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Clock management, or lack thereof

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  • Clock management, or lack thereof

    When is the last time someone saw an nfl game where NEITHER team had a timeout left in the last two minutes of a half? Why is it that for four years we seem to have so much trouble getting the plays in, especially after many very long gains when we have the defense reeling. Why do we always burn the timeouts rather than judging on the game situation if its better to take the 5 yard penalty.

    ramming speed to all

    sign the big man

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    Re: Clock management, or lack thereof

    Well, I don't think you ever want to take the five yard delay of game. But I would imagine that it has to do with the complex offensive system. I remember earlier today Goodspeed was lined up in the wrong spot and by the time they got everything where it was supposed to be Bulger had to burn a time out. I'd imagine with our playbook, stuff like that happens a good bit more than it does to other offenses.


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      Re: Clock management, or lack thereof

      Smartz is the answer


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        Re: Clock management, or lack thereof

        What escapes me is why after completing a long pass to Holt was a TO needed? Is the team so out of shape that it can't get down the field to line up for the next play?


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        • viper
          Clock Management
          by viper
          In the last 3 minutes of the game our defense miraculously recovered another forced fumble with the opponent driving inside our red zone. On our last drive the Rams throw long to Torry Holt for a 67 yard touchdown. In doing so they left enough time on the clock for the Seahawks to mount a drive to win with a field goal with 4 seconds on the clock.

          Should we have thrown that long pass leaving so much time on the clock or should we have tried to milk the clock in a more methodical manner?
          -10-15-2006, 05:43 PM
        • general counsel
          The Good, the bad and the ugly, week one recap
          by general counsel
          Short recap on today's epic debacle in philadelphia. Any optimism related to our preseason performance against the backups in san diego was certainly deflated in a big way today. We appeared woefully unprepared and unable to execute on offense, defense, special teams and in the coaching area. Other than offense, defense, special teams and coaching, we were very competitive in this game.

          The Good

          Donnie Jones is fantastic. No other way to say it.
          Josh Brown made a 46 yard field goal.
          Chris Long made two tackles and got within five feet of mcnabb a couple of times, although i dont think he ever laid a hand on him. He got a lot closer than anyone else, which isnt saying much. His effort can not be denied.
          Jackson flashed some nice runs and had one terrific catch where his helmet got knocked off on a massive hit and he still held onto the ball. You cant run with no blocking.
          McMichael. Nice game, a few nice catches (5-77 yards).

          The Bad

          There is plenty here, lets start with the obvious

          We have nothing that remotely resembles a pass rush. McNabb had 2-3 minutes to throw time after time.
          We have nothing that remotely resembles an offensive line. Bulger was constantly under siege. The blocking of the backs on blitz pickup is awful.
          While the complete lack of pass rush is a major contributing factor, our secondary was beyond pathetic. We couldnt cover a pregnant woman in a phone booth. Chaveous is so slow it painful to watch. On what may have been the key play in the game, Hill failed to make a play on the ball when he had perfect coverage on the first third down of the game for the eagles. WE actually got some breaks or it would have been worse, fahkir had an obvious interference at the goal line and it wasnt called and they dropped a couple of balls, otherwise i am not sure that mcnabb would have thrown any incompletions.
          We got banged up. Pace and Little most importantly. Little left after three plays, never returned, and the announcers never mentioned what he hurt, let alone how bad it was. Pace was grimacing in pain at the end. Bennett left on a cart, although he did catch the one pass thrown to him by some miracle of nature. Pisa was stretching at the end, that one didnt look too bad. Obviously, injuries to Pace and Little in week one are a disaster for us.
          Coaching. I dont know how we could be so unprepared for all the eagles blitzing. Johnson has been running the exact same defensive schemes for ten years.
          The team played without fire and enthusiasm. This had to be laid on the coaches to some degree.
          I think the decision to call a timeout right before half was a mistake. We were down 14 and the eagles called a run, they looked like they wanted to run out the clock. Why not let them do it? We were getting killed but still in the game. Once they completed the 90 yard pass and went up 21-0 it was...
          -09-07-2008, 01:28 PM
        • general counsel
          Rams bombed in Seattle-Fall to 0-3. The Good, the Bad and the (mostly) Ugly
          by general counsel
          Greeting die hard Rams fans. I say die hard, because only the most hard core Rams fans can still have anything more than a passing interest in this team. I am quite sure that the overwhelming majority of the "fair weather fans" will have jumped ship after this debacle, to the extent that they have not done so already. There will be more cries of "I am Done" and of course, the discussion of draft picks will shortly begin, especially if we lose to buffalo next week and head into the bye 0-4 with washington (road), dallas and new england ahead. Those of us that truly love and worship the Horns will be severely challenged this year and the death watch for Linehan and Ziggy is certainly well under way.

