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Sehorn Deal contingent on passing physical

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    Re: Sehorn Deal contingent on passing physical

    Eason looked good in a couple of pre-season games.

    I think we'll keep an eye out for him. Probably one of those guys that we pretty much know that no-one else will pick up, so instead of signing him, we just know that if we ever needed him, we can call him up.


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      Re: Sehorn Deal contingent on passing physical

      Originally posted by Evil Disco Man
      I only had the opportunity to see one Rams preseason game (vs. Redskins), so my perspective is a bit limited, but he stood out to me more than anyone else in the secondary when the scrubs were in. I wish I could review game tape to watch players individually and have a more complete analysis, but since I can't, I just watch the game once with my roster handy and eyes glued to the screen, looking for those players that stick out. Anyway, I remember Eason making a couple big plays (including a nice pass breakup and a smack-tacular hit if I remember correctly) and seeing him around the ball a few more times when the play went away from him, which to me shows good hustle. Those plays were more than enough to put him ahead of guys like Lucas and Shivers in my book. I may be going out on a limb here and my opinion might be tainted due to limited sources, but that's how I saw it.
      Forthright anecdotes - more reliable than unrepresentative surveys.


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        Re: Sehorn Deal contingent on passing physical

        I missed the last two preseason games. I was up in Maine for the Redskin game with no tv and no computer. It was an odd feeling, but I took comfort in the little island that was stood closest. It was Ram Island. Talk about signs :king:

        Sehorn's time has come and gone. He may have been good once, but he is done and I am glad that we won't see him this year.


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          Re: Sehorn Deal contingent on passing physical

          That I would call a thick post. A very thick post.
          Trying to live up to expectations can be a terrible burden....but by maintaining my focus, I manage it. :king:
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          • RamWraith
            Foot still bothering Sehorn
            by RamWraith
            ST. LOUIS -- Safety Jason Sehorn failed his physical with the St. Louis Rams on Wednesday, nullifying the free-agent contract he signed the previous night.

            Sehorn, 33, missed the first six games of last season after breaking his left foot early in training camp, and never really got up to full speed. He underwent an additional operation on the foot in February and missed all of the preseason, but the foot remains a problem.

            He agreed to terms on a one-year contract on Tuesday. The Rams have been trying to load up at the safety position, also signing Zack Bronson earlier this week.

            Team exams are generally very subjective in the NFL and it is believed that the Rams did not believe Sehorn had sufficiently healed from offseason surgery. His rehabilitation from the surgery, coupled with indecision about his football future, kept Sehorn out of camp this summer. That inactivity aside, the Rams believed Sehorn might still contribute to their injury-depleted secondary if he was healthy.

            The two sides had agreed to a contract for the league minimum base salary of $760,000 pending the physical. The former New York Giant arrived in St. Louis on Tuesday evening after several days of discussions with Rams officials.

            It was not yet clear how the Rams planned to use Sehorn. The team is thin at cornerback, where he played much of his career, but Sehorn was primarily used at safety in '03.

            Most teams, including the Rams, assumed during the offseason that Sehorn would retire. There was some interest from Carolina, which attempted to sign Sehorn last year, earlier in the spring, but he basically dropped off the free agent radar screen after that.

            Sehorn, 33, was one of the NFL's premier athletes in his prime. Originally chosen by the Giants in the second round of the 1994 draft, the former Southern California player was a Giant until being released last spring for salary cap considerations.

            He signed a one-year, $1 million contract with the Rams and played in 10 games, with three starts, totaling 18 tackles and four passes defensed. In 10 seasons, Sehorn has appeared in 117 games and started 76. He has 436 tackles, 19 interceptions and 86 passes defensed.

            Information from The Associated Press and senior NFL writer Len Pasquarelli was used in this report.
            -09-08-2004, 04:48 PM
          • Nick
            Pasquarelli discusses Delhomme's new contract, among other things
            by Nick
            Delhomme's Pact Could Affect Couch, Warner
            By Len Pasquarelli

            It is called lagniappe, an old Cajun word that roughly translates into "a little bit extra," and a term with which Carolina Panthers quarterback and dyed-in-the-gumbo Louisiana native Jake Delhomme was familiar, long before he agreed Thursday morning to his pricey new five-year contract extension.

            Rewarding their emerging star with a contract that reportedly could be worth as much as $38 million, a deal criticized in some NFL precincts because there remains a core group of skeptics anxious to see if Delhomme was just a one-year wonder, certainly represented a heaping helping of lagniappe ladled out by Panthers management. No matter where one sides in the debate, though, the contract inarguably was aimed at providing security for both parties to the extension.

