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gordons contract status

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  • gordons contract status

    does anyone know what gordons contract status is? If he is due for restricted free agency at the end of this year, chances are we will lose him and get either nothing or at best a fifth round pick, since i cant see tendering the backup at 1.1 million, even assuming faulk retires, which i hope he doesnt.

    Just wondering about the thought process behind cashing out now, for what may be a #3, albeit the bears #3

    ramming speed to all

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    Re: gordons contract status

    I BELIEVE...

    Gordon is a restricted free agent after this season, not sure salary but I would bet he could have cashed in anyway being restricted.

    For me, I say let the guy go if we can gain future players. We all know Jackson is the future not Gordon. It is a luxury having 3 solid running backs, not to mention 4. He is going to help very little unless we loose 2 of them. There is more potential to get someone to help the future with Jackson then helping a future with Jackson and Gordon. We might up with a guard in the 3rd round that blocks for 10 years for Jackson. Do we really think Gordon will be with this team for 10 years?