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Isaac Bruce-Does he look like he is aging?

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  • general counsel
    bulger was better than holt
    by general counsel
    I think bulger was better than holt today. I dont see why when bulger throws great balls, the receivers get all the credit and when bulger is off, he gets all the blame. Timing is a two way street. Did holt have a great game today? Sure. He was one on one against third and fourth string corners, inlcuding a guy (matt ware) who was picked up off waivers. IF a pro bowl guy cant have a great game against that type of competition, we really have something to worry about.

    I am upset by holts bonehead retaliation headbut in the endzone that was a terrible, terrible mental error that cost us a first and goal on the one. Bulgers fumble, horrible as it was, was at least a physical error and i agree with barry waller, i have no idea why linehan called a play to hand the ball off to hedgecock for his first carry of the year with the game on the line. The snap was fine, the interaction between bulger and hedgecock wasnt, and i dont know whose fault that really was. Holts mental error should never ever happen from a pro bowler.

    Bulger didnt have his best day, but he threw some fanstastic balls, including one down the sideline to bruce which was perfectly on target.

    Lets all give marc some credit please. The qb is like the president, he typically gets too much credit and too much blame. In the rams case, many people on this board give him plenty of blame, but not plenty of credit.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -09-24-2006, 11:40 PM
  • Guest's Avatar
    Should Holt have caught the pass against Carolina?
    by Guest
    This topic has been bounced around a bit on various threads but to my knowledge, has not been addressed directly by the group during the off season as a stand alone topic. I bring this up in part in the context of the recent threat comparing the great rams receiving tandems of all time.

    I admit that i can not watch any replays from the carolina game. within 45 seconds of the end of the game i ripped up and threw into the garbage my vcr tape of the game and refused to watch the highlights. Far too depressing.

    However, for what it is worth and out of the dark part of my memory, here is what i remember. The play was set up beautifully. It was a perfect call by martz and a nice enough play fake by bulger. I thought Holt was about as open as a receiver ever gets without the db actually falling down. I thought he had 2 to 3 steps. The ball was clearly not on target. i thought Holt had it and was going in for a TD. I really thought he should have had it, even if he had to turn around and slow up just to catch the ball rather than catch it on the dead run to try and carry it in for the td.

    At first, i thought he blew an easy catch, at least a catch that should be a catch that an all pro makes under those game conditions. I remember seeing the replay in the heat of the moment and thinking to myself that the cactch was harder than i first thought and that the throw was really lousy and that he should have made sure he caught it, given the game situation, without trying to make the perfect play by running it in.

    Call me biased, but i still think isaac bruce makes that catch, even if he doesnt run it in.

    Please give me your thoughts on the play. Should Holt have made the catch. Should he have slowed down and turned to be sure he caught it rather than trying to run it in?

    Obviously, that was a critical play in the game. No way to know if it changes the result, but many of us can be very harsh regarding martz' play calling. You do have to give him credit when he deserves it, and you have to admit that was a perfect call at a critical time and the execution just didnt get it done.

    This thread it about holt. I think it states the obvious that when bulger has a reciever open by 5 feet for an obvious td without a pass rush in his face with the game on the line he HAS to throw a much more accurate ball. if anyone feels differently on that, lets talk about that as well.

    Ramming speed to all

    Sign the Big Man

    general counsel
    -07-01-2004, 08:37 PM
  • VegasRam
    What impressed me the most...
    by VegasRam
    ...were the two plays that put us ahead, for a couple of reasons.

    That catch that Bruce made was impressive. The ball was thrown hard, and it looked to me like Bruce caught it by the BACK third of the football. (Not to mention Bulger's roll-out).

    Next came Bulger's conversion to Bruce. Guys, that ball came out of NOWHERE! The man really does have the quickest release in the NFL.

    Great game to watch, and I'm going to follow Williams' stats this year. He made us look bad, but I think he'll continue that trend with other teams.

    Jackson's hurdle of Bly was classic.

    Is it me, or did Bulger step up into the pocket a LOT more last Sunday?
    -10-03-2006, 08:42 AM
  • general counsel
    isaac holt
    by general counsel
    phil simms had two different isaac holt references last night. Ian eagle had one, but he corrected himself.

    What a couple of maroons.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -08-19-2007, 03:50 PM
  • general counsel
    bright spots from yesterday
    by general counsel
    Bulger is terrific. I defy anyone to debate this point. Given any kind of time, he is accurate, sees the field, more mobile in the pocket than given credit for and has a good arm. He has plenty of guts standing in there as well. We have lots of problems, he isnt one of them

    Kevin Curtis. The guy really can play. Idiot comment of the year by an announcer, neil o donnell on curtis "hes not a speed guy, but he uses his moves nicely" Odonnell also stated bruce was our fastest receiver.

    Isaac Bruce. Who knows what the future holds, but the long td to bruce was a thing of beauty.

    David Allen I thought he looked energetic on the returns.

    Brandon Green. I continue to be impressed, he seems to make plays.

    Bartell and chris johnson I thought they did ok considering the circumstances. Didnt give up real big plays and given that there was no pass rush of any kind, they both showed promised and some physicality. I am not saying that they were all pros only that there is a future with these guys if we can get some pressure on the qb.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -11-21-2005, 06:55 AM