            Good news, Carolina management hopes, for a franchise now suddenly resurrected and seeking to sustain newfound success and to create stability. And absolutely great news for an itinerant quarterback whose league resume included just two regular-season starts before 2003.

            But bad news -- very bad news, in fact, it says here -- for signal-callers such as Tim Couch, Kurt Warner and Kordell Stewart. How do we draw a correlation between Delhomme's contract and the fortunes of those veteran quarterbacks?

            Because players like Couch have recently been forced into a kind of wait-until-next-year mindset, one in which they sign short-term deals in the hopes of finding a far more appealing employment market next March, when they will be free agents and perhaps have a chance to pursue a starting job. And contracts like the one Delhomme signed, in the big picture, mean there aren't going to be as many vacant starting spots in the NFL as some observers suggest there might be.

            It is, to be sure, one of the NFL's most notable dichotomies. Everyone focuses closely on the movement of quarterbacks in the league every spring, and this year was no different, as 19 quarterbacks had switched franchises at last count. But in a league where the best-kept secret appears to be the number of teams that have cemented their starters in place over the last few years, many of them with deals of astonishing length, few quarterbacks who changed addresses actually upgraded their status.

            Here's a fact-and-fiction proposition: It's a fact that the 32 quarterbacks projected to be starters in 2004 have an average of 4.4 more seasons remaining on their current contracts, meaning they are locked in through 2007. So it is fiction to assume that a slew of No. 1 spots will become available next spring, or even the offseason after that.

            The late-blooming Delhomme is the latest beneficiary of a trend in which teams have sought to reverse the quarterback carousel and put a stop to the calliope tune that annually accompanies...
            -06-18-2004, 01:40 PM
          • RamWraith
            Wohlabaugh's stint with Rams over
            by RamWraith
            By Jim Thomas
            Of the Post-Dispatch
            MACOMB, Ill. - Because of continuing hip problems, center Dave Wohlabaugh's tenure with the Rams has come to a premature end. And perhaps his National Football League career is over, as well.

            The Rams terminated the contract of Wohlabaugh on Wednesday. Because Wohlabaugh couldn't pass a physical more than five months after hip surgery, the Rams don't have to make an injury settlement.

            However, since Wohlabaugh underwent club-authorized surgery in the offseason, he gets a $250,000 injury-protection benefit. The Rams make the payment, but it doesn't count against their salary cap.

            They have no further financial obligation to Wohlabaugh, who signed a four-year, $6 million free-agent contract with the club on February 28, 2003. The deal included a $2 million signing bonus.

            The Rams must count $500,000 of that signing bonus against this year's salary cap, and $1 million against their '05 cap. But they save the $660,000 in base salary Wohlabaugh was scheduled to earn this season, creating more cap room for the team this year.

            Wohlabaugh had not practiced since having surgery for a torn labrum muscle in his right hip March 5. After he visited doctors in St. Louis and Ohio last week for further evaluation, it was determined that he would be sidelined for at least three more months. Even at that, there was only a 50-50 chance that the hip would heal well enough to play.

            Wohlabaugh attended Wednesday morning's practice but then left Macomb for St. Louis. Wohlabaugh could not be reached to comment once his release became official in the afternoon.

            "It doesn't appear like he's going to be able to continue his career," Wohlabaugh's agent, Alan Herman, said Wednesday night. "He was upset, as any player would be. The Rams have been first-class in how they've dealt with him. If there's any way he can continue playing, he knows he's got a home in St. Louis."

            However unlikely it might be, the Rams have left the door open to re-signing Wohlabaugh should his hip improve. But since it was painful at times during training camp for Wohlabaugh to even get into a 3-point stance, a return seems highly unlikely.

            Wohlabaugh, 32, would've been entering his 10th NFL season. He has played his way through a variety of injuries during this career, including a broken hand last season, but had never missed more than four games in any one season until now.

            "It's tough, because it's an internal injury," Wohlabaugh told the Post-Dispatch on Monday. "When you see me walking around, it doesn't look like there's anything wrong. Whereas if you've got a big cast on your hand, everyone says, 'Oh geez, that guy's hurt.' But it's tough, it's tough to deal with.

            "Fortunately for me, the Rams have been outstanding...
            -08-19-2004, 04:42 AM
          • Varg6
            JaMarcuss Russell Signs!
            by Varg6

            Ending months of negotiations and a holdout that stretched to more than six weeks, the Oakland Raiders reached a contract agreement in principle with JaMarcus Russell, the former LSU quarterback who was the first overall selection in the 2007 draft, on Monday.

