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The Dolphins are coming,feel the fear!

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  • The Dolphins are coming,feel the fear!

    All those stupid penalties and mistakes are going to get your team toasted this week..... Miami's defense is not San Fran, not by a long shot.....If your guys drop passes and commit timely penalties this week, all the talent in the world won't save you. Miami will slam the door shut! So, a little friendly advice, take advantage of ALL the oportunities you get because there won't be many. Oh, and one more thing, get ready to be blitzed. The Zach Attack is coming........

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    don't worry Fin the Rams will do the job Sunday however good your D is. The O has too many weapons for u to stop them all


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      keep it up

      Keep talking smack makes the win even that much more pleasurable for Ram fans


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        You may be right, but Philly showed that a good D can slow you down and we have a better offense than they do.
        Miami showed that we can run a 5 receiver formation against a good pass rushing team in the game winning drive against Oakland. While there is no doubt about the quality of YOUR receivers, I would bet that trying to cover McKnight, Chambers, Gadsden, or Ward with a safety will not be a good thing. While I'd much rather ram Lamar Smith down your throats the whole game,I think if it comes to a shoot out our D will make enough plays and our offense will score enough to win anyway. Good luck.


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          to dolphin fan

          Hey I dont think you saw the game but we played awful 1st half somewhat 2nd but theres no way St Louis Rams will lose to the fishes just watching Jay boy throwing the ball sux and I'm sure the Ram def will welcome Jay boy running around also I've got Jay boy on 2 of my fanstay teams so he will get benched for this wk. So to you I say I've been a Rams fan for many moons so I know how you feel when your team looks good after 2 games but trust me the fish couldnt do it w/ Danny boy they wont do it with Jay boy at the helm I L M A O at YOU
          See ya'll,


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            Fin man, you a going to be in our house Sunday. Your only hope was to play this one at your place. Do you think your guys could have swum out with a victory at Oakland yesterday?

            Our secondary practices against Bruce, Holt, Akim everyday, they are the best threesome in the league. Your quarterback can't throw, and look what our defense has done to scramblers. Garcia got a little, but there ain't enough in Fiddle man to do the job. The 'D' has gotten better every week since the first exhibition game. You all havn't seen a defense with this much speed.

            This one will be a tough, hard fought game, but you'll be 2-1 come the second game kickoff next Sunday.


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              You may be right,but Philly showed that a good D can slow you down

              The key to this quote is "slow you down" you notice that you can't stop the offense. There are two many weapons on the RAMS offense for the Fins. They can't cover them all. And the last game against S.F. the last two TD that Warner threw were against a blitz. Bring it on and the Rams will have a field day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                Welcome to the ClanRam --best Ram site in the world; and congrats on your first post LAFAN68!

                Like you, I am a Ram fan since way back in the 60's (born in 52, sworn in 66). Diehard, never disloyal. :p

                Bias aside, I agree about the odds not being favorable to the fish -- or mammals, whatever -- from Florida. They've got a good D yet probably rank with a C- on offense. Rams better refine and sharpen their outstanding and numerous tools at offense, not so much to fight Miami but to play to their honest potential and improve confidence.

                Should be another hard-fought battle though. And another Ram W.

                GO RAMS!!!


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                  Hey Rickstir,... NEWS FLASH, You guys aren't as good as Oakland!The great thing about that win is we played a lousy game and still beat a good football team so I'm not worried about having to play on the road, we'll find a way to win anyway. Ask Tennessee what good homefield advantage did for them. I saw Atlas on this board somewhere, ask him. He was on our boards talking smack and he had to eat his words after the game. Same thing will happen to you if you care to come over to to discuss it.
                  Oh, I haven't seen a defense with this much speed? Are you serious? Only everyday in practice! You couldn't be implying that your defense is better than the Dolphins are you?
                  LAFAN,dropping Jay from your fantasy team this week is a big mistake. If the game goes the way you need it to go(high scoring) then both quarterbacks are likely to put up big numbers. Don't kid yourself that you can shut down the Fins offense, just won't happen.
                  RMFN, go back and read my last post SLOWLY so you can understand. If we give up two TDs to the Rams, that will be a success not a failure we will score more than enough points on you to cover that.


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                    You guys are crazy. The Dolphins Defense has held the Titans (and put their QB out), made the Raiders look like crap. And last season, we made the Colts 3some a bunch of nobodies.

                    As always though, this game will be tough. Both teams may have to resort to air, however, I see our defense tandem Surtain and Madison making Warner crazy. Deep balls will not be seen at all this Sunday... our secondary is regarded as the best by many experts.


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                      I went back and read your last past slowly and I still don't see how you think that the Miami defense can hold the RAMS offense to possibly two scores.

                      There are few defenses that might (and I mean might) give the Rams problems. Philly was one of them and maybe TB and NO. But Not the Dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      And the problem with any D is that they have to stop the Rams all four quarters and I don't see Miami being able to cover Bruce, Holt, Hakim,Faulk,Proehl,andRobinson.

                      As far as scoring on the RAMS D that remains to be seen. They have improved every week and the speed will surprize ya. Run Smith or try to pass it all day IMHO the RAMS can handle it.

                      The RAMS WILL WIN NO DOUBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        oh you fins fans...btw...knocking McNair on his ASS screwed up my friggin' fantasy team!!:mad: THANKS!;)

                        The deep balls won't be a necessity, the rams are proving they can throw the short balls and even get the TEs in there.


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                          inFINsible,How can you say that Miami's offense is better than the Eagles?Jay is no Marino and Jay is no Mcnabb.You must be confused.And The Raiders dont impress me at all.You guys did have an impressive win over the Titans though,but I had a feeling the Titans would begin the season overconfident.You better hope you wont have to face them in the playoffs,because that is when the Fish always choke.Anyway I know Miami is a tough team,but I still believe my Rams will win.Good luck on Sunday.

                          GO RAMS!


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                            I hope Miami DOES blitz. While the Rams "O" has been shaking off the rust, the more time it gets playing together, the better it will get.

                            Oh, and by the way, last year San Diego (the number 11 defense in the NFL) blitzed alot too....we scored 57 points on them.

                            Good luck anyway.


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                              First of all, let me address guitarboy, How could I think we have a better offense than the Eagles? Easy. We can pass AND run the football. While the Eagles may have a decent passing game, they are pitiful rushing the ball. Their QB is their leading rusher and their#1 back has a 1.8 yards per carry avg.. That is sad....I think we are a little better than that. How much better? Just don't think that you've played your toughest game already. That one is coming up this Sunday.
                              The Raiders don't impress you at all huh?You seem to be one of the few people to have that opinion. Maybe your knowledge is so scary huge that we should all bow to your expertise and write the Raiders off this year. I mean YOU said the Raiders aren't an impressive team, what else are we gonna do!:rolleyes:
                              Now Mr. Rambitious ( great name, as you can see I like those kind of names) let me point out something to you my friend, We have the best secondary in the league! Not just Madison and Surtain, but all of our backups could be starters on another team. Terry Cousins, Jamar Fletcher, Arturo Freeman and Shawn Wooden are all excellent players and should do just fine against anybody who steps on the field. No...... this is not San Diego.....this is not the 11th ranked defense they had...this is the 6th ranked defense a year ago......and they are even better this year. You won't score 57 points on this team.:cool:


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