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The Bernie on Gordon

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  • The Bernie on Gordon

    I don't like the Gordon deal....

    I'm told there was a difference of opinion in the organization.

    I don't think Martz was crazy about making this deal.

    I don't get it. Faulk is on the downside, Jackson (who looks outstanding) had knee surgery last offseason. Suppose Faulk goes down? Can a rookie get it done all year? Suppose Jackson has knee problems? I know Arlen Harris is here, and he's a tough kid, but he lacks speed.

    Now, if they had traded Gordon for a starting-caliber CB or DT, then I'd feel differently.

    Gordon will have a huge season for the Dolphins as long as he can stay healthy. And if he has a huge season, the Rams should have insured themselves to get an agreement on a better draft choice from the Dolphins.



    Seems to be a lot of turmoil -- or maybe restlessness is a better word -- concerning the roster. The Rams aren't usually this desperate to be adding players right before a season.

    And it's curious -- with all of this roster shuffling -- why we haven't seen a CB or DT enter the doors at Rams Park.

    Thankfully, Sehorn flunked that physical. I have no idea what they saw in him.


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    Re: The Bernie on Gordon

    Oh, somehow someway this will turn out to be a Martz mistake. Always is.

    Not so sure about an outstanding season, hope so for Gordon's sake. Nah, don't really care anymore. He's an ex Ram like the rest of them.


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      Re: The Bernie on Gordon

      I couldn't be happier that Sehorn failed. I could cover a receiver better, but he's got a helluva wife.

      I don't mind the Gordon deal. He was put pretty far down the depth chart. He was a 3rd rounder and we are getting a 3rd rounder, so it seems pretty straight up. Maybe in the draft we can use it to shore up the DB situation and OL situation.


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        Re: The Bernie on Gordon

        Originally posted by txramsfan
        Oh, somehow someway this will turn out to be a Martz mistake.
        I think we can put this one safely to bed. Jackson has shown more promise than Gordon ever did. Keeping Gordon on the roster would have ensured him still not having a break-out season. Maybe he has one for Miami. Doesn't matter about the what-ifs. A high 3rd rounder is fine ...

        Of course if sMartz gets both Faulk and Jackson injured by playing them in the last minutes of a blow-out ... well, let's just wait and see shall we ...


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          Re: The Bernie on Gordon

          We should have got some DT or CB for Gordon.

          What good is a future 3rd round pick compared to a 3rd round pick that already knows your system and is a decent back-up?

          My only thought is that we made some cap space by doing this, which is how we got some of these last minute players signed...



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            Re: The Bernie on Gordon

            You can't blame Martz for this one everyone.


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              Re: The Bernie on Gordon

              I don't get it. Faulk is on the downside, Jackson (who looks outstanding) had knee surgery last offseason. Suppose Faulk goes down? Can a rookie get it done all year? Suppose Jackson has knee problems? I know Arlen Harris is here, and he's a tough kid, but he lacks speed.
              You can look at depth at any position on any team and raise questions like this. It's easy to "suppose" anything. There's no reason to whine about this trade with the guys we have at running back. Lamar Gordon is more injury-prone than Jackson and Harris and often experiences a case of fumblitis. We were overloaded at the position to the point of moving Harris to fullback just to get him playing time. Now the depth chart is set. Faulk-Jackson-Harris sounds damn good to me.


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                Re: The Bernie on Gordon

                Agreed, Jake. Great points.


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                  Bernie on Various Things
                  by Nick
                  Post subject: Rams make MORE moves, other notes, (9-9)


                  The Rams re-signed S Justin Lucas and added FB Stephen Trejo.

                  S Zack Bronson was placed on IR.

                  They released TE Mike Brake.

                  Lucas spent the offseason and preseason with the Rams before being released on Sunday.

                  Trejo, 6-2, 250, spent the last 3 years with the Detroit Lions, appearing in 46 games. He's an Arizona State guy and played LB next to Adam Archuleta there and was switched to FB by the Lions.

                  Bronson hurt his left ankle during Wednesday's practice and will miss the entire season. He had a history of injuries before signing with the Rams.

                  Brake is an undrafted rookie free agent from Akron who spent the entire preseason with the Rams.



                  Some follow-ups:

                  If Bronson had a split contract, he'll be paid around $300-320 thousand this season. If it isn't a split contract, he'll be paid about $660 thousand.

                  Two TEs, Manu and Cleeland. Trejo is a FB, H-back type but I don't know what he's capable of doing this week. Martz said Armey has been eyeing Trejo for quite some time and had him noted as someone they should grab if they ever get the chance.

                  Bronson will have ankle surgery.

                  Also, on Pace. Martz said Pace is in the best shape of his career. "He's quick, physical. He strikes. There's nothing slow or sluggish about him. It's obvious he's spent a lot of time on his conditioning. He was very serious about it. And it's much appreciated."

