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Warner knew what he was talking about..

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  • Warner knew what he was talking about..

    when he said the only team that could beat the Rams is the Rams. I have never seen a team with the uncanny ability to lose to themselves like the Rams.
    They constantly make bone-head mistakes and penalties at the worst possible time. Think about the game against Philly and the int at the goalline. All day long today they have made stupid mistakes. Usually when they have a chance to score.
    They seem to let teams hang around to make it interesting. They did it in the Super Bowl, they did it last game, and they are at it again today.

    I don't think the Rams will win the Super Bowl this year. They will get beat in the playoffs, and they will stay true to form. They will beat themselves. For a team with such discipline on route-running, they are sorely lacking in about every other area of discipline. Just call it like I smell it.

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    Posted like a true Non-Ram fan..


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      Originally posted by Kenac
      Posted like a true Non-Ram fan..
      I beg to difer! Maybe you should spend a little more time reading other people's posts before you make judgements. :rolleyesorkchop is a very good fan. And he's telling it like it is. The Rams won and that's good. But they had some bad penalties that should not have happened! Period. If you take those mistakes away, SanFran would not have come so close to winning.


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        I agree that the Rams commited far too many penalties and they turned the ball over too many times,but they did win another close game and that is a good sign.I think that the mistakes will be less frequent as the season continues.I respect everyones opinion,but I still believe the Rams are the best in the NFC.Pulling out close games builds character and I am still pleased with the team overall.Next week I would like to see less turnovers.Miami's defense is tough and the Rams will have to be more disiplined.

        GO RAMS!


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          Thanks Atlas, and who are you anyway "Ram fan"? Where have you been all year?! Hanging some where else with the other "Ram fans" I guess.

          I am glad the Rams won. I love the Rams. Beleive me, I have been a Rams fan since I was a kid and have eaten my share of crow. I never gave up or sold out on the team either. And I never jumped on any band wagons.
          The fact is, they are not very disciplined, and it will cost them big down the road. If you guys don't care about the constant penalties and fumbles and stuff, then fine. I do care. Don't be mad because I tell it like it is. And don't say that they will improve in these areas either. This is trademark Rams football. Thank God they have the talent to overcome these things most of the time. And the talent level is the biggest difference in the present teams and the teams from say '95 o '96. They play a lot now like they did then, they just have a real QB now.


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            I'm not mad Porkchop.I agree with alot of what you are saying.I too have suffered through the years,since I have been a Ramsfan since the early 70's.I just believe that the Rams will become more disiplined.I have always been an optimist,but I was cussing up a storm during the game.Anyway,I respect what you're saying.I may not totally agree,but thats why I love football talk.Everybody see's the game from a different perspective.

            GO RAMS!
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              Let's settle down here...:rolleyes:

              True, the Rams are killing themselves, but they're winning,'s all about the W's

              They're not playing where they need to be, but it's only Week 2. As i have previously posted and as commented by those in the business, it takes a while for teams to get in synch, even the Ravens got the snot kicked out of them by the lowly bungles. The defenses usually get up to par faster than the offenses because of easier material to learn.

              Give it time...hell, there still the best in the league. it's still early. We saw a great many upsets and we shall be fine. I'm disappointed in their play, but i realize it's still early and they'll get better...

              We're still Super Bowl Bound...


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                While I agree that the RAMS haven't played great football (Penalties, missed hand offs, too many cutesy plays) they are 2-0. I would be really upset if they were 0-2.

                Looking at this year so far the NFL is turned upside down. Cinn and SD 2-0, Tenn, Minn 0-2. Where will this maddness end.

                I am in full agreement with DLRamFan we are still SuperBowl Bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Some people were saying they enjoyed the game. I enjoyed the win. Not so much the way they played. I don't enjoy biting my nails. That doesn't mean I'm not a fan. You've had your share of people accusing you of that, Atlas. Did we not learn anything from the 11th? Some controversy is good, just don't take it too far.


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                    Don't worry about nail biting this week, as a matter of fact, you'll probably be turning the game off by the third quarter because you are so far behind.;)


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                      Hold on there RAMS Fans...

                      And Porkchop, how abouy showing a little patience.;)

                      My take on this is:

                      The *soon to be rich* refs back on the field wanted to make a statement. (The one Holt penalty was obvious, another very questionable.

                      Our downfield blocking, usually excellent....Well, they got a little over zealious.

                      New 'D' players, new system & new coaches....'nuff said.

                      I have the utmost faith this Lovie Smith form of cover 2 'D' will jell in the weeks to come.

                      I know your feelings. Even during our SB run, with big leads, we manage to leave the door open for comebacks. ie: The '99 game vs the Vikes turned an easy win into a nailbiter.

                      Go RAMS!!!
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                        I doubt that very much inFINsible.Jay sure as hell aint no Marino and we've already beaten a defense as good as Miami's when we played the Eagles.I respect what the Dolphins have done so far,but the only offense they have faced that compares to ours is the Colts,and the last time they faced Manning and Co. was last year.The Colts have a great offense,but they still dont have as many weapons as the Rams.I expect a tough game,but I expect our Rams to win again.Good luck on Sunday.

                        GO RAMS!


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                          You won't see any defense do to the Raiders what we did to them Sunday. That offense aint too shabby either, but we shut them down.
                          Believe me when I tell you....we are better than the Eagles so don't use that game to judge us or you'll sorely underestimate what is coming to town Sunday.
                          This is definately the 3rd "game of the week" we have been in this season, it should be a rumble. You guys will be tough but if there is any style of football that hurts you, it's ball control football and that's what we use. Expect a healthy dose of Lamar Smith.


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                            I have to agree with porkchop in that we are beating ourselves too much. I am not saying we wont turn it around, but there are better teams than the niners out there and it will cost us if we dont get a bit tighter.
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