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The Ol were impressive today

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  • The Ol were impressive today

    To me the so called patchwork Ol did a impressive job today... great to see Pace back in there, and agent free!!!!! :tongue:

    steve :ramlogo:
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:

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    Re: The Ol were impressive today

    170+ rushing yards.

    No sacks.

    Not bad for a team that was playing with a "patchwork" O line.


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      Re: The Ol were impressive today

      Exactly. I'm going to dig into the next O-line critic I come across on various boards.


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        Re: The Ol were impressive today

        You mean Len Pastabelly wasn't right?


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          Re: The Ol were impressive today

          I agree, excellent job up front today!!

          Grant Williams is our RT.......Shut Up!!!!

          Curly ~ Horns


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            Re: The Ol were impressive today

            O-line did a great job today, Faulk had huge holes run /sidestep through



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              Re: The Ol were impressive today

              Great performance by the O-Line but forgive me for reminding everybody who we played on D. Sure they're not the same old Cardinals, but they're not the Carolina Panthers either.

              I was impressed with Big Dish today.


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                Re: The Ol were impressive today

                I want a written apology from every "expert" who wrote this team off due to the Turley/Wohlabaugh injuries.

                I've been saying it since camp, and I'll continue to say it....this O-line will do just fine.
                The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                  Re: The Ol were impressive today

                  I agree that the Cardinals are not World beaters on defense, but 440+ yards is still pretty darn impressive for a team that the "experts" would have had you believe couldn't block a High School team.


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                  • RamsFanSam
                    What went wrong today:
                    by RamsFanSam
                    Chip didn't fire Ziggyhan (or is it Lingmut?) before the game.

                    That is all.
                    -09-21-2008, 04:14 PM
                  • Tony Soprano
                    We need an OT today!
                    by Tony Soprano
                    We Better get an Offensive Tackle today.

                    Have you forgotten?

                    That plan didn't work out very well last year and now Pace and Stuessie are another year older.

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                    23 years ago today
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                    I little FYI for you!

                    You know what happened 23 years ago to the day?

                    December 9, 1984
                    LA Rams RB Eric Dickerson rushes for 215 yards, surpassing O.J. Simpson's single-season rushing mark of 2,003 yards. He finished the season with 2,105 yards, a record that still stands today.
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                    Good Luck today
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                    I hate your team with a passion, but I miss the intensity of the rivalry our franchises established earlier this decade.

                    Here's to another nail-biter!
                    -09-13-2009, 08:05 AM
                  • Rambos
                    FO and Coaches got it done big time today.
                    by Rambos
                    I did not see two trades on day one and they got great picks that fill needs. Great job!

                    Also had good time hanging out in the chatroom with the clan made it even a better draft day.
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