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Any good players out there?

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  • Any good players out there?

    I'm not knee deep into how all of this works, but I expected to see some good quality players from other teams released. But I haven't heard about any becoming available.

    Did anyone of consequence w/r to the Ram's needs get cut from other teams? It seemed like last season there were several but now there seems to be zilch.


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    Re: Any good players out there?

    What need do we have that's so glaring that a pre-season cut is going to fix, and what player would you get rid of on our 53-man roster to make such an addition?


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      Re: Any good players out there?

      Part of this depends on whether you think that kennedy goes on IR if we find a defensive tackle that we like. I dont consider myself that knowledgeable on other teams, but i sure didnt see anything that looked very good on the waiver wire at defensive tackle.

      general counsel


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        Re: Any good players out there?

        God I hate people that answer a question with a question. It is so damn condescending.

        At least answer him Nick and then ask the question.



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          Re: Any good players out there?

          Originally posted by Reborn
          God I hate people that answer a question with a question. It is so damn condescending.

          At least answer him Nick and then ask the question.
          ...yet it's perfectly okay to come into a thread and flame someone's response. Go figure. At least answer the question yourself if you're going to criticize someone for not doing so. :bored:

          Anyways, so Trout doesn't twist his panties any more than necessary, considering we're going to have to take someone off the roster before this weekend anyways to make room for Pace -- and the Rams seem as if they want to keep Fisher and Kennedy off IR since they expect both back in mid to late November -- I don't necessarily see the need to go out and grab someone off waivers and force ourselves to release two players.

          For those that think we need help on the defensive line still, guys like Kenny Holmes or Bryan Robinson are available last I checked. The Giants released Solomon Page, Buffalo released LB Jason Gildon, the Jets released TE Michael Ricks, the Ravens released CB/returner Lamont Brightful, the Broncos released TEs Jed Weaver and Byron Chamberlain, the Raiders released LB Dwayne Rudd, and the Chargers released S Kwamie Lassiter. However, I don't feel any of these players would provide enough to warrant cutting someone currently on the roster.

          You have to consider that at this point, we're talking about bringing in guys who don't know our schemes and calls. Therefore, the person would have to be pretty good to be expected to make any immediate impact. So unless we're looking for depth -- which we have plenty of right now IMO -- then there's not much to consider right now.


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            Re: Any good players out there?

            Thanks Trout. Thanks Nick.

            What prompted me to ask this was I remember last year Lawyer Milloy being released by the Pats. So I was wondering if there were any like that available: a great player cut for money reasons, or personality problems with the coach, or perhaps he was viewed as too old or injured, like George. I was hoping we could get a proven player, who has some life left in him, and put him to work.

            I'm not familiar with all our 53 players, but I assume that some are not the best, and was hoping that someone better from another team was cut that maybe we could pick.

            In all team sports, frequently it is the 2nd string guys who win the games.

            So, if some good DB was cut, maybe we could take him and let Coady go.


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              Re: Any good players out there?

              See how easy that was Nick. Thank you. I did not respond because I was waiting for somebody with more knowledge like yourself to answer the question :tongue:



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                Re: Any good players out there?

                OG Mike Compton. Who do we release? I dunno, Nutten? Randall?


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                  Re: Any good players out there?

                  I would imagine Randall will probably be released with Pace's spot on the roster becomes official, unless the Rams plan to IR Kennedy or Fisher.


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                    Question about the 1982 rams-the strike year
                    by Guest
                    Question about the strike shortened 1982 season. Do the replacement players count in your minds as Rams? After all, they did wear the horns on the field. Note that none of the team media guides list the replacement players on the all time roster. I bought a team photo of the replacement players which is apparantly pretty scarce but i cant find an actual roster, does anyone have one? Any truth to the story that dez was a wide receiver on the replacement team?

                    ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -06-06-2005, 04:35 PM
                  • RamsFanSam
                    The Players You Love To Hate
                    by RamsFanSam
                    The past week has been a busy one at Rams Park. Confetti drifted through the air in places when the announcements of Butler being cut and Kennedy being traded.

