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  • The Bernie on OP

    Just paraphrasing...

    says physically he's in better shape now than he was last year and maybe in a long time....says he's been eating much healthier than before....says he did what he had to do....says he felt bad when O-line started to break down, but that he just had to stay his course. nothing personal, just a business. team did what they had to do (franchise tag) and he did what he had to do. unpleasant side of business. only leverage he had...wants to sign long-term here but doesn't seem hopeful....doubts that there will be any negotiations during the season...hopes that after the season can get a deal done...asked if he was ready to play Sunday, smiled, said, "we'll see."

    Also, Marshall Faulk spoke and said he didn't have to prove that he's healthy to anyone. Whatever that means.



    Pace will be fine.

    Another Pro Bowl season.

    "The cornerstone of everything we do in this offense," is what Isaac Bruce calls him.

    And yet some idiots in this town want to dump Pace all because he recognizes and states the obvious: that the NFL is a business.

    Of course, it's OK when Scott Boras and Rick Ankiel and J.D. Drew use the system and play it to their advantage to get what they want in MLB.


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    Re: The Bernie on OP

    Hold the phone Orlando. You said...
    just a business
    and you're right, there we agree. You also said...
    team did what they had to do (franchise tag)
    Again correct. You two couldn't get a deal worked out so the team properly applied their franchise tag so they wouldn't lose their best O-lineman.
    he did what he had to do
    Here's where we disagree. You didn't have to hold out the entire preseason. That was your choice. The ball has been in your court ever since the tag was put on you. You could have signed that tender at any point.
    only leverage he had
    What leverage? All negotiations have been shut down since you delayed the signing of the tender.
    wants to sign long-term here but doesn't seem hopefu
    Oh yea, you want a long-term so bad that it took you 6 months to put your name on a piece of paper so negotiations could resume. Please.
    doubts that there will be any negotiations during the season
    Thanks to you, there certainly was no chance of getting anything done this offseason.
    hopes that after the season can get a deal done
    Oh well great, if you say so big guy. Because I'm sure it wouldn't be like you to just provide lip service about agreeing on any sort of long-term contract.

    Look, bottomline. Pace wasn't under contract and had the right to sign that tender any time he wanted. Honestly, he could have signed it 5 minutes before kickoff and still dominated the Cardinals D-line. You made a choice to skip the preseason and it's your choice. You don't like or need preseason...fine, so be it. You are currently making another choice to hold off on the long-term and that too is your choice. But don't blow anymore smoke about how you want a long-term contract and you really want to get something done, but you're doing what you "have to do". It just doesn't fly any longer.

    You're going to have another Pro Bowl season, I'm sure of that.
    You're going to not get a deal done and get tagged next offseason, I'm sure of that.
    We will be having these exact same discussions next offseason, I'm sure of that.

    Just tell us now, that you're going to sign next year's tender right before the opener, so at least we don't have to go through these guessing games again.
    Last edited by HUbison; -09-09-2004, 12:45 PM.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: The Bernie on OP

      Of course its a business, but a good business man would recognize that his lone asset - i.e. his physical ability - can be lost in an instant. Given this fact, a good business man would ensure his future security by signing a long term deal with a substantial signing bonus. Instead, Pace continually prices himself (or allows the Postons to do so) at a level that gives the Rams one and only one option - to franchise him every year.


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      • RamWraith
        The Bernie Bits
        by RamWraith
        I hope Pace has fired the Postons.

        I'm not sure what glue " Ice " has been sniffing, but I've never liked the Postons and have never said they were right.

        I just defend any player's right to try and pursue a contract that he thinks is best for him -- as long as he isn't violating an existing contract.


        BernieM wrote:
        I've ripped hater fans who, for one, kept falsely accusing Pace of "holding out" when he did nothing of the sort. These yahoos don't even understand the NFL economic system.

        Pace had every right to employ the Postons. I don't have to agree with him, but I'm not going to hate on him because of his choice.

        And as I have said, it takes two to make a deal. The Rams haven't exactly been aggressive in trying to make a deal with Pace.

        Pace came out yesterday and in Martz's evaluation played the best game of his NFL career. All of this hand-wringing over training camp was much to do about nothing.

        Pace is here, he's kicking butt, he's in the best shape of his career and his teammates support him 100 percent.