          Playing against an 0-2 Seattle team missing its first 5 wide receivers, the Rams were never in this game, falling behind early and never really challenging. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we were awful in the same areas that have plagued us in the first two weeks, however, this week, we don't have the excuse of saying that we were playing an elite team.

          The odds of linehan making it through the season are very low, but even if he does, the odds of him returning next year are slim and none and slim has left the building. There will be a complete overhaul of this roster in the offseason. The only really question will be whether we go into complete rebuilding mode (ala kansas city) and trade away whatever vets we have with any value at all (ie Holt, Little), or whether we try and find a way to put a competitive offensive line on the field which will give us some shot of utilizing our skill position players.

          Here it is folks, read it and weep.

          The Good

          Chris Long had 7 tackles and was around the ball all day. A future all pro
          Donnie Jones had 4 punts for a 54.5 average.
          The McMichael leap was a really nice play.
          Jackson showed a real pulse in the second half. Great double spin on the 50 yard pass play.
          Given how few and far between the td's have been this year, lets call attention to the 21 yard td to looker.
          Spoon had 7 tackles and a sack
          We recovered a fumble off a booming punt by Jones.

          The Bad

          There is basically no pulse on our defense. How are you going to win in the nfl when you get 2 sacks TOTAL in three games (1 today), rarely pressure the qb, cant tackle at all, and cant cover. We allowed 245 yards rushing today and huge chunks of those yards (including that first td run) came after contact by the first defensive player and an inability to wrap up. Early in the game we did absolutely nothing to disrupt seattle's rhythm as they were throwing the ball all over the field. No collapsing of the pocket, no forcing hasselbeck to rush his throws. True, we are missing Little, our only real pass rush threat, but i dont see why we dont blitz more. The fact is clear...
          -09-21-2008, 05:00 PM
        • RockinRam
          This Is Ridiculous
          by RockinRam
          I am very dissapointed in how the Rams played today. I don't really want to say much. The performance of this team has speaked for itself.

          *Run defense sometimes looks good, but other times gives up major critical runs.

          *Pass rush is basically non-existent. I don't know why we do not blitz more, our front four can't get ANY pressure whatsoever. Even with blitzing, none of our guys can even touch the quarterback.

          *Secondary is getting burned.

          *Our O-Line is basically a bunch of big, slow, fat, lazy players that cannot block Bulger.

          *Pittman shows no burst. (May be because of the lack of open lanes the o-line makes.)

          *We always come into a game making good plays, getting a touchdown or a couple. But then, we slow down and we give up plays.

          *We need to start thinking about next years draft. We need to completely rebuild this team. No more excuses.

          I am disgusted.
          -11-02-2008, 01:11 PM
        • general counsel
          My post game analysis- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
          by general counsel
          We may not be the most dominant 4-1 team in the history of the nfl, but at the end of the day, what counts is the record and it speaks for itself. As we say every week, a win is a win is a win in the nfl and wins on the road are just brutal. We played hard and gutted out a win with a huge play at the end by the defense. We got VERY lucky at the end because even with the big sack and fumble, the packers offensive lineman was literally on the ball and i have no idea how he failed to fall on it.

          Not our best performance on offense, we didnt run very well, didnt stop the run very well, didnt pressure favre very well and couldnt put the game away despite numerous chances, but we took care of the football again and that really kept us ahead. We have put ourselves in a position to take early control of the west with a win next week vs seattle and potentially put ourselves on track for a very special season as we head into the bye week before we hit the brutal portion of the schedule.

          We are 4-1. While many will say that the whiners stink and that we should have beaten them, we could have easily or should have lost both to arizona and possibly today. We beat a top caliber team in denver as well. I will take the 4-1 and lets see how "for real" we are when the defending nfc champs come to town next week coming off their bye week.

          THE GOOD

          The interesting thing about this win was that there really werent many if any spectacular individual performances. A number of guys played very well, but we didnt make a lot of deep plays against a suspect packers secondary. We played hard as a team and its a team win for sure.

          Bulger was excellent again. He took what the defense gave him and made some nice throws, especially deep in our own end. However, he also made two very bad throws and was very lucky that they werent picked off, one of which could have completely changed the game (the ball that hit harris in the hands at the goal line)

          The offensive line protected pretty well. Another very strong game by pace and barron. Of course, the good pass protection was balanced by the numerous false starts and lousy run blocking, especially in the first half.

          Some one off comments. Nice punt return by mcdonald, nice catch by the klopper (we need to throw to him more often), nice third down conversion and run down the sideline by tony fischer, an actual pass breakup by travis fischer which i hope someone will confirm because i thought i must be hallucinating, and what i thought was a pretty good game from stephen jackson, not his best, but not bad.

          Very strong game for matt turk. What a huge upgrade for us at that position.
          The first half red zone performance was critical. We got clobbered in the first half, but due to the turnover and our 2-2 red zone conversions, we had the lead.

          I liked that linehan stayed...
          -10-08-2006, 03:14 PM