                    But let's think about this for a moment.

                    Last season, it seems like almost everyone was complaining about how bad these guys were. How JK couldn't tackle, and how Butler was subpar, at best. But, really, how bad were they?
                    Every year, 32 teams go to New York and choose an average of 7 players each, adding roughly 224 kids to the rosters of the NFL's chosen ones. I don't know the exact figures, but I'd bet that there are at least twice as many UFA's that are picked up in the days following the draft. If I'm right, then this means that the 1696 players on the rosters of all the teams are increased to around 2,368 guys competing for a job. Of course, this is really not an accurate figure, because this would mean that 71% of these guys would get a job in the NFL. Things are not that easy, though. Drew Tate is currently listed as a QB on the Rams roster, along with Fitzpatrick, Ferrotte, and Bulger. For him to wear the Horns and be the starting QB anytime in the next 3 seasons is less of a probability than the chances of me winning the Powerball jackpot.
                    That doesn't mean he is a bad player - after all, he made it to the NFL, so he has to have the talent and ability to go to the next level after college. The same can be said for every player on our roster - they had the talent and abilities to compete for a starting job. In college, these guys were special - outstanding players in their school, and likely among the best in their conference. But, success in college does not mean success in the NFL. Many things come into play. Physical ability is only one thing. The ability to adapt, to learn new things, to become a part of the whole instead of a standout, the desire to work harder, to become an upstanding person, possessing a good moral compass, the ability to forget all you have learned to learn it anew in a different light - these are things that go into the making of an NFL team member.
                    Jimmy Kennedy and Jerimetrius Butler both made it into the NFL, and beyond this, they were among the 53 left after all the cuts were made. Although we saw their faults, we should also look at what it took for them to get on the roster. If they did not possess that certain something, those qualities that make a St. Louis Rams player, they wouldn't have had the opportunitiy to wear the Horns.

                    They weren't lousy players. They were players who squandered their opportunity to be great players.

                    That's why we love to hate these guys.
                    -06-09-2007, 09:57 AM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    Sometimes, its all about getting good games from mediocre players.
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    As fans, its hard to resist the temptation to look at a trouble spot on the roster and ask "can't we sign someone" or "can't we trade for someone."

                    In reality, though, its just not that simple.

                    Though there are exceptions, typically starter-quality players are not sitting on their sofa at this time of the year. Likewise, most teams don't have such depth that they are willing to trade high quality players without a king's ransom in return.

                    So what do you do?

                    Well, as Dick Vermiel once said, you rally around the guys you have, and you play good football.

                    I think that's how Jeff Fisher is approaching the O line problem. He recognizes that Jackie Slater, Orlando Pace and Dennis Harrah aren't coming through that door.

                    We have to suit up the guys we have, create a game plan that plays to their strengths, and execute.

                    Next year, hopefully we'll have more talent on the O line.

                    For now, though, there is a battle to be fought, and we have to line up the guys we have with confidence, and with a plan.

                    And... hope.
                    -09-27-2012, 07:39 AM
                  • bigtiger737
                    some possible waivee's
                    by bigtiger737
                    anyone see some possible waives for the final cut we might consider? I live in MI so I didn't get to see a single pre season game of our boys, but I did see some detroit preseason and if we have any question marks at the DT/NT weshould consider cohen,98# he has made alot of plays and I think he has the hest chance to be a diamond in the rough then I think I've ever personally seen.. I mean double teams didn't matter, run or pass didn't matter.. the boy just made play after play he was awesome, and it was consistant no plays off that I saw
                    -08-29-2008, 08:04 AM
                  • VegasRam
                    by VegasRam
                    I just realized after watching the NFL for 40 years, that I don't understand why players are put on the "inactive" list. The roster's set at 53, so when someone is inactive, does that mean we activate someone from the practice squad, or what?
                    -09-20-2006, 08:11 AM