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Rams Report Card: Week 1

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  • Rams Report Card: Week 1

    Rams Report Card: Week 1
    Sunday, Sep. 12 2004

    Quarterback - B

    Bulger gets it done; he's now 19-4 in his career (regular season), and has
    seven fourth-quarter comebacks.

    Running backs - A-

    Faulk (128 yards rushing) and Jackson (50 yards) have the makings of a potent
    1-2 punch.

    Receivers - A-

    For some reason, Arizona didn't roll its coverage Bruce's way the way most
    teams do. Big mistake.

    Offensive line - A

    No sacks allowed, and 5.9 yards per carry in the running game. What's not to

    Defensive line - B

    Steady pressure from Little; sacks by B. Fisher and Lewis; decent against the

    Linebackers - B

    More disciplined in their gap responsibilities than in the past, but no big

    Secondary - B+

    After getting snookered on game-opening flea flicker, allowed only one other
    pass play over 15 yards.

    Special teams - C

    Next to nothing on returns; shoddy kickoff coverage; but Jeff "Money" Wilkins
    lived up to his nickname.

    Coaching - C+

    Martz was the first to admit that his red-zone play calling left something to
    be desired.

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    Re: Rams Report Card: Week 1

    I think some teams are going to double Holt after last year, he is the more dominating WR. But Bruce can kill you if he one on one.

    Martz in the red zone, He still is not letting Marc pass the ball, would rather try and trick them then just run a solid play.


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      Re: Rams Report Card: Week 1

      That Cam Cleeland run play was RIDICULOUS!

      OB C+
      RBs A+
      WRs A+
      Off Line A
      Def Line B-
      LB Pisa A+ Other LBs B-
      Secondary B
      Special Teams Wilkins A+ Other Special Teams D
      Coaching D+ Ridiculous Challenge, Poor Timeout Use, Cleeland Run, Arlen Harris as a KR


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        Re: Rams Report Card: Week 1

        OB B. Needs to look at the checkdown some more. Money when it counted.
        RBs A. Great running by both, Jackson learned early to protect the ball.
        WRs B+. Have to protect the ball more. Bruce had a great game, but can't push off.
        Off Line A. What a great job. Dishman is huge and opens some holes.
        Def Line B. Little needs to learn how to wrap someone up. Missed a sack again yesterday.
        LB's B. Would like to see them stuff the run better.
        Secondary B+. Butler had a great game and Groce played will also.
        Special Teams Wilkins A+ Other Special Teams B-. My boy Garrett had a terrible effort on the long KR, but came back strong on the next one.
        Coaching B-. Martz needs to get better at red zone calling. Had a good balance of run/pass yesterday though.


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          Re: Rams Report Card: Week 1

          Chillar stuffed the running back in the backfield for a nice play.

          I about came out of my chair when Lewis had that monster sack at a most opportune time...we needed that one!


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            Re: Rams Report Card: Week 1

            Originally posted by txramsfan
            Martz needs to get better at red zone calling. Had a good balance of run/pass yesterday though.
            Two great points, TX. The Cleeland run was the most obvious, but for whatever reason, we always get away from our strengths in the red zone. Granted part of it is that our strength of stretching the field is hard to attain when you have no field to stretch, but we must adjust still the same. The Rams can spread a defense without the vertical motion now that they have Jackson and a healthy Faulk. Cleeland however is not the answer. In fact, two TE sets on the goalline, while conventional, is not what we need. 3WR and a FB or even lone-set back with 4WR, that's how you spread a defense in the RZ.

            And yes, TX, you're right, the balanced play-calling is an area that has plagued Martz in the past, but he sure seem to get it right yesterday.
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: Rams Report Card: Week 1

              Linebackers - B
              More disciplined in their gap responsibilities than in the past, but no big
              Except for that bone crushing hit that 5-O laided down. RAM TOUGH! :ramlogo:

              I love this kid! :king:

              Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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              • Nick
                Rams-Niners: Report Card
                by Nick
                Rams-Niners: Report Card
                Post-Dispatch Sports Staff
                Monday, Dec. 06 2004

                Quarterback: B
                Chandler came in cold for the injured Bulger, and at age 39 showed he still can
                get it done.

                Running backs: A-
                There was no stage fright or hesitation for S. Jackson, just hard-nosed

                Receivers: B
                On a day in which Bruce was almost an afterthought, Holt enjoyed his best game
                of the season.

