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  • Home from the game

    Home from the game and posted a few pics in a new album. Red is sleeping, but as you can see, this is what we resorted to .

    See new album.

    Yes those are Niner stickers on Jerr's upper-half. Sad huh?
    Last edited by CaliGirlRamsFan; -11-16-2008, 07:57 PM.

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    Re: Home from the game

    Sorry I was unable to catch up with you guys today. What a frustrating day it turned out to be. I already vented in another thread, but would have like to seen you all.


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      Re: Home from the game

      Would have loved to have seen you guy's also. We made as much fun out of this thing as we could , as you can tell. Red has most of the pics. I will post more tomorrow. We had a huge group before the game. Again, as you can see bye the few pics I posted what we resorted to. Drinking and having fun.

      Sorry we missed you, but we will get together another time. Beautiful weather huh? (Another good thing to say about today)..

      Take care sweets.


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        LOL I'm kidding, of course. Consider that an early warm-up for April Fool's Day!
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      • CaliGirlRamsFan
        All in the family
        by CaliGirlRamsFan
        First I would like to apologize for subjecting everyone to a "All OUT PHYSICAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" fight between BRM and myself last night.

        (I have the bruises to prove it, but I kicked him pretty hard also).

        After being dragged down to the police station, we were forced to kiss and make up in order to get out of jail.

        We are on probation for 3 years, and must remain friends, per the judges orders.

        I would like to take a moment and thank a man named Shirtsleeve from the Pat's forum. He is a great guy, and I hope he visits here more often.

        I will keep you updated on our probation, but as it stands, we have to be family.

        All for now.
        -10-30-2008, 06:21 PM
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        Please shut up now.


        A Rams fan
        -11-23-2008, 02:48 PM
      • RamsSB99
        To many holes to fill. If healthy the following could give us a decent season IMO.
        by RamsSB99
        Assuming we have an uncapped year here are the unrestricted free agents I would like to see the Rams go after.

        Unrestricted Free Agents:
        Leigh Bodden CB 6'1 195
        Ben Watson TE 6'3 255
        Julius Peppers DE 6'7 283 (If we don't trade for Umenyiora the cheaper less commitment option)

        RD 1: Ndamukong Suh 6'4 305 DT (Would help entire defense DE's, LB's & DB's)
        RD 2: Sean Witherspoon 6'1 241 LB (Need another quality LB to go with J. Lau)
        RD 3: Danario Alexander 6'5 216 WR (big WR slowed early in career by injury)
        RD 4: Trade for Osi Umenyiora 6'3 261 DE (good at applying pressure)

        Resign the following restricted free agents:
        O.J. Atogwe 5'11 210 28 FS (resign)
        Alex Barron 6'7 315 27 OT (value sign)
        Clifton Ryan 63 316 26 DT (value sign)

        David Vobora 61 238 23 (value sign)

        Although I am not a big Bulger fan I would not mind keeping him one more year if we could address several other areas of concern. Bulger can be serviceable and its not like we are going from a 1 win team to the Superbowl in one year. Laurent Robinson looked like he might be our best WR prior to going down last year. If he returns healthy and we get Danario Alexander a big WR who had an outstanding college year (more then a TD per game and nearly 130 yards per game) then we might have a decent WR core to go along with Jacksons running game.

        Here would be our starters with the additions mentioned:

        DE Chris Long 6'3 265 24
        DT Ndamukong Suh 64 305 (Draft Round 1)
        DT- Clifton Ryan 63 316 26 (Resign RFA)
        DE Osi Umenyora 63 261 29 (Trade 4th round pick) OR Julius Peppers

        SLB David Vobora 61 238 23(Resign RFA)
        MLB James Laurinatis 62 245 23
        WLB Sean Witherspoon 61 241 (Draft Round 2)

        CB Ron Bartell 6'1 210 27
        CB Leigh Bodden 61 193 28 (Sign UFA)
        FS O.J. Atogwe 5'11 210 28 (Resign RFA)
        SS James Butler 63 215 27

        QB Marc Bulger
        RB Steven Jackson 6'2 235 26
        FB Mike Karney 511 260 28
        TE Ben Watson 63 255 29
        (Sign UFA)
        WR Laurent Robinson 62 195 24, Brandon Gibson 61 205 22
        WR Donnie Avery 5'11 185 25, Danario Alexander 65 216 (Round 3)
        LT Jason Smith 65 305 23
        LG Jacob Bell 6'4 295 28
        C Jason Brown 6'3 320 26
        RG John Greco 6'4 315 24,Adam Goldberg 67 320 29
        RT - Alex Barron 6'7 315 27 (Resign RFA)

        Special Teams
        K Josh Brown 60 212 30
        P Donnie Jones 62 222 29
        -02-14-2010, 02:48 PM