the "live" plays that they have run. Says that Faulk has commented that he has to run at lower pad level, but Faulk has been impressed with him.

      On Manu:

      Says that he has lost some weight (about 280) and has looked good running and catching as he is at the weight they want him at. Last year he was up around 300. Also said his blocking has been solid in this camp.

      On Kennedy:

      Kennedy has looked good and Bill Kollar is proud of the way he has worked this off-season. Armey said he just needs his voice to change. In other words he has to still grow up and mature a little mentally and physically.

      On Polley and the LB's:

      Says he has really stood out and Vitt says he has been the best. Could have an all-pro year this year.

      Says that Justin Smith has looked the best among the back up LB's and he feels they have a lot of good players there. Also mentioned that Chillar has looked good.

      On Instincts:

      I think he was commenting on Justin Smith, although it wasn't clear, and why he has impressed and he compared him to Looker as a guy that has instincts.

      He then went on to talk about how important instincts are and that speed is not everything. He said that...
      -08-01-2004, 05:54 PM
    • Nick
      Armey on KTRS
      by Nick
      Posted by dmoff206 on the HERD Board--

      A range of questions this a.m., but not a lot of new information about the Rams and what's going on.....

      Armey started off talking about the Offensive Line, seems Truley is out for the season, at least that's what the thinking process is now. Armey is very happy with the hard work by both Dishmen and Nutten. Really likes Nutten because he has worked with Timmerman and McCollum before and they make a good team, know the habits of each other. Very surprised by Tercero who has worked hard and has been very impressive. Absolutely NO MENTION OF Orlando Pace. His name never came up. Armey had nothing but Kudos for Jackie Slater. Says he is doing wonders with these young lineman at this point in time. Not only is Armey very comfortable with the OL, but I believe Hadley talked well of them. It sounds at this point in time that this is going to be a very good offensive line this season with age and youth.

      The Bears/Fish trade came up and RK asked why there are not more blockbuster trades in the NFL. Armey explained that because of the Salary Cap, it's almost impossible to trade a high salary star to another team because of the cap hit. He said this won't change until they make some changes in how the salary cap is effected from trades, cuts and releases.

      Armey was asked about the move of Hargrove to the inside, but there was no real answer on this question. Armey just made the comment that When this young man's voice changes, he'll be pretty good". Also said Martz is working Smoker hard in every practice and he's coming along nicely. We'll all know more this week with Smoker gets some solid playing time in the two games.

      Hadley brought up the Freddy Kruger of the Rams, Special Teams play. Army was very specific on this point in the interview. When it comes down to filling the final 4 to 5 spots on the team, they will be special teams players. The Rams are very deep right now in the preseason in WRs, LBs and at the Safety position. It will be the players who look best in special teams that will fill these final spots. Armey also believes that any of these final cuts the Rams make, these same players will end up on other teams. He believes they are that strong this preseason. Also said when it comes to making the final choices on who stays, the Special Teams coach will have big say on who he wants. Not sure if this is a change or not, but sounds like a good idea.

      Armey was asked about Kurt Warner and how he has looked this season. He said he thought Warner looked good the other night, but didn't see what happened on the interception. Said he heard two different versions, receiver ran the wrong route, Warner threw the wrong route. He said it didn't really matter, they want Warner to be successful where ever he ends up, but they have two young QBs to work with at this time. Bulger and Smoker are the QBs in the Rams...
      -08-22-2004, 12:46 PM
    • RamWraith
      Charley Armey: A team player
      by RamWraith
      By Jim Thomas

      After nearly a decade on the job with the Rams, Charley Armey is nearing the finish line. In June, when Tony Softli was hired as vice president of player personnel, the Rams also quietly announced that Armey was being reassigned.

      Armey has run the Rams' personnel department since 1998, including the past six seasons as general manager. But with the arrival of Softli, Armey's new job description in this, the final year of his contract with the club, is vice president of pro personnel.

      No matter how you look at it, it's a demotion for Armey. Those close to Armey say he briefly considered retiring or resigning after the Softli hire was finalized in June. But he decided to stay on for what looks very much like his final year.