                Offensive line: C
                Run blocking was strong, but Rams couldn't exploit ***** secondary because of
                pass-blocking woes.

                Defensive line: A
                In perhaps its best effort of the year, unit accounted for all 4 sacks and was
                stout vs. the run.

                Linebackers: B+
                Exactly what got into Polley on Sunday? He was all over the field. How about
                Thomas' hit on Barlow?

                Secondary: A-
                Butler is turning into a playmaker; Edwards seems to have stabilized things at

                Special teams: B+
                Two 52-yard FGs by Wilkins; 2 punts inside the 20 by Stemke; good kick

                Coaching: B
                Some interesting adjustments were made on defense, including paying close
                attention to Johnson at TE.
                -12-06-2004, 12:13 AM
              • Nick
                Game 16: Rams Report Card - PD
                by Nick
                Game 16: Rams Report Card
                Post-Dispatch Sports Staff
                Monday, Jan. 03 2005

                Quarterback: A
                In a crucial game, Marc Bulger delivered one of the more prolific passing days
                in franchise history.

                Running backs: C-
                As each week goes by, it's looking more and more like Steven Jackson's

                Receivers: A-
                They absorbed some shots but kept producing. The only blemish was Isaac Bruce's
                lost fumble.

                Offensive line: C+
                Blaine Saipaia struggled against Shaun Ellis (3 sacks), but those were the only
                sacks allowed.

                Defensive line: B-
                They frequently got caught in the running game, but it's hard to argue with 6

                Linebackers: C
                No big blunders, but not much to get excited about either. Decent job in

                Secondary: B
                Adam Archuleta dropped a potential interception that would have ended the game
                in regulation; The unit didn't allow a completion longer than 17 yards.

                Special teams: D
                Kickoff coverage was absolutely pathetic. The work of Jeff Wilkins, Kevin
                Stemke and Avion Cason avoids "F."

                Coaching: A
                Mike Martz weathered a storm of controversy and brush fires to earn his fourth
                playoff berth in five years as head coach.
                -01-02-2005, 10:21 PM
              • RamWraith
                Wild Card Game: Rams Report Card
                by RamWraith
                Sunday, Jan. 09 2005

                Quarterback: B+
                When they needed him most, Bulger came through with his 10th career comeback

                Running backs: B-
                Torch passed? What torched passed? M. Faulk was the main man in the backfield

                Receivers: A
                With Bruce nursing a hip injury, Holt and Curtis came through with 100-yard
                games; Cleeland caught game-winner.

                Offensive line: B
                There were some rough spots, but a gutsy effort overall. Nutten played on one
                leg. Saipaia held his own.

                Defensive line: A
                No T. Jackson (ankle) and limited work from the injured Little (groin); but a
                superb job on Alexander.

                Linebackers: B-
                Had a lot of trouble covering TE Mili; but unit was excellent filling holes in
                run support.

                Secondary: C+
                Groce had a couple of rough moments; unit overall had some trouble defending
                the slant.

                Special teams: B+
                How about that kickoff coverage? T. Faulk was on his game and the return of
                Furrey helped.

                Coaching: B+
                Martz went deep early to loosen Seattle defense, but kept mixing in the run
                throughout the game
                -01-09-2005, 05:08 AM
              • Nick
                How the Rams won / The Report Card
                by Nick
                The Comeback: How the Rams won
                Monday, Oct. 11 2004

                The Rams rallied to force overtime and steal the victory by scoring on four
                successive possessions. Here's how they did it:

                DRIVE 1
                (trailing 27-10, 8:42 remaining)

                Key plays: Marc Bulger connected on two third downs, hitting Isaac
                Bruce on third and 13 and Shaun McDonald on third and 8.
                Drive stats: 8 plays, 66 yards, 3:08.
                Touchdown: Brandon Manumaleuna, 8-yard pass from Bulger.
                Seattle response: three plays, punt.

                DRIVE 2
                (trailing 27-17, 3:37 remaining)

                Drive stats: 1 play, 41 yards, 0:07.
                Touchdown: Kevin Curtis 41-yard pass from Bulger.
                Seattle response: four plays, punt.

