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The Play of the O Line

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  • The Play of the O Line

    Granted, this was against arizona, a team with significant pass rush and run stopping issues, which was playing without arguably their best defensive tackle. However, i join those impressed with the play of the line, particularly with regard to their teamwork, which will improve as they play more together.

    Even though it was the cards, this is the best run blocking i have seen from the squad in a while. Both faulk and jackson were getting through the line without getting hit, enabling them to run over/around tacklers over and over. I really do think that faulk can move in two different directions at the same time.

    Dishman looked great to me. I continue to believe that he will be a big improvement over mccollom at guard. Mcollom was fine and grant williams played well also. I have commented on Pace in a separate post. He is as dominant a guy at his position as anyone in the league. Timmerman was fine as well.

    We will see how the line does next weekend in atlanta, its a road game so maybe noise will be an issue, but i will be sitting in row 1 behind the rams bench so i will do my best to drown out the falcons fans and will of course be adding encouragement on every play to the squad.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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  • general counsel
    Is there ANYONE left who wants to criticize The Big Boy?
    by general counsel
    In the midst of the gloom and doom, in the depths of despair, lets see if there is ANYONE left on the board that still wants to take a shot at The Big Boy.

    Steven Jackson has been spectacular this year. He is on pace for over 2000 yards from scrimmage, rarified numbers indeed. The guy is going to win up at or very close to 100 catches, something even Faulk never managed and almost 1500 yards. He has done so despite a highly suspect offensive line. He has shown vast, dramatic and gargantuan improvement running between the tackles. He has shown hands. He has shown speed around the end. Ok, so his pass blocking is still suspect. He has shown grit and determination, guts and full blown effort at all times.

    He is a pro bowl caliber back and he was a steal where we took him in the draft. I agree with avenger, the biggest mystery for me for this entire season is how to explain 60% pass plays when Ray Charles himself could see that our defense is so bad that it has to be kept off the field as much as possible and that best way to do that is with a pounding running game.

    Where would we be without The Big Boy right now? Well, we cant lose much more often than we have been losing the last several weeks, but i will say that we would be a lot less entertaining to watch without the big boy busting heads out on the field.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -12-14-2006, 01:28 PM
  • Guest's Avatar
    some things we can all agree on----
    by Guest
    In light of the spirited debate on grant williams, lets list a few things we can all agree on.

    1) Great win last night

    2) Steven Jackson is a man child of biblical magnitude.

    3) We need travis fisher back

    4) We need trev faulk back on the special teams

    5) By the time he retires, timmerman may be our current rams generations version of tom mack, in the same way that orlando pace will be our Big Jackie if he signs long term.

    6) The upside on hargrove appears to be limitless. What energy and enthusiasm. Reminds me of a young richard dent, but better against the run.

    7) Sean Landetta is the last remaining guy in the nfl that played for both george halas and vince lombardi.

    ramming speed to all,

    general counsel
    -10-19-2004, 10:36 AM
  • general counsel
    Dissapointment with steven jackson
    by general counsel
    I am disappointed with steven jackson, especially the mental errors. I recognize that he is very young and that the blocking has been spotty. I am not suggesting he has been lousy, only that he has not lived up to my hopes and expectations for this year.

    I dont see him breaking tackles at the line of scrimmage. I dont see him cutting back effectively in the hole. I see a guy who when he gets the first block and can get past the line with some space does some major damage in the secondary and who certainly runs hard, but i dont see a guy that looks like he can carry a team on his back or even close to it.

    I see passes hit him in the hands in the flat that he drops. I see fumbles. I see a horrible flip to mcdonald on the play at the goal line.

    I see faulk cutting back through the holes MUCH faster than jackson and running almost as hard. I am not saying that faulk should be the starter, but am suggesting that jackson has a LONG LONG way to go before someone compares him to marshall faulk.

