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  • Get your emotions in check


    I am as excited as anyone with the last couple weeks...and love the feeling a win gives me. But slow down!!

    I am reading so many thing about how the Greatest Show on Turf is back and how much these wins mean and how dominate we are against such tough opponents. I am all for the fun, but come on! This train wreck didn't happen over night, and it will not be fixed over night. Granted things are looking up, but we still have a long up hill climb through this season and into next. If you put your expectations so high that hiccup is going to feel like a heart attack.

    Lets be excited, and stoked for the new Rams. Just remember where we came from and there are going to be bumps in the road. That I guarantee!

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    Re: Get your emotions in check


    Although I've never claimed that the GSOT was back. I can't help but get overly excited about our team. The last 2 wins have been just what the doctor ordered to get rid of the depression that was setting in.

    You're right there will be bumps in the road but I don't care, no stepping on the brakes from this guy. FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!

    Is anyone else with me? If so, ALL ABOARD!!! Next stop Gillette Stadium!

    Sorry can't slow this train down but thanks for the warning.

    GO RAMS!
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      Re: Get your emotions in check

      With how bummed out I've been because the way the Rams have been playing since...last year..maybe longer.. a bit of excitement is a welcome change. It will go away or at least be tampered when we lose or get beat badly, but for now I'm glad that we have something to be excited about (though some of it IS a little over the top).


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        Re: Get your emotions in check

        This is not going to be a 99-2000 season, with the season previous being a loosing season, and then we go to the super bowl. Yes the winning attitude is back, but let's not put any expectations. let's just enjoy the season. We're still two games behind the Cards, and we still have games to play. Two wins is great, but we're still 2-4. If and when we reach 4-4 will be cause for celebration.

        We have to keep winning. Even if we miss the playoffs, as long as we fight and we're in contention, would make this season meaninful. After the horrible season we as fans went through last year, and this year.


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          Re: Get your emotions in check

          I'm with you Wraith. I'm excited and everything, but I remain cautious.

          People are already talking about playing the Cards for first place in the division on Nov 2. Guys, we still have to play New England and they have to play their Carolina game. Let's just concentrate on the Cheaters.

          I think the attitude the team is showing is awesome. The real test is when we lose our next game (and we will) and how the team handles it.

          But let's not get carried away. imho
          The Rams... Where dreams go to die.


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            Re: Get your emotions in check

            Who isn't excited about this season so far? Yeah, we're 2-4. That sucks. But after our "break" we're 2-0. Us fans have wanted something fun to watch for two years and we finally have it.

            I don't think anyone on here is claiming the GSOT is back. But football is fun to watch for us Rams fans again.

            As mentioned before. We have seen more heart and determination out of the last two games than the last two seasons. Thats what I am really excited about, is that the team keeps fighting. Even if we miss the playoffs, I know they played their hardest. And like every year, I would be excited for the next season.


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              Re: Get your emotions in check

              When Red was here last night we talked about the same thing. I think Hasslet will have our guy's in check and will not take this next game lightly. As a fan, I am still stoked, but remain cautious and hopeful.


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                Re: Get your emotions in check

                I'm just happy the season's not lost already. When we were 0-4, I thought the season was a lost cause and there was nothing to look forward to except the draft.

                Now, I'm excited not only to follow the Rams games but the Cards games as well. It's more fun when you realize that you actually have a shot to make the playoffs, even if it's not very likely.


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                  Re: Get your emotions in check

                  At this point I am intrigued.

                  Two weeks ago, it was hard to look forward to anything other than the draft.

                  Now, at least we can have some hope. A couple of breaks here and there, and the Rams could be .500 before long. From there, who knows?

                  The Rams might not reach their destination this year, but for the first time in a while, they seem to be headed in the right direction.


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                    Re: Get your emotions in check

                    personally i liken the season at this point to....

                    we survived our ship sinking but are yet to be recued and may still be eaten by sharks before anyone finds us...but boy am i smiling as i tread water!!!


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                      Re: Get your emotions in check

                      With the Pats maybe on track,(thought the Colts were back) The Pats, The Bears,& The Cards might be our toughest games. So maybe 9-7 isn't out of the question.


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                        Re: Get your emotions in check

                        I ride, and one of the popular expressions riders quote is "It's not the destination, it's the ride" (journey).

                        I really feel that way about the rest of the season. The first four weeks were strange - I knew I'd watch the game(s), but really didn't look forward to them like I had in recent years. (Thanks, Scotty.)

                        Now however - BRING IT ON!. Despite their record, and how they've looked in some games, don't underestimate the Pats, but a possible loss withstanding - I cannot WAIT to watch that game just for the intensity the players will bring to it.

                        Thank you, Haz.;)


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                          Re: Get your emotions in check

                          Normally I don't like it when others urinate on the campfire, but you're absolutely correct. A Rams win in Foxboro would definitely turn a lot of heads.
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                            Re: Get your emotions in check

                            I'm just happy to see a team starting to gel, come together and produce. I'm always cautious, but I must admit I'm getting excited about the direction the Rams are going. UP!


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                              Re: Get your emotions in check

                              I agree with RW. Things aren't going to do a complete 180 in a tic. I'm going to enjoy being a more competitive club, and I'll watch wtih interest to see how the team reacts when things don't go our way.
                              That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


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                              • djones39
                                Help Me Out (Im hurting)!!!
                                by djones39
                                Like most of you, I can n o longer talk to my buddies, or coworkers, or girlfriend. My days have been ruined, and my heart has been battered.

                                What hurts the most is knowing this:

                                On Sept 8, if someone, punk, woman, man , animal, whoever, would have said,

                                "The Rams, suck, and I'll bet you that they'll be 0-5"

                                Not only would I have laughed histerrically, I would have bet my life, I mean literally, my life.