        The yahoos are just going to have to get over it.


        BernieM wrote:
        Martz's play-calling in the red zone was disappointing.

        But his team had 448 yards, so I'd conclude that he called some good plays along the way.

        I think the many quick slants, for example, where the perfect counter to Arizona's blitzes. He sniffed out their tactics pretty well.


        BernieM wrote:
        How could anyone be ashamed of a team that had Marshall Faulk running like the old days, an offensive line blocking with great precision and intensity, and Isaac Bruce making the tough catches and taking a beating? How could anyone be ashamed of a defense that had guys running out to get dislocated body parts popped back into place, then running back in to finish the game?

        I'm telling you, this stuff is irrational.

        If anyone wants to criticize the red-zone execution and play calling, that's fair game. Plenty to take question, there.

        But for anyone to question the effort and intensity and say they're embarrassed to be a Rams fan....that's looney-tunes.



        BernieM wrote:
        I hope Martz coaches here a long time.

        Two reasons:

        1. I like it when the local teams are successful; makes my job more fun.
        2. Never a dull moment with this guy; he's a lightning rod. And that makes for great entertainment.

        I think the hatred of Martz is really funny. I used to get worked up about it, but now I just roll with it. It just amazes me how bad some people have it for this guy. It's an infatuation.

        I wonder if...
        -09-13-2004, 05:32 PM
      • Nick
        Bernie on Poston on Pace
        by Nick
        Carl Poston was on the NFL channel on the Sirius (satellite) radio network today.

        Here's what he said about Pace and the Rams:

        “The situation in St. Louis is a little more difficult because the Rams just fundamentally don’t want to pay an offensive lineman what some of the other positions are being paid. To be quite frank with you, on their side it is a difficult situation because they had Kurt Warner and they had Marshall Faulk. You had two guys who were MVP’s of the League. However, Orlando was there before both of those guys. If you ask either one of those guys, it took the offensive line and, obviously Orlando Pace, to help them with their Super Bowls, Pro Bowls and MVP’s.”

        “Now another side of that is Orlando Pace was a number one pick in 1996. Well, the number one pick in 1997 just got 34.5 million dollars and a 100 million dollar contract. However, he’s a quarterback, but he still has not gone to the Super Bowl like Orlando or gone to the Pro Bowl as much as Orlando. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that Orlando is a quarterback, however I don’t see Peyton Manning being 40-million or even 30-million or even 20-million dollars more valuable than Orlando Pace. Those are some of the issues that we are confronted with in dealing with Orlando’s deal in St. Louis.”

        “I’d like to use Gallery’s deal in Orlando Pace’s situation. You have somebody who hasn’t put their foot on the turf yet, and you have somebody who’s been in the Pro Bowl six years now. You have to take a look at those situations and they will obviously have an impact in Orlando’s contract.”



        Post subject: Poston speaks out on Pace


        funny....Pace got more than established NFL tackles as a rookie....Poston didn't complain then...he wants to have it both ways.

        -08-11-2004, 11:42 PM
      • RamWraith
        Some Bernie
        by RamWraith
        Still waiting for NFL permission, according to Jay Zygmunt, through Andy Strickland on Team 1380...

        can't talk to their guy yet...

        also: Rams have at least one offer for the No. 2 pick on the table...

        have heard from multiple teams (probably fewer than five)....


        They won't have a deal (contract) with Jackson done before the draft.

        They aren't taking McFadden, though.


        I'd imagine the Larry Johnson deal is a place to start...

        (signed for $19 million guaranteed, $45 mill overall, six years)

        On F.Brown--I think the Rams pushed the NFL to make a decision on the appeal... simply because of how his status could impact the draft...

        ALSO .... long time between now and training camp, now and the start of the season. They're holding their breath around here (Rams Park) that this guy lays off da cheeba...


        -04-23-2008, 05:28 AM
      • RamWraith
        The Bernie bits
        by RamWraith
        BernieM wrote:
        Pace Haters,

        I''m covering baseball today and wasn't in Atlanta. I TiVoed the Rams game and will look at it later.

        Better yet, I'll watch a copy of the coach's film this week at Rams Park and take a look at the O-line play, including Pace.

        If he played bad, then he played bad. We'll see.

