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  • Power Rankings--What a joke


    1 Patriots 14-2-0 Their talent says they should be back in the Super Bowl. Recent history says they might not even make the playoffs.

    2 Eagles 12-4-0 Donovan McNabb? Terrell Owens? Andy Reid? Take your pick, they're all under pressure in Philly this year.

    3 Colts 12-4-0 With Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison free agents at the end of the season this could be the final run for the Big Three in Indy.

    4 Chiefs 13-3-0 Gunther Cunningham alone isn't going to fix the defense. It's still up to the players, who are the same as last year and that could be a problem.

    5 Seahawks 10-6-0 Some might have scoffed at Matt Hasselbeck's 'we want the ball and we're going to score' statement. But to us, it's just a confident QB who has fun playing the game.

    6 Ravens 10-6-0 Jamal Lewis IS the Ravens offense and despite what they say, any missed games would be a big blow.
    7 Vikings 9-7-0 Last year Randy Moss had career highs in catches (117), yards (1,632) and TDs (tied at 17). We're expecting nothing short of that this year.

    8 Panthers 11-5-0 While the Panthers looked poised to follow up last year's success, the turnover on the offensive line has to be a concern.

    9 Titans 12-4-0 Titans fans won't forget what Eddie George meant to the franchise, but Tennessee's running game is going to be just fine with Chris Brown.

    10 Broncos 10-6-0 The Broncos are definitely better on defense. But with unproven RBs and questions at WR, it's the offense that could be a problem.

    11 Packers 10-6-0 If Mike McKenzie remains out of the lineup the secondary could end up keeping the Packers from being a Super Bowl team.

    12 Cowboys 10-6-0 Can the Cowboys be a legitimate contender with a 40-year old QB? We'll find out because Vinny isn't going anywhere for a while.

    13 Saints 8-8-0 This team looks talented enough to be a playoff contender. Of course, hasn't that been the case the last few years?

    14 Jets 6-10-0 With Pennington, Moss, Martin and Co., the offense will be good. But can the defense raise its level of play under new coordinator Donnie Henderson?

    15 Bengals 8-8-0 We think Carson Palmer is going to be a stud. But it will be interesting to see how he -- and Marvin Lewis -- reacts if he gets off to a rough start.

    16 Rams 12-4-0 Steven Jackson looks legit, but a healthy Marshall Faulk is still the best offensive weapon the Rams have.

    17 Jaguars 5-11-0 We love Byron Leftwich's potential, but the talk about a surprise Super Bowl run is a little premature.

    8 Bills 6-10-0 If Drew Bledsoe can get back on track the Bills could be a team to watch out for.

    19 Falcons 5-11-0 With DeAngelo Hall out for 6-10 weeks and Michael Vick still gimpy, it hasn't been a good preseason for the Falcons, who were No. 7 when we did our offseason rankings in May.

    20 Redskins 5-11-0 Joe Gibbs walking in the door instantly made this team better.

    21 Buccaneers 7-9-0 The Bucs were one of the NFL's most active teams this offseason, but we're not sure they're any better.

    22 Steelers 6-10-0 He might not see the field for a while, but Ben Roethlisberger is going to be a stud.

    23 Raiders 4-12-0 They might not bounce all the way back, but this team will win more than four games.
    24 Dolphins 10-6-0 The Dolphins had a terrible offseason, but the defense should still be decent and that could keep them in games.

    25 Lions 5-11-0 With Harrington, Rogers, Williams and Jones, this could be an exciting team to watch.

    26 Texans 5-11-0 Carr, Johnson and Davis give the Texans a talented foundation on offense. But they're not going to catch the Titans or Colts this year.

    27 Bears 7-9-0 Thomas Jones will get the chance to shine in a system that should be a great fit for his skills.

    28 Giants 4-12-0 The Giants are going to struggle on the offensive line which isn't good when your QBs are a battered veteran and a rookie.

    29 Browns 5-11-0 As long as he doesn't get hurt, the Offensive Rookie of the Year award is Kellen Winslow's to lose.

    30 ***** 7-9-0 It's not a good thing when a team loses all it's skill position starters on offense.

    31 Chargers 4-12-0 It's going to be interesting to see how long LaDainian Tomlinson can keep going without getting frustrated.

    32 Cardinals 4-12-0 Dennis Green will make the Cardinals a better team, but it's going to take a while to turn the Cardinals into contenders.

