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  • 3 - 51

    just look at that.
    is that a stat line for a receiver?
    is that the amount of penalties and yardage given up by the Rams in a game? is that the score in a massive blow out loss?

    actually its neither.
    its the amount the Rams have been outscored in the past two 2nd quarters combined. i dont know what it is about the second quarter, but that is where the opposition scores the most of its points.

    maybe its because after the first quarter the opposing defence works out our gameplan so gets some big defensive plays and our offence gets stale. maybe the opposition justs hustles a bit more knowing they can get a decent lead before half time. or maybe the team just gives up and knows they have one quarter of being able to do nothing before Haslett can tear into them at half time

    whatever is the case, there is no excuse for that kind of scoring

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    Re: 3 - 51

    There is a worse stat than that one...

    75-3. Thats being out scored in the first half!

    But you can't blame the offense only. Our defense has been the one who gets us behind and we lose motivation that way. It seems as if everytime the offense touches the ball, they march down the field and score on us. Regardless of field position.

    Thats why I am strongly for drafting Maualuga. We need a big body in there to pick up the slack from LB play recently. Hell, we need too many holes to fix. But not being able to have LB's do their job hurts us alot.


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      Re: 3 - 51

      i know what you mean, the defense has given up a lot
      however, the offense hasnt been putting the defense in a great situation with its turnovers. We had two ints and a lost fumble in the first half yesterday.

      Also, the one turnover we did get in the first half, the offense came out and went three and out, and then after the punt and return the niners were right back in the red zone, and then scored their first TD


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        Re: 3 - 51

        I thought that you were predicting our record if we keep the current FO from here until the end of 2011.


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          Re: 3 - 51

          Originally posted by DistantRam View Post
          I thought that you were predicting our record if we keep the current FO from here until the end of 2011.
          nah, because that would mean i see us winning another game


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          • RamWraith
            Here are some number for you
            by RamWraith
            Rams - 79
            Opponents - 177

            This is the points differences in the second half. Opponents have put up nearly a 100 more points on this team and we have only scored 79. That people is a problem. This should not be this way even with all the injuries, so no one can use that as an excuse. We are simply out coached in the second half on both sides of the ball. We make NO adjustments and are stale. All the life has been sucked from us by then.
            -11-26-2007, 06:08 AM
          • RamWraith
            Head Coach Scott Linehan
            by RamWraith
            Head Coach Scott Linehan

            (On game)
            “The game was a real close game for the first three quarters. We spent a good deal of our time defensively on the wrong side of the field and offensively on the wrong side of the field. It is tough to overcome the field position battle. You spend the whole time playing on the long field or the short field. I don’t have the numbers in front of me of how many plays we spent on the minus part of the field. I know that 41 of their 53 plays were on the plus side of the field for them. You are not going to beat a good football team like this doing that. We had some plays that weren’t made, and we can go back and say ‘if we made that play here or if we finished that drive before the half’ we could have at least tied the game up. Again we have to give them credit for executing better than us.”

            (On why the kick cover units are struggling)
            “We have to keep looking at who is on there. We have done a lot of shuffling and moving people in and out of there and we have not found the right combination. It has not been a bright spot for us, we have made some adjustments and made some progress for a few weeks, but we have not been consistent. We all need to take credit for that.”

            (On scoring in the second half)
            “We are working on it, we haven’t been able to execute it. When you jump off sides and getting holding calls and give up a sack and you have to overcome that plus go 80 or 90 yards each time, it is hard to score points. We have not played good as a team in the second half. You can focus on offense, defense or special teams but our team has not been a good second half team. Our fourth quarter scoring and our ability to stop people in the fourth quarter has not been good enough. You have to win fourth quarters if you want to win in this league.”

            (On the defense breakdown on the Greg Jennings TD catch)
            “There was zero man coverage and I think we had a miscommunication between a couple of players as to who was going to take the vertical and who had the underneath coverage. Obviously you can’t do that.”