        But I surely have no intention of trusting the word of Haters. I'll see for myself.

        Funny how the Haters were so silent after last week's game.They were waiting until it was safe to rip him.


        BernieM wrote:
        Actually, I want to thank you guys for brightening my day.


        The Cardinals baseball game was kind of dull. I wasn't in a particularlyy good mood. I was in the press-room area at Busch, watching a little of the Rams game -- literally one series. The Rams O-line was having a rough time of it. Grant Williams and Chris Dishman missed blocks. I didn't see any Pace mistakes -- and I'm not saying he didn't make any; just not during the small part of the game I saw (so far).

        But I joked with my colleagues....I said, "You wait, all of this will be blamed on Pace. No matter what happens, it'll be Pace's fault. It'll be fun to see it on my forum and e-mails."

        Sure guys are too good to be true. Thanks for the smile.


        On Pace:
        BernieM wrote:
        Bertrand Berry is a good NFL defensive end.

        How many sacks did he have last season?


        BernieM wrote:
        I predicted 8-8, or 9-7 if things went well.

        I also predicted that they'd lose today -- and in fact, was right on target about how it would happen. I wrote that Vick would have a break-out game.

        So I'm not sure why some of you are freaking out and acting like this loss today was some sort of unpredictable, unforseen disaster. Especially considering that the Rams defense hasn't stopped a running game for the last nine games, including the playoff loss to Carolina. They're giving up an average of just under 6 yards a carry in that stretch. Until they correct that -- if they can -- there will be some long Sundays.

        It's the NFL. Green Bay goes to Carolina and whips the NFC Super Bowl team, and then comes home and gets wiped up at Lambeau by the freaking Bears.

        Detroit is 2-0.

        Kansas City is 0-2.

        Denver goes to Jacksonville and scores what, 6 points?

        Take a deep breath. As I wrote before the season, the Rams have experienced a talent drain. They're trying to make up for that on the fly. There will be some rough moments this season.

        Again, it's truly bizarre -- the way St. Louis football fans have no perspective on this league and its ebb and flow,...
        -09-20-2004, 12:11 PM
      • Nick
        Bernie on Various Things
        by Nick
        Post subject: Rams make MORE moves, other notes, (9-9)


        The Rams re-signed S Justin Lucas and added FB Stephen Trejo.

        S Zack Bronson was placed on IR.

        They released TE Mike Brake.

        Lucas spent the offseason and preseason with the Rams before being released on Sunday.

        Trejo, 6-2, 250, spent the last 3 years with the Detroit Lions, appearing in 46 games. He's an Arizona State guy and played LB next to Adam Archuleta there and was switched to FB by the Lions.

        Bronson hurt his left ankle during Wednesday's practice and will miss the entire season. He had a history of injuries before signing with the Rams.

        Brake is an undrafted rookie free agent from Akron who spent the entire preseason with the Rams.



        Some follow-ups:

        If Bronson had a split contract, he'll be paid around $300-320 thousand this season. If it isn't a split contract, he'll be paid about $660 thousand.

        Two TEs, Manu and Cleeland. Trejo is a FB, H-back type but I don't know what he's capable of doing this week. Martz said Armey has been eyeing Trejo for quite some time and had him noted as someone they should grab if they ever get the chance.

        Bronson will have ankle surgery.

        Also, on Pace. Martz said Pace is in the best shape of his career. "He's quick, physical. He strikes. There's nothing slow or sluggish about him. It's obvious he's spent a lot of time on his conditioning. He was very serious about it. And it's much appreciated."

        Holt practiced today. Looks good.



        The Rams as we speak are about $3 million under the cap.
        They have money to do a deal with Pace....and can probably save cap space by doing so.

        Archuleta or Pace?

        They can sign both.

        But if it would come down to a decision between the two of them, it's no contest.

        Talk to me when Archuleta makes it to his first Pro Bowl.



        What did Pace get by not coming to camp?

        First of all, let's correct something. HE DID NOT HOLD OUT. He was under no obligation to report.

        OK, so what benefit did he realize by not coming to camp.

        Let's see....

        Maybe you'd like to ask Travis Fisher that question, or David Boston, or Anquan Boldin, or...
        -09-09-2004, 06:36 PM