    I realize jackson and faulk are different kinds of backs, but i just dont see jacksons speed until he gets into space. I see a LOT of running sideways and not cutting up the field quickly enough. Watch faulk dart in and out of space, and that is at age 32!

    any thoughts from the group?

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -10-07-2005, 11:53 AM
  • 39thebeast
    Rams line ranked 22 and 2nd in NFC West
    by 39thebeast
    Everyone notices when the stars have big games. But remember that every big rushing, passing or receiving game was set up by an offensive line opening huge holes or giving a QB time to throw.
    So which team has the best offensive line in the league? Scouts Inc. breaks them down Nos. 1 through 32.
    1. Cleveland Browns
    While most NFL teams have about four linemen who are truly starting caliber, the Browns have seven or eight. Not only are they deep, but they arguably have the best left side in the NFL with LG Eric Steinbach and LT Joe Thomas. Entering his second season, Thomas is talented enough to potentially be recognized as the best lineman in the game before the end of the 2008 season. He is a great athlete, has ideal size (6-foot-6, 313 pounds) and the passion to bury his opponent. As a rookie, he wasn't overwhelmed by the speed and size of the game at this level, and now he's had an entire offseason to properly prepare. At 6-6, Steinbach is tall for a guard and lacks ideal bulk, but he is very quick, smart and athletic. He consistently gets under the pads of his opponents, works hard to finish and is tremendous in space. The rest of the group isn't too shabby and made QB Derek Anderson look exceptional last year. The pass protection is impeccable. Ryan Tucker will miss time to start the season, but Cleveland shouldn't miss a beat in his absence. Center Hank Fraley is a tough guy in the middle of the line and does a fine job making the line calls. After a great season in 2007, this group will be even better in 2008.
    2. Dallas Cowboys
    Adding 6-6, 366-pound Leonard Davis to an already stable offensive line was a great move that paid off in a big way last year. A bit of a washout at tackle, Davis proved to be an exceptional guard, and the Cowboys ran behind him when they needed a tough yard. Center Andre Gurode doesn't get the credit he deserves as one of the best pivotmen in the game today. Getting to QB Tony Romo is very difficult against a group that not only pass protects well, but also holds its own as run-blockers. LT Flozell Adams had his best season, but he signed a new contract in the offseason and will need to keep his intensity up after the big payday. RT Marc Colombo is the weakest link among the starters and could be pushed for playing time if he doesn't play better in training camp. Still, this is a tough group that's coached by Hudson Houch, who is one of the best line coaches in the league and has a knack for getting the most out of his players.
    3. Minnesota Vikings
    Everyone on the planet knew that Minnesota was going to run the football last year, and what did they do? They ran it as well as anyone in the league, averaging 5.3 yards per carry. The lack of a passing game cannot be attributed to the Vikings' front five, but this unit is better at run blocking than pass protection. There simply isn't a better offensive lineman in the game than Steve Hutchinson, and his presence on this...
    -06-21-2008, 12:05 AM
  • RamJackson39
    On the other hand...
    by RamJackson39
    Instead of attacking the coaches and players, take this moment to appreciate what they did this season. They had a lot of things that they had to deal with, and have at least been competitive. So, celebrate those guys that played with true heart this season...

    -Ryan Pickett. He was a monster this season. He was one of the best DTs in the league.

    -Corey Ivy. Played with a lot of heart and passion when he was on the field. I would love to see the Rams resign him

    -Steven Jackson. Despite the changing of a HC, a banged up O-line, and a lack of commitment to the running game; Jackson went over 1,000 yards.

    -Marshall Faulk. Has come in and played great in a reserve role. He has been a leader. Also, had to deal with Hurricane Katrina effecting his family in New orleans.

    -Torry Holt. The best WR in the league. He is playing through pain and is still effective.

    There are many more that I could mention for a job well done. Who do you guys think deserve recognition for their play this season? Remember, this has not been an easy season for anyone. Lighten up on the players a little bit and congratulate the ones that truly played their hearts out.
    -12-20-2005, 04:32 PM