            (On QB Marc Bulger’s play in the first half versus the second half)
            “I credit their defense for tighter coverage, they got an early interception and that factored into it a little bit. Once we got behind we got into a little bit of a passing mode, more than what we had anticipated. I thought Bulger played very good except for a couple of plays that could have been made, but he is the quarterback and he throws the passes.”

            (On RB Steven Jackson)
            “He is a great football player, and I think that game time is when you give him the football. I think we did a good job of getting him involved early and being able to run the ball. We still continue to try and mount some drives in a the run game.”
            -12-16-2007, 06:15 PM
          • swatter555
            Should the Rams stretch the field more?
            by swatter555
            I will just speak for myself and say that the relatively conservative nature of the Rams offensive gameplans are frustrating at times. While we do seem to have some success in the first half of games, we have little success in the second. I see the Rams offense as a one trick pony at this point. If an opponent can stop Steven Jackson running up the gut and get on top of the screens, the Rams are punting the ball. This has most certainly been the case in the second halves against SD and TB.

            So should the Rams throw deep more often despite the depleted WR corps? Or is someone going to make the case that a conservative gameplan is the best option we have right now?
            -10-28-2010, 01:52 PM
          • Nick
            Some Questions about Coaching on an 0-4 Team
            by Nick
            It's undeniable in the NFL that in every game, one team will win and one team will lose. Ultimately a team is in large part judged by their record, and fans will seek something to explain the outcome of their game.

            Some will try to find someone to blame for the loss, some will point to the disparity in talent or the effect of injures, some will isolate the poor play of individual players as a focal point, some will point to the coaches. Few will truly give the opposing team credit for winning the game; it's the nature of the fan to hold their team responsible, win or lose.

            We've heard a lot about coaching problems over the last four weeks, and clearly there are issues that can be pointed to and questioned. Pass/run ratio decisions, going for it on fourth down, kicking a long field goal, conservative playcalling, playing an ineffective injured quarterback, not playing to the strength of our roster, halftime adjustments. There is definitely a list of concerning issues that I've seen through four games, many of which played significant roles in the result we see on the scoreboard.

            But let me present a brief recap of events before posing a question to you.

            -In Week One, the Rams played the Carolina Panthers (now 2-2). The Panthers are a team that many pick year in and year out to be a contender in the NFC playoff picture. The Rams went into the locker room at halftime of that game with a 10-7 lead, and extended that lead to 13-7 early in the third quarter. A turnover by Jackson allowed Carolina to take the lead, and they never looked back.

            -In Week Two, the Rams faced the San Francisco *****, a 2-2 team many thought were improving coming into this season. Once again, the Rams went into halftime with a lead, 13-7. But poor tackling allowed the previously bottled up Frank Gore to run for a huge touchdown to take the lead. The Rams and ***** fought back and forth until the final seconds of the game, at which point Jeff Wilkins missed a 56-yard field goal.

            -In Week Three, the Rams headed south for a showdown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1 after four weeks). This game was a slugfest. The Bucs had four first half drives. Two ended with punts, one a missed field goal, and one a made field goal. The Rams didn't do much in the first half either, punting twice with an interception and a missed field goal. After the half, Tampa scored a touchdown to make it a 10-0 game, but the Rams hung in there and got it back to one possession before Tampa added 14 points in the mid to late fourth quarter. Jeff Wilkins missed two field goals in this game, Marc Bulger threw three interceptions.

            -Last week the Rams took on what many consider to be one of the best teams in the NFC this season, the 4-0 Dallas Cowboys. Among the Rams wounded was Pro Bowl runner Steven Jackson (out for the game) and Pro Bowl quarterback Marc Bulger (playing with broken ribs). The Rams...
            -10-05-2007, 07:37 PM
          • netminder
            by netminder
            Where did all the timeouts go. I put this one on the coach.
            -09-20-2009, 01:36 PM