                DRIVE 3
                (trailing 27-24, 1:14 remaining)

                Key play: Bulger hits Bruce for 27 yards on second and 10 from Rams
                36, then completes 16-yard pass to Dane Looker on third and 7 from Seahawks 34.
                Drive stats: 6 plays, 46 yards, 1:06.
                Field goal: Jeff Wilkins from 36 yards.
                Seattle response: knelt down to send game to overtime

                DRIVE 4
                (27-27 tie, Rams win flip and get the ball in overtime)

                Key play: Bulger connects with Torry Holt for 13 yards on third and
                6 from the Rams 33.
                Drive stats: 6 plays, 71 yards, 3:02.
                Touchdown: McDonald 52-yard pass from Bulger.


                Rams-Seahawks Report Card

                Sunday, Oct. 10 2004

                Quarterback: B
                Chalk one up to persistence. After his third interception, Bulger was 10 for 15
                for 202 yards with 3 TDs.

                Running backs: B-
                Jackson's 48-yard ramble set up Rams' 1st TD; Faulk's numbers weren't glossy
                but kept Seattle honest.

                Receivers: A
                Bruce and Holt earned every yard; but it was McDonald, Curtis, Manumaleuna and
                Looker who made the difference.

                Offensive line: B
                Stayed with it against aggressive Seattle defense and found a way to slow pass
                rush down the stretch.

                Defensive line: C
                Couldn't slow Shaun Alexander and the run; got to Hasselbeck only once although
                it was a big sack.

                Linebackers: C-
                Run support wasn't always there; only so-so in coverage against Seahawks TEs
                and RBs.

                Secondary: C-
                Coady struggled in coverage on 2 Seattle TDs; corners did decent job on Jackson
                and Robinson.

                Special teams: B+
                A clutch FG by Wilkins, steady punting by Landeta, good coverage units, and a
                clutch punt return by McDonald.

                Coaching: A
                Give Martz credit for not panicking despite deficit, and Marmie credit for
                -10-10-2004, 11:18 PM
              • AvengerRam_old
                Bye Week Key Players' Report Card
                by AvengerRam_old
                Here are my grades after 7 games:

                Marc Bulger: B.
                Has played steady football and kept big mistakes to a minimum, but can do better.

                Marshall Faulk: B-
                Dropped balls and inconsistent production lowers grade.

                Steven Jackson: B+
                Off to a good start. Needs to get more touches.

                Joey Goodspeed: B+
                Has settled into role of staring FB.

                Isaac Bruce: A
                Most consistent offensive weapon.

                Torry Holt: B
                Has disappeared at times as he faces more double teams.

                Shaun McDonald: B+
                Becoming more of a threat.

                Kevin Curtis: B
                Needs to be more constistent as he begins to show potential.

                Dane Looker: C-
                Big drop-off from reliable 3rd down receiver of last year.

                Brandon Manumaleuna: C
                Apart from big catch at Seattle, a non-factor in offense.

                Orlando Pace: B
                Have to hold him to a high standard. He's been solid, not spectacular.

                Adam Timmerman: B+
                Aging vet still has it.

                Andy McCollum: B+
                Better than Wohlabaugh was last year.

                Chris Dishman: C+
                Showed some promise before injury.

                Scott Tercero: C
                Better suited at G than at T.

                Grant Williams: D
                He's not a long term solution at RT.

                Leonard Little: C+
                Disappointing start for defensive playmaker.

                Damione Lewis: B+
                Finally showing some steady play as a starter.

                Ryan Pickett: B+
                Underrated but solid at the nose tackle spot.

                Bryce Fisher: B+
                Has done a good job replacing Grant Wistrom.

                Anthony Hargrove: B
                Rookie starting to emerge.

                Pisa Tinoisamoa: A
                Best defender thus far.

                Robert Thomas: C-
                Inability to stay healthy a concern.

                Tommy Polley: B-
                Some flashes after being benched but needs more consistency.

                Brandon Chillar: B-
                Has played okay as rookie. Hopefully has an upside.

                Trev Faulk: A-
                Grade raised by stellar special teams play.

                Travis Fisher: Incomplete
                Hopefully will make an impact now that he's returned from injury.

                Jeremetrius Butler: C
                Adequate, at best.

                DeJuan Groce: C-
                Not quite adequate.

                Adam Archuleta: B-
                Sometimes I think he should just bulk up and play LB.

                Aeneas Williams: C+
                Eventually, Father Time catches up with everyone.

                Rich Coady: C
                Coverage skills are lacking.

                Jeff Wilkins: A-
                Not perfect, but still "Money."

                Sean Landeta: B
                Solid enough.

                Mike Martz: B
                Still marching to the beat of his own drum.
                -10-26-2004, 11:28 AM