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IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

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  • IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

    Please don't enter this thread to complain about another Bulger thread. Some people here don't like Bulger and they've got just as much right to post here as anyone else. Soo, I'm interested.

    How do you get rid of Bulger?

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    Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

    Hire a qb with good enough talent, skill and potential to lead the franchise because if any qb gets hired, they will know the situation the rams have been in qb wise and know theyve been hired for a reason..with that said whoever comes should expect to be the "GO TO" guy, this should put a fire under bulger saying "you dont gotta leave the team, but you might not be startin either"..that easy, nothing too complicated not really any need to get rid of bulger but more just letting him know its time for a change..
    I think he'd make a damn good backup behind a healthy, good qb since it looks like he plays much better as someone under the radar..


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      Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

      First off this team is an absolute tear down. The strategy should be to take the best available player in the draft, and get the best available free agents they can afford, regardless of position (for the most part).

      Start bringing in guys who can dominate. If there's a QB, great, if not, keep Bulger for now and build around him.

      Secondly, there had better a claus in the Bulger contract like Warner's, where after next year or so, he is owed a big bonus that we can decide to cut him prior to paying that and save something out this waste of 65 million dollars.

      If not, then we'll be at the bottom fo the league until around 2015.


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        Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

        Well, honestly, you can't just "get rid of him" now.

        You can bring in his replacement. But getting rid of Bulger will be near impossible. He's got a huge salary here. If we cut him, it'll hurt the organization to continue to build this team.

        We need to stick with him. Atleast for next year.

        We can draft a QB this year. But in the later rounds. We need to build this team, and like it or not (to some of you) Bulger will be a part of the rebuilding process for next year.

        If Bulger stinks it up, bench him. We can't do that now because our back ups are worse than he is.

        But if we have a 5th round QB that we draft this year, we could plug him in and let him learn.


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          Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

          Well, I say look for a franchise QB in thr later rounds and let Bulger earn his money and by the time the kid is ready , Bulger will be on the way out!!!!!!


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            Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

            Trade him to San Francisco so we can have two former starters beating us twice a year.:o


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              Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

              Originally posted by PeoriaRam View Post
              Trade him to San Francisco so we can have two former starters beating us twice a year.:o
              yeah exactly, we all know he would come back to play against us and blow the roof off the dome!


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                Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                Draft a QB, let MB prove himself for 4 games in 09, and then insert rookie QB. Simple.


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                  Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                  Trade him, take the salary hit and move on.
                  "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                  Jack Youngblood


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                    Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                    Originally posted by MoonJoe View Post
                    Trade him, take the salary hit and move on.
                    Glad you're not working in the front office.


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                      Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                      Originally posted by TheTalkOfTheArch View Post
                      How do you get rid of Bulger?
                      They don't, until at least 2010. The cap hit from moving Bulger in 2009, per Howard Balzer, is a whopping $11 million. That's probably about a tenth of our total cap allotment for the season. Good luck making meaningful strides to improve your ball club with that kind of hit on the books.

                      If the Rams want to phase out Marc Bulger, then they need to find a young quarterback who can take over as the full-time starter no earlier than 2010. Perhaps that individual starts a few games at the end of 2009, but Bulger is going to be here through next season. It's a financial fact, unless this team wants to go into full-blown uncompetitive rebuilding mode.

                      Anyways, finding that young QB to groom is the only way the Rams move on from Bulger. They can do it in the mid-rounds of the draft, because not only does a mid-round QB not even remotely break the bank, but the expectation with a mid-round QB is that he'll need a while. Taking a QB in the first round adds a large contract on top of Bulger's already big deal, further hindering our ability to sign other talent, but there is also the expectation that the first-round guy you signed needs to be on the field.

                      We don't want to make the mistake of rushing our QB of the future onto the field when he's not ready and, in the process, exposing him to the kind of beating that has helped contribute to Marc's regression.


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                        Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                        Bulger will be on the Rams' roster in 2009.

                        Bulger will probably be the Rams' opening day starter at QB in 2009.

                        Whether Bulger is the Rams' starter by the end of 2009 is an open question.

                        Whether he is the starter in 2010 is an even more open question.

                        As Nick and others have said, though, there are two thoughts you can put out of your mind.

                        1. He won't be cut. Too much of a cap hit to not even keep him as a backup.

                        2. He won't be traded. With his recent play and contract his trade value is virtually nonexistent (remember, the Jets could not find a trade partner for Pennington, and had to release him).


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                          Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                          Basically you can't. We are forced to either trade for a young guy or draft one in the 2nd or 3rd round. If Bulger fails he rides the pine in favor for the young guy.


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                            Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                            The smart way....wait to 2010.


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                              Re: IF you wanted to get rid of Bulger, how do u do it?

                              what is the advantage to the cap hit in 2010?

                              Someone please post his cap counts for the next few years.


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                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Bulger or Bust?
                                by Guest
                                Let me start off from a quote from VegasRam which is truely factual:

                                "We yap and yap and yap about all our other problems, and while that's valid, it's amazing how a good QB reduces their significance. Look at the Packers the other nite. Played like crap, (175 yards in penalties alone), but won with what I consider an excellent QB, against a good D.

