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Who's in the NFL Top 100???

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  • Who's in the NFL Top 100???

    I was bored last night watching the Patsys make geldings of the Colts and I found this article on Fox Sports.

    According to the Article....

    Holt is #19
    Pace is #25
    Little is #45
    Archuletta is #70

    FYI - Jake "I beat the Rams" Delhomme was #100......Where does that put Bulger?

    (This link may not work...sorry)
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    Re: Who's in the NFL Top 100???

    No Isaac Bruce? What a travesty.


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      Re: Who's in the NFL Top 100???

      Archuleta's there, but not Aeneas?


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        I think they got the ranking pretty good. Marc and Tory are at the top in good company....
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        how come our captains don't have a C on their jerseys like everyone else does?
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        This is a very good feature. I always like these types of shows. Any of you guys watching this? They are counting downward and are currently stopped at 61. The Rams on the list:

        #90- Kurt Warner
        #87- Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch
        #83- Norm Van Brocklin
        #70- Marshall Faulk

        So far good representation. I'm guessing these guys will be on there at some point during the countdown:

        Deacon Jones
        Merlin Olsen
        Jack Youngblood
        Eric Dickerson

        Any thoughts? Isaac Bruce maybe? Jackie Slater? Night Train?
        -09-23-2010, 07:01 PM