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Martz as Rams head coach.

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  • Martz as Rams head coach.

    There has been a lot of discussion regarding Martz status as HC. Many have called for his removal due to his failures regarding time outs, game preperation and play calling. Others have pointed out his winning % as a reason to keep him. My question is how does he compare with Andy Reid. ESPN is reporting the Eagles gave Reid a 4 yr extention. This to a coach of the team who went to the divisional finals in his home stadium (twice) and lost. At least Martz took the Rams to the SB. I know we lost and many out there think it should not have happened but at least we made it. :ramlogo:

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    Re: Martz as Rams head coach.

    Reid: 51-29 (63.75 winning %)

    Martz: 43-21 (67.18 winning %)


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      Re: Martz as Rams head coach.

      My take on Martz is that he is a good coach. I wont compare him to any coach, but I feel he has done a solid job of putting a winner on the field. Now this dose not mean that I always agree with his game time decisions, but look at all the injuries that the team had to overcome last year. I think he is a good judge of talent and has all the players ready to step in if needed.
      Let's just hope we don't have any more major injuries.

      Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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        Re: Martz as Rams head coach.

        The man does make some bonehead decisions sometimes, but I wouldn't trade him for any coach in the NFL. None of them.


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          Re: Martz as Rams head coach.

          In general he's a good coach, but I think we may see him in the Bill Cowher mold - good coach, went to the SB and lost. The team has been good in his tenure and he doesn't deserve to be fired, but this is the what have you done for me lately NFL.


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            Re: Martz as Rams head coach.

            I think Martz's winning percentage speaks for itself.

            But, I'd trade him for that guy in NE, in a second. The guy with the most Rings wins!


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              Help Martz Become A Better Head Coach.
              by Guest
              What does Martz need to do to become a better head coach?
              We all know what his weaknesses are and we can list them however this has been done to death. In detail how can Martz overcome for example his game time adjusting or his mis-use of time outs? How can he prepare better? How can he help the team to help themselves? This is one you will have to think about and you may not have any response at all. However, your on the hot seat and Martz is all ears. Tell Martz what he must do in any of his areas of weakness to become a better coach. He is listening.
              -09-24-2004, 10:25 PM
            • RamWraith
              Martz now in a lose, lose situation
              by RamWraith
              Martz can not win with the current situation. This could spell disaster for our coach. The three scenarios I see playing out for this team has Martz looking at the door.

              1) The Rams turn the season around under the new Vitt regime and Martz will be ridiculed for not doing things right.

              2) The Rams stay on the current track and Martz will be ridiculed for being underachievers and not improving the product.

              3) The Rams fall off the face of the earth and Martz is ridiculed for getting sick and not having the leadership to train the staff to perform in tight situations or perform every day functions.

              No matter what happens I think our poor coach is doomed. This should make some of you happy. Not sure who is going to do a better job though.
              -10-16-2005, 08:32 AM
            • RamWraith
              Think what you will about Martz; he made football fun in this town
              by RamWraith
              By Bernie Miklasz

              Mike Martz will resurface. He will return to dial up 50 passes a game in another town, for another team, driving his new team's fans crazy. They may be laughing or frowning, cheering or booing, but Martz will move them. This is a coach who gets a reaction. He is many things, but the word "dull" never will be applied in any description of Martz.

              "The Greatest Show" goes away, but never completely leaves the imagination. After all, the circus always comes back, and so it will be for Martz, the ringleader of one of the most dazzling offensive productions in NFL history.

              Mad Mike still has a few scores to settle, a few more defensive coordinators to torment, and may the football gods have mercy on defenses when this coach clears his head and reloads his offense during a second-chance head-coaching opportunity.

              Martz may have to sit out for a while. He may have to go into exile for the 2006 season, to rehabilitate his image and find inner peace, but that may be the best thing for him.

              Martz needs time to truly disengage from the grueling experience in St. Louis. Martz's bacterial infection of the heart valve has cleared, and medically he's 100 percent ready to work, but he's still battered emotionally after predictably losing a power struggle with Rams executives John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt.

              If Martz doesn't hook up immediately as a head coach, he should view the sabbatical as a precious opportunity to exhale and enjoy life. Martz could take his wonderful wife Julie on a trip around the world, or go on the kind of relaxing, leisurely adventures that are impossible to arrange for a full-time, football-consumed coach.

              And a year from now, a completely rested, recharged and refocused Martz would be a hot candidate. His agent, Bob Lamonte, would have no problem marketing the Martz II Project to NFL owners. If you're an NFL owner with a dormant offense that needs to be zapped back to life, how could you resist the reformed Mike Martz? How could you turn away from 30 points a game? Americans love a second act.

              Martz is feeling low these days, but he's been through rougher days than this. His alcoholic father bailed on his mom and four brothers when Mike was a kid. Mike survived, maturing sooner than any child should just to help keep the family strong.

              After Martz got fired from a coaching gig at Arizona State, he couldn't find another job, so he became an unpaid volunteer assistant to Los Angeles Rams coach Chuck Knox. By then, Mike and Julie had four children, and it wasn't easy. But again, he overcame the hard times.

              And Martz will rally again.

              During his time as the Rams head coach, I frequently sparred with the media-sensitive Martz. This is a guy who did not hesitate to pick up the phone, dial my number,...
              -01-05-2006, 04:52 AM
            • HUbison
              Where would we be without Martz?
              by HUbison
              I saw an interesting question posted over at the PD board (I was slumming.....and yes I showered before returning here), and thought I would ask a similar question for everyone here.......

              If Martz were never a coach for the Rams.....
              1. What would this team look like now?
              2. What would the '99-'05 era have turned out to be?
              -01-03-2006, 09:24 AM
            • AvengerRam_old
              This is why Mike Martz is the Head Coach, and I'm not.
              by AvengerRam_old
              Mike Martz says the team is coming together...

              We scoff.

              Mike Martz says the defense is finally adjusting to Larry Marmie's defense...

              We snicker.

              Mike Martz does odd things and the Rams lose a few games...

              We call for his head.

              But today, in the biggest game of the year, Martz showed that he just might actually know what he is talking about. The team is coming together. The defense does look like it has greatly improved. And, the oddest things that happened in this game...the early blowing of timeouts... also occurred on key scoring drives.

              Maybe it will all end next week. But I'm giving Mike Martz his due today, and... while I can't promise I won't criticize him in the future... for now, I'm happy to have him as the Rams' Head Coach.
              -01-08-2005, 08:55 PM