                                I like Bulger a lot, and think he's a good QB. Make that was. He flat doesn't have it anymore for whatever reason - mental and/or physical.

                                The Colts floundered for years, until guess what? Same with Dallas. Same with Arizona. Same with Pittsburgh. Same with the Saints. Same with the Giants. Same with the Chargers. Same with Seattle. Same with the Pats. Same with Denver in reverse.

                                It starts and ends with the QB, and we need one NOW!"

                                Now i know some of you are absolute Bulger fans and would love to sniff his Jock if he gave you the chance (not naming any names ;-) But it seems like some of you are so blindly following him that it doesn't matter how or what he does you support him and anybody else who doesn't support him you get mad at them and have a two year old fit. Others of you will say this topic has been beat to death, thanks for your opinion then don't comment on this thread there are others who want our voices heard....

                                This is exactly how I feel about Bulger which is a good quote "I think Bulger is a good guy and he puts up a lot of effort and he plays hurt, but he also misses easy throws and does not seem motivated to move the chains at times. I like seeing other QBs in there right now, just for a change."

                                I like Bulger personally and he had some great seasons with us but whether it is Physical or Mental/Confidence problems he has now I don't think he can get the job done for us anymore as a starter.He has taking a hell of a beating the last couple of years from our crappy line and He's kinda like a boxer who gets knocked out and rocked for the first time and is never the same again like he was in his prime. We have about one more yea rleft maybe with Bulger as our QB and I'd like to see him mentor a QB we get in the draft for a year before he leaves and I don't think it makes much sense to get rid of him after this season with all the dead money that will be involved of just letting him go after the saeson but who knows..... ownership has gotten rid of all veterens on the team and he may be next...
                                -12-09-2009, 08:48 PM
                              • tomahawk247
                                So Bulger criticisers...
                                by tomahawk247
                                am i right in thinking you want Bulger off this team? If so, who do you get to replace him? Do you want Kyle Boller to step in full time? Do you want us to pull a trade? If so, for who? I dont think there are any decent free agents available right now. And any player we do bring in isnt going to know the offense for ages. So what do you want to do?
                                -08-18-2009, 02:24 PM
                              • FestusRam
                                If not Bulger then who?
                                by FestusRam
                                I know there are alot of fans out there that want to see Bulger go, but who will take his place?

                                I don't see any qb's in the draft that could do any better than Bulger has done with this receiving core.

                                The fact is he's been playing with very weak receivers if they can even stay healthy.

                                What qb do you see coming in an making any better throws than him.

                                I know he had some overthrown and under thrown balls this year but he is still very accurate at hitting open receivers. He also knows the offense well and looked like he was started to get in sync with some of the receivers before his and their injuries.

                                Im not trying to make this another Bulger thread but i'm just wondering who these people want if Bulger isnt here. I dont see many free agents doing better with this receivng core either.

                                If Vick comes to STL with his terrible passer rating all he will probably do is throw int's and scramble around alot. We have Jackson to do the running and Vick will just be terrible with these receivers.

                                I like these young receivers but they just need time to learn and Vick's passing game wont help them at all.
                                -01-15-2010, 03:52 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Bulger: 'I don't give a (bleep) what people say'
                                by RamWraith
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                                Monday, Nov. 03 2008
                                The Rams have a 5-19 record since signing quarterback Marc Bulger to a $65
                                million contract before the 2007 season. In the latest setback, Sunday's 34-13
                                loss to the Cardinals, Bulger completed 48 percent of his passes and committed
                                two turnovers that led to 10 Arizona points in the decisive second quarter.

                                After the game, Bulger told Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell:

                                "If you want to put the blame on me (for why the offense struggled), well, I
                                don't care.

                                "Oh, I know everyone's going to say it's my fault. They're going to say I'm
                                throwing off my back foot or crap like that. But you know what? I don't care
                                what people say. All I care about are what my teammates and my family says.

                                "Everyone else? I don't give a damn."
                                -11-03-2008, 10:25 AM
                              • RamsFanThruItAll!!!
                                Bulger to blame for everything???
                                by RamsFanThruItAll!!!
                                Since the Rams have been on the downfall the past couple of years ive seen that the scapegoat since then has been Bulger. IMO a very small amount of it is his fault. I mean when hes got a decent line and a good recieving core, hes a pro bowler and thats a fact.

                                Another thing thats obvious is the last couple years hes had terrible recieving cores and even worse o-lines. The defense hasnt helped much either. Im just tired of every clueless fan who has no idea about football complaining that its all bulgers fault. I think if you put him on good team in the NFL he would still be a pro bowler. I know hes not good at scrambling but we didnt get him to scramble. We got him to sit in the pocket and make good throws(Which he stills does today when his terrible WR's get open every once in awhile).

                                Picking up a First Round QB is just plain stupid but most fans seem to think thats exactly what we should do. Its Not. No rookies going to come in and make passes to these mediocre recievers that Bulger cant. Im just wondering if anyone else agrees with me.
                                -11-10-2009, 12:13 PM