    Pete Prisco's

    Current Team Previous
    1 New England Patriots 1
    They still will push for a Super Bowl spot, but it's so tough to repeat in this era, so they won't. They'll get close, though.
    2 Indianapolis Colts 3
    It's hard to believe, but the Colts will be better on offense. The defense only has to make small improvements to get to Jacksonville.
    3 Minnesota Vikings 17
    The more I watch this team, the more I like it. They will be so explosive on offense, and the young defensive players look ready to take the next step.
    4 Philadelphia Eagles 4
    Even with Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse on board, they still have corner questions, and we still wonder if Donovan McNabb is accurate enough. Yeah, I just wrote that.
    5 Baltimore Ravens 7
    If the passing game comes around -- big if -- then they can push for the Super Bowl. Ray Lewis can will this team to 11 victories, even with Deion "The Toe" Sanders playing at 37.
    6 Denver Broncos 2
    The heat is on Mike Shanahan, but he has the makings of a nice club -- division-winning nice. The defense will decide if this is a Super team.
    7 Kansas City Chiefs 6
    So much offense still, but so little difference on defense. They changed coordinators, but the talent is the same, and it won't be enough to get to the Super Bowl.
    8 Seattle Seahawks 5
    Trendy picks usually don't pan out. Plus, they will be 0-2 after two games, losing at New Orleans and at Tampa Bay. Climbing out of that hole is tough, even in an easy division.
    9 New Orleans Saints 10
    This talented team is mature now and ready to take a major step forward. The key is keeping Aaron Brooks on top of his game.
    10 Tennessee Titans 9
    As long as Steve McNair is flinging footballs, they'll compete for a playoff spot. Plenty of youngsters have to come up big on defense.
    11 Carolina Panthers 8
    One-year wonder? Maybe not, but they won't repeat because of offensive line woes.
    12 Green Bay Packers 14
    Brett Favre, Ahman Green and the offense will be fun to watch. Youth on defense has to come up big.
    13 Jacksonville Jaguars 15
    Will compete for a playoff spot but might be a year away. Pass rush is the major worry.
    14 St. Louis Rams 13
    Catch me, I'm falling. That's the Rams under Mike Martz. This team is in big trouble on the offensive line, and their coach might be as a result of it.
    15 Pittsburgh Steelers 19
    They say they're going back to the roots: Running it and playing good defense. But can they win that way anymore?
    16 Cincinnati Bengals 21
    This is another team that might be a year away. Carson Palmer will have some growing pains -- it's only natural -- which will hold this team back some.
    17 New York Jets 24
    This could be a surprise team, as long as Chad Pennington stays healthy. The improved speed on defense is noticeable.
    18 Dallas Cowboys 11
    Can a 40-year-old Vinny Testaverde take this team to the playoffs? If the line blocks, he can. That's a big if.
    19 Washington Redskins 20
    We love the offense, but who is going to rush the passer? Might be in store for a lot of shootouts.
    20 Buffalo Bills 22
    Will Drew Bledsoe bounce back to his 2002 form, or is he done? If it's the former, they can be a playoff team.
    21 Miami Dolphins 16
    Too many setbacks on offense and too big a question at quarterback. The defense isn't that good.
    22 Atlanta Falcons 12
    We like the offense a lot as long as Michael Vick is playing, but there are too many holes on defense. They will be fun to watch.
    23 Oakland Raiders 25
    The 3-4 defense should be better, but does the offense really scare anybody? Who's the feature runner? Quarterback?
    24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18
    This team is a mish-mash, and it's doubtful Jon Gruden can mold it together, although if anybody can, he can.
    25 Houston Texans 23
    Will make a step forward, but it might not show up because of the tough division. Another 2005 team to watch.
    26 Detroit Lions 27
    Trendy pick as a possible playoff team by many, but not here. They still have too many young players who have to mature -- especially on offense.
    27 Chicago Bears 28
    It's going to be a tough go for new coach Lovie Smith in his first season. There isn't enough talent to be a playoff team.
    28 New York Giants 26
    Kurt Warner might want to up that life insurance policy playing behind that line. The defense is nothing great, either.
    29 Cleveland Browns 29
    A playoff team two years ago, they are in regress mode. And Butch Davis got a contract extension?
    30 San Francisco ***** 31
    Look at the bright side, ***** fans: At least they aren't overspending anymore. As if you really cared now that your team is near the bottom.
    31 San Diego Chargers 32
    LaDainian Tomlinson: A diamond in a trash bin. So sad he plays for this group, but at least he got paid.
    32 Arizona Cardinals 30
    Dennis Green to the rescue? Really? Not with this talent.

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    Re: Power Rankings--What a joke

    Just the way I like it Jason ............ lets surprise them

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Re: Power Rankings--What a joke

      These things are always so subjective and not based on any facts, especially when no games have been played.


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        Re: Power Rankings--What a joke

        I've said it before, I'll say it again. Pete Prisco's opinion isn't the paper it's written on.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: Power Rankings--What a joke

          I prefer it this way, it's all personal speculation anyway....Until the season gets underway and we are out there playing for blood, that's when the real opinions will count and our RAMS had better be out there collecting blood samples from every player not wearing horns on their head!!!!!!! GOOOOO RAMSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! :ramlogo: :ramlogo: :ramlogo:


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            Re: Power Rankings--What a joke

            Screw the Patsies !!!!!



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              Re: Power Rankings--What a joke

              Its funny that every time the so called experts talk about the Rams o-line they show clips of the KC game. Yet they conveniently forget to mention that over the last 2 games the O-line has improved and the line should solidify with Pace in their. Personnaly if there is a line to worry about that would be our d-line. But we'll have to wait and see how this first game goes.


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                Re: Power Rankings--What a joke

                It is a joke, that will be on them when the team makes the playoffs. :tongue:
                JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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