      "They asked me to stay, and I feel very, very loyal to the Rams and the city of St. Louis," Armey said.

      Armey doesn't give many interviews these days, a far cry from the heyday of the Greatest Show on Turf when he seemed to show up everywhere in newspaper, radio and TV reports. But in a recent interview with the Post-Dispatch, Armey said he holds no ill will toward the organization over the restructuring in the personnel department.

      "I've been treated fairly here," Armey said. "John Shaw has been tremendous to work for. He's always been honest and open. Everyone knows we've had a rough run here lately. But I've always tried to put the organization and winning first. Nobody's more important than what your team objectives and goals are."

      Immediately following the 2006 draft, there were signals from Rams management that the organization might stand pat for at least another year in the personnel department. New coach Scott Linehan was pleased with how the draft process went, and at least some of that credit went to Armey.

      Perhaps Armey would run yet another draft in St. Louis, as he had done for nine consecutive seasons, from 1998 through 2006. But that all changed with Softli's hiring.

      "I anticipated that there was a possibility that it could happen," Armey said. "There was no surprise. The team was going through a reorganization, and it maybe was time for me to cut back. And I think it's important that the new coach and his staff have the people in place that they feel they need to win.

      "Whatever your job is -- coach, president, player -- there always comes a time when it's time for somebody new to come in because they feel they can do a better job than you do."

      As vice president of pro personnel, Armey will organize the team's pro personnel department, which had been all but nonexistent in recent years. He will do advance scouting; evaluate players on opposing teams from week to week; and evaluate players scheduled to be unrestricted and restricted free agents at...
      -08-13-2006, 03:26 PM
    • RamWraith
      Armey on KTRS
      by RamWraith
      Posted by RubberSoul:

      They interviewed Armey today on KTRS. This is what he had to say:

      He commented on the Hadley rumor since Hadley was the one interviewing him. Basically he said that he will be ready on training camp, but he also will not be worked as hard in camp eitehr just due to his age and the fact that they need to get Jackson and Gordon some work. Although he said he would not bet against Marshall having a big year. However, he was quick to say they feel they are strong at RB with Jackson, Gordon and Harris playing behind Faulk.

      He then went into the Pace situiation and actually compared it to Faulk and said that one of teh reason PAce sits out camp, so he dioes not take a beating in camp and is fresh for the reg season. (I don't quite buy that)

      On Curtis:

      Was asked about Curtis and agreed with Hadley taht he could have a good year, but was quick to give props to Looker and gushed about him and his contributions last year. Went on to say that the WR is deep and is part of what he feels is a very strong roster.

      On Training camp:

      The thing he loves about training camp is watching an unknown come out of nowhere to make the team and make a contribution. Cited Harris last year.

      On Kennedy:

      Said Kennedy has not missed a day this offseason and has been at Rams park everyday (I assume he meant that he has been there everyday that he was scheduled to be there) Said something about Bill Kohler working with him and being pleased.

      Seems very excited about Cardinals baseball.

      Marshall's knee. Despite what has been said, everything he has been able to learn from the Rams trainers and the professionals is that his knee suregery was successful. It can be tricky when a guys is operated several times on the same knee but he knows no reason now that Marshall shouldn't have a big year "if properly used", should not be carrying the load.

      Says Martz is aware that Faulk doesn't need the reps like Jackson and Gordon. Armey very happy with Rams running back situation. Affirmed Hadley's comment that Jackson can contribute significantly as a rookie and said Gordon had two good minicamps.

      Armey didn't seem too worried about Pace. Say Pace is playing for next year's contract; unlikey to come in early, will focus everything on having a big season. Last year Pace came in ten days before first game, sounds like a repeat this year.

      Hadley predicted great impact by Curtis. Armey agreed but wanted to point out the contribution of Looker, so reliable, like #87.

      Still loves training camp. Loves for the guy who comes out of left field to make a competition.

      Good things about Kennedy. Says Kennedy has not missed a session since the end of the season. He and and Martz are so proud of what Kennedy has done.
      -07-11-2004, 08:17 PM