                                This is just killing me, how far we are, away fromwhat i expected/ believed. It sucks when you expect to win and dont, my life has been consumed with confusion.

                                Someone please chear me up,

                                Because If the above scenario would have actually happened, I would truly be a dead man. I just can't swallow this 0-5 start.

                                Everyday it feels like i'm living a nightmare.

                                -10-11-2007, 08:59 AM
                              • thoey
                                In perspective...
                                by thoey
                                There are a lot of us here that have been long time fans. And, there are those that have been recent fans. I am not trying to down play our recent brethren, but you can not expect 1999-2000 to happen over and over again.

                                As anyone can tell you, the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" league. But along with that comes a rebuilding time. The RAMS are in that time.

                                I hope that we have the pieces in place so that next year we are competative, but we have to wait and see. For right now, I will sit and watch and cheer for a win each week.

                                But we are done for this season.
                                -11-13-2005, 09:37 PM
                              • FestusRam
                                Whats really exciting to me
                                by FestusRam
                                Havent really been on here much lately but just wanted to throw this out there and i figure most of you feel the same way.

                                The most exciting thing to me about the Rams is after this Chargers win i feel like theyre a completely new team. After starting off 2-2 i was very optimistic but at the same time i remember a couple of years ago when Haslett stepped up and we one two games in a row. After those games we lost every other one.

                                After the loss to the lions and losing Clayton, i was somewhat expecting us to plummet and end this season on a bad note. But after watching the Chargers game i think they proved something huge. I think they proved they are a legit team in this league and are on the uprise. I was excited about the wins against the Skins and Hawks but i wasnt so sure if we were all that good. IMO beating the Chargers put us on a whole dif level and no one can call all of these wins flukes. They dismantled the high powered offense as our offense got going too. This isnt just another rams team of the past 3 years that decided to show up for a couple gamers. This teams legit and are actually playoff contenders as of now. Thats exciting

                                Besides that im pumped about seeing what Danario can do. I see no flaws in his game except his injuries. Im excited we finally have a tall big body that we can throw the ball up to in the endzone so hopefully they get him in more plays this week.

                                GO RAMS!!!!! 3-3
                                -10-20-2010, 01:58 PM
                              • RamsInfiniti
                                Whew, feeling a tad nervous already ...
                                by RamsInfiniti
                                Anybody else got that nervous, jittery feeling inside? I cannot believe the season is already here. We are relatively healthy, have returned most of the same players we had last year, added a few young playmakers and one of the most genius offensive minds on the face of the earth, and have added experience and renewed enthusiasm across the board ...

                                I really don't know what this season has in store. When I picture it, I really see an improved offense. I do not know if it can even approach GSOT producitivity, but it does have some potential to be explosive depending on how the youngsters react to the complicated system. If Drew Bennett can perform, I do think this offense can be downright scary ...

                                With that said, I am equally, if not more, enthusiastic about this defense. Depth issues aside, I really see several major playmakers on this defense, and this might finally be the year that we back into the top half of the league defensively. I saw flashes of this last year, but with that offense, they just couldn't maintain the intensity ...

                                I don't even know where to start when predicting a final record. This team is CAPABLE of 10 wins I believe. Looking at the first four games, I don't believe this is as difficult of a stretch as originally anticipated. I do worry about Dallas and New England in a three game stretch, but with a good start, we can weather that storm ...

                                Regardless, wake up early tommorrow, eat a big breakfast, and sit behind your TV, or your radio, or the computer, and ENJOY yourself. I am sure you are just like me, and you desparately want a win on opening day, but remember, no matter what happens, it is just a game. BE GRATEFUL EVERYDAY THAT WE ARE HEALTHY, FREE, AND EVEN GET A CHANCE TO WATCH THIS GREAT GAME. And we will all bash the players, but for the most people, they are just normal people too, extremely well paid, normal people, that give their most every day. We will get on this board after the game tommorrow, and we will rejoice, be happy, be sad, we will ***** and moan, some may groan, or we may have a big party, and all get drunk, win or lose ...

                                Regardless, I am proud to be a member of this board. I am proud to be a Ram's fan, and I will proudly support this team every day of the rest of my life, whether they play in St. Louis, Los Angeles, or Scandanavia!

                                As for all the haters, including a few of the fans on this board, when the ship is sailing smoothly, don't fear to jump back aboard. There is always room, but remember it won't be in first class. But for this party, it won't matter friends ...

                                GO RAMS! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED RIGHT!!!

                                GO RAMS! GO RAMS! GO RAMS!!!!!!!!

                                AND LET ME HEAR AN AMEN TO THAT MY FRIENDS!!!! ITS GONNA BE A FUN RIDE!

                                Rams 23, Eagles 17!
                                -09-06-2008, 05:54 PM
                              • eldfan
                                Im Glad This Season Almost Over!!!!!
                                by eldfan
                                As much as I love the rams I will be glad to see this season come to a end with a point deference of 169 to 394, no division wins and in a mist of a 7 game losing streak this is with out a doubt one of the most non competitive rams team ever. Now I hope to see my beloved team make some major changes. I have been on board with keeping Hasllett, I have change my mind. I think this team needs a total make over and a new choaching staff. Go after a hot coordinator for head coach maybe Jim Schwartz Titans or Dick Lebeau Steelers. Keep a open mind about the Draft as much as we need OT we still need help all over and I don't think this team is going to be fix over night. We get gash for big runs all the time maybe a Rey Maualuga of USC. I don't think we are going to have a high power O anytime soon so we better be able to run the ball and stopped the run. I think if we get better anytime soon it will be because of those two things. Bulger is what he is we can not expect him to pass and get us wins. I will be glad to see this season come to a end but I hope we make some major changes.
                                -12-08-2008, 03:29 PM