                  Holt practiced today. Looks good.



                  The Rams as we speak are about $3 million under the cap.
                  They have money to do a deal with Pace....and can probably save cap space by doing so.

                  Archuleta or Pace?

                  They can sign both.

                  But if it would come down to a decision between the two of them, it's no contest.

                  Talk to me when Archuleta makes it to his first Pro Bowl.



                  What did Pace get by not coming to camp?

                  First of all, let's correct something. HE DID NOT HOLD OUT. He was under no obligation to report.

                  OK, so what benefit did he realize by not coming to camp.

                  Let's see....

                  Maybe you'd like to ask Travis Fisher that question, or David Boston, or Anquan Boldin, or...
                  -09-09-2004, 06:36 PM
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                  Lamar Gordon to Miami
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                  posibility ?
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                • RamDez
                  Gordon's output bodes well for Rams' depth
                  by RamDez
                  Gordon's output bodes well for Rams' depth
                  By Jim Thomas
                  Of the Post-Dispatch
                  Friday, Sep. 03 2004

                  The plan Thursday was to put on the uniform, see how he felt in pregame
                  warmups and take it from there. Little did Lamar Gordon know he would end up
                  carrying the football 22 times against Oakland.

                  "No, I didn't expect it, but I was kind of ready for it," Gordon said.
                  "Mentally, I was ready."

                  Ready, because he knew the Rams wanted to emphasize the running game in their
                  preseason finale.

                  "So I was just trying to go for it, and trying to be at my best," Gordon said.

                  Gordon gained 77 yards on those 22 carries, including a two-yard touchdown run
                  in the fourth quarter of the Rams' 28-24 loss to the Raiders.

                  Gordon's career high for rushing attempts is 21, which came last Sept. 28
                  against Arizona - one week after Marshall Faulk suffered a fractured hand in
                  Seattle. Gordon had not carried more than 12 times in any exhibition game.
                  Until Thursday, that is.

                  It was an amazing performance considering Gordon was just 23 days removed from
                  surgery to remove bone chips from his left ankle. The original timetable called
                  for Gordon to be sidelined for a month.

                  "I pushed myself," Gordon said. "The second day after the surgery, I felt that
                  (the pain) was gone. It was still sore from the surgery, but I was in my house
                  doing stuff I shouldn't have been doing. Just walking around. I was supposed to
                  have a crutch. I was like: 'The surgery's a success. I can't wait to get

                  In case they'd forgotten, Gordon returned just in time to remind the coaching
                  staff and front office that he can be a viable backfield option.

                  Faulk looked sharp on the opening drive against the Raiders, carrying three
                  times and catching two passes, one a 7-yard TD reception.

                  "I liked what I saw from Marshall," coach Mike Martz said. "I was tempted to
                  leave him in a little bit longer, because I knew we were going to try to pound
                  the ball a little bit. But from what I saw, he was going fast."

                  Rookie Steven Jackson logged 72 yards on 12 carries against Oakland to finish
                  the preseason with 323 rushing yards.

                  "I think it just proves to my coaching staff, and the people that were
                  intrigued by Steven Jackson, it lets them know what level I'm capable of
                  playing at," Jackson said.

                  And now comes Gordon, who ran powerfully and decisively Thursday, showing an
                  occasional burst in the process.

                  Martz said he wanted Gordon to get a substantial workload "if he could take it.
                  But the more we played him, I guess, the better he played.

                  -09-04-2004, 12:58 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  Showcase of Gordon Paid Off
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  I'll admit... I'm surprised.

                  I would not have guessed that the Rams would have been able to acquire a 3rd Round pick for Gordon.

                  Not that Gordon doesn't have potential. He could prove to be a 1,000 yard back for the Dolphins.

                  But with the Rams, he was a third string back with only moderate production in the past and a recent surgery.

                  So how did the Rams get such a high price for him?

                  Obviously, part of the reason is the Dolphins' deperate need for a back after Ricky Williams decided that the grass at Pro Player Stadium does not compare to the kind you buy in Amsterdam.

                  But the Rams also played this one very well.

                  First, Martz publicly chastised himself for suggesting that Gordon was soft after it was revealed that Lamar needed surgery to remove a bone chip. While I believe that was a sincere expression of regret by Martz, he also made sure that other teams heard his confession.

                  Then, in the final preseason game, Gordon was deliberately showcased, as he was given the ball 24 times (22 carries, 2 receptions). He showed productivity and the ability to be a workhorse - and the Dolphins paid a higher than market value price because of this.

                  While the Rams could regret the trade this year if the injury bug hits, in the long run, this should be a good trade for the Rams (and, for Lamar's sake, hopefully for the Dolphins as well).
                  -09-08-2004, 07:41 PM