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Bernie on a Faulk/Jackson backfield

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  • Bernie on a Faulk/Jackson backfield


    I know you may not be allowed to speak on things you may have seen in practice. However, if you could, can you give us the odds on Martz using BOTH Jackson and Faulk in the same backfield.

    Myself, I'm thinking 60-40 for it right now. With Marshall in the backfield, and set automatically has another reciever. So the Rams could run out of a base set with 2 WR, a TE/FB, and Faulk and Jackson. Split Faulk out wide and you're in a 3 WR set. Move the TE to a FB position and you can still run Jackson with a lead blocker.

    I'm guess I'm really asking this now because Kevin Curtis will probably be innactive Sunday. As the P-D mentioned in an article today. That hints to me that maybe the Rams won't be using as many 4 and 5 wide sets.

    My doubts come from the ability of our TE's to shift around much. Also, I don't know if Martz is willing to be so daring. There was talk last year of a Gordon/Faulk backfield, but injuries kept that from happenning much.

    However, the Faulk/Jackson backfield makes sense on so many levels. So I'm saying 60-40 for it and keeping my fingers crossed.

    I've watched what they're up to, but I can't talk about it.
    I'm really sorry.

    This is funny .... Cardinals pitcher Woody Williams has Faulk and Jackson on his fantasy team.... he always pumps me for info, about what Martz plans to do in the red zone and such....and I'll make some cryptic remark, just to get him going....drives him crazy...but it's all in good fun.

    Cardinals players who drafted Rams are always pumping me for info. I think I will give Kline bad info to mess him up.

    There you have it. :\