            Barring any glitches, and contingent on formalities like him passing a physical exam, has confirmed that Russell will officially sign a six-year contract on Tuesday and should be on the field for the team's Wednesday practice.

            There is still considerable work to be done, however, in terms of drawing up the contract, and a source close to the negotiations said late Monday that the two sides could still be working "very late into the night and maybe into [Tuesday] morning" to craft the precise language of the deal. has learned that Russell is still not in the Bay Area, and will not fly to Oakland until his representatives feel comfortable with all the details of the contract.

            Sources said the contract, hammered out in four days of marathon face-to-face negotiations in the Bay Area, has a maximum value of at least $61 million.

            The deal also includes about $31-$32 million in guarantees and an attractive payout schedule that will enable Russell to earn substantially more in the first three seasons of the deal than the $20.95 million that Houston Texans defensive end Mario Williams, the top overall selection in the 2006 draft, will bank in his first three years.

            There are also at least $3 million in guarantees in the fourth season of Russell's deal, and he will also make more in that period than the $23.35 million that Williams will pocket in his first four years.

            So, while it appears that the Raiders were able to hold the guarantees in the range that they had been proposing in recent discussions, the long holdout seems to have garnered Russell a very advantageous payout structure.

            Of course, it also cost him any opportunity to win the starting job in training camp.

            The Raiders' staff chose Josh McCown as the starter after a preseason competition with Daunte Culpepper, who was signed as a free agent during camp.

            Russell, 22, staged one of the longest holdouts by a rookie in recent history. In 2002, offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, the first-round choice of the Minnesota Vikings that year, missed the first eight games of the regular season. In terms of top overall picks, no one has held out longer than Russell since tailback Bo Jackson declined to sign with Tampa Bay altogether in 1986.

            During his three seasons as the LSU starter, Russell completed 493 of 797 passes for 6,625 yards, with 52 touchdown passes and 21 interceptions.

            After weeks of inertia, the parties met for much of the day Friday at an undisclosed...
            -09-10-2007, 07:17 PM
          • txramsfan
            Winborn traded to the Jags
            by txramsfan

            The San Francisco ***** on Thursday agreed to a trade that will send former starting linebacker Jamie Winborn, estranged from the team for the past week, to the Jacksonville Jaguars, confirmed.

            The deal is contingent upon Winborn, 26, passing a physical examination. The fifth-year veteran arrived in Jacksonville late Thursday night and the physical will be administered on Friday morning. Terms of the trade were not yet available, but it is believed the ***** will receive a 2006 draft choice.

            "It's exciting," Winborn said when reached on his cell phone. "It's a new start for me."

            If the trade is completed -- and, while Winborn has suffered injury problems in the past, he is expected to pass the examination -- it will end a strange chapter in the career of the former Vanderbilt star.

            Winborn has suffered a series of injuries that slowed his advancement at times. The most serious was a neck injury in 2003. There have also been knee and shoulder injuries. It is likely that the neck injury will receive the most scrutiny from Jacksonville team doctors.

            San Francisco first-year head coach Mike Nolan last week told Winborn to clean out his locker and leave the team, and then announced that the ***** would attempt to trade him. The decision came after Winborn, who started the first two games of the season, was demoted in favor of Andre Carter, a one-time first-round defensive end who was moved to linebacker in Nolan's new 3-4 alignment.

            Nolan acknowledged that, while Winborn told him he did not feel he was a backup, there was no verbal confrontation. Neither did Winborn, both Nolan and the player said, ask to be traded. Apparently the decision to deal Winborn was made by Nolan because he felt it would be in the best interest of both parties.

            Late last week, Nolan said there were four teams that had indicated interest in a trade but Jacksonville, at least at the time, was not believed to be one of those franchises. One of the teams that pursued a deal is Seattle, and it is believed that New Orleans also showed some interest.

            A second-round choice in the 2001 draft, Winborn has appeared in 43 games, mostly as a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 defense. He has 258 tackles, 8 sacks, three interceptions, four forced fumbles, three recoveries and 16 passes defensed. A versatile defender, he had his best season in 2004, registering 104 tackles and 4 sacks. In his three games in 2005, Winborn had 13 tackles.

            While it is believed that some adjustments were made to his contract to accommodate the trade, Winborn, who was paid by the ***** even during his absence from the team, will earn the full $1.75 million he is due for this season. Under terms of the contract, Winborn is signed through 2009, at base...
            -10-07-2005, 07:05 AM