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If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

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  • If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

    So I'm watching Sportscenter this morning before work...Salisbury and Tom Jackson are giving a review of Sunday's matchups and close by giving their "biggest disappointment of the week". Jackson picks the niners, because, well they have lost so much talent. Then Salisbury says his biggest disappointment is the Rams. He said, basically, that Martz sucks, Bulger sucks, the D sucks. Then says the Cardinals handed the win to them and the Rams won't win another game. Why does this meathead have such a vendetta against the Rams. I'll never understand it. I mean is Berman telling him what to say or is Salisbury really that stupid. 15 different teams come up with an "L" on Sunday, and he thinks we are the biggest disappointment in the NFL. Un-friggin-believable.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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    Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

    Originally posted by HUbison
    So I'm watching Sportscenter this morning before work....
    That was your first mistake.


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      Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

      Let's see...

      Big disappointments...

      How about the Colts, who blew an opportunity to knock of the Super Bowl Champs at home and avenge their loss in the AFC Championship Game by turning the ball over three times in the red zone and allowing a sack that prevented them from lining up for a chip shot tying FG at the end of the game?

      How about the Cowboys, who saw their vaunted defense shredded by the Vikings?

      How about the Ravens, who couldn't muster any offense against the Browns?

      How about the Texans, who went from sleeper team to embarrassment with a loss to the lowly Chargers?

      The Rams won their game, Sean. Go and sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here.


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        Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

        Yeah, Sailsbury is a schmuck and Sportscenter is getting very tired and old, they try too hard and toot their own horn. I usually watch an FSN/Empire Sports sports show in the AM.


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          Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

          Handed the win to us? Come on Sean! We doubled their yardage. If anybody was handing anything it would've been the opposite. Clearly this guys football knowledge seems to be on par with his playing skill.

          Where's Jonny Clayton when you need him.


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            Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

            Great EX NFL QB's think they have a right to be critical of other QB's(Terry Bradshaw for example),but Salisbury wasnt even a mediocre QB in my book,so the dude ought to keep his mouth shut.Bulger has already accomplished far more in his short career than Salisbury ever did.


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              Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

              Originally posted by Aries51
              Great EX NFL QB's think they have a right to be critical of other QB's(Terry Bradshaw for example),but Salisbury wasnt even a mediocre QB in my book,so the dude ought to keep his mouth shut.Bulger has already accomplished far more in his short career than Salisbury ever did.
              Oh I Totally agree with this quote...Bulger has done more ,but like the team they played on sunday ,Salisbury and the cards are alot alike. Worthless!!! The Rams should have scored 40 more points ,but this offense with the scarecrow at the helm really scares me!! That would be Marc. :tongue:


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                Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                It’s funny; we won the division last year. We have the best record over the last five years tied with the Titans. But ESPN just wants to put us in the grave. It’s all good, sometimes it better to have them hating us then praising us.

                I heard the same thing, bad use of time outs, no “D”, Marshal done. But the new one is, Marc is not as good as he was last year and Martz has no confidence in him. What ever let them all say what they want. If you listen real close when these guys call a game they go back and forth on every play, one minute they QB stink and the next he is all world.


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                  Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                  It is quite the DEBACKLE (spelling) :king:


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                    Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                    How can your biggest disappointment of the week be a team that won their game?

                    Let's talk about the Ravens, who many seemed to think were a shoe-in as the best team in the AFC North, but took it from behind from the Browns and couldn't score a touchdown.

                    Let's talk about the Colts, who once again choked a game away against the Patriots because of their own turnover problems (turnovers that resulted in a LOSS, Salisbury).

                    Let's talk about Miami, whose offense performed as expected, although I thought Feeley and Fiedler would play slightly better, but whose defense completely collapsed against Tennessee's run.

                    But we're supposed to believe the Rams were the biggest disappointment? Please. :bored:


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                      Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                      At least we got one Marshall, Marshall, Marshall out of berman on primetime. By the way, i love the nickname that george brett gave him- Chris "ethel merman" berman.

                      general counsel


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                        Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                        I should have known that Bradshaw was drinking from the same trough as Salisbury. From, when Louisiana's golden boy was asked about his surprises and disappointments for the week, guess who HE listed as a disappointment...
                        Originally posted by Terry Bradshaw
                        The Rams playing like they did at home. Heck, they were lucky to beat Arizona. And Rams quarterback Marc Bulger doesn't seem to have learned anything from last season. He's still not protecting the ball very well. I expect that he eventually will, but I'm growing a little impatient and I'm sure Coach Mike Martz is, too. When will he learn?
                        What were his other disappointments you ask? The Colts (who lost), the Ravens (who lost), & the Saints (who lost). Unbelievable.

                        And as far as protecting the ball, how is Bulger responsible for SJ & DL loosing grip? And Bulger threw 1 interception, but last year he averaged 1.5 per game, ironically enough, that's improvement. Last season we averaged 3.5 mishandled plays (Int + Fumble) per game. Sunday we had 3. Down tell me the sky is falling when we finished 12-4 averaging half a lost ball more per game last season.
                        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                          Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                          :ramlogo: Aw Cmon guys.....aren't these guys paid to be controversial...if that is the case then Sean S. is earning his check. Bradshaw is probably still pissed at Martz for snubbing him last year, so I wouldn't expect the Rams to get much praise from him.

                          Apparently "being controversial" sells better than making accurate statements, so if one wants to be "entertained" tune in to Sean or Terry and the boys, or Chris Berman. After all--they can be amusing....

                          GO RAMMS!!!!!!!!!!


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                            Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                            That's funny. Salisburysteak lives out here in SD, and I sort of crossed paths with him a few months back. I just happened to be wearing a RAMS T, and he made the comment "So your a RAMS fan huh." I just gave him a dirty look, said "Dam Right" and walked away. Living in SoCal most of my life I've gotten used to taking crap for being a Ram fan, but I have no respect for so called experts who have a chip on there shoulder ,for whatever reason, against a team. Maybe he's pissed that the Rams never showed interest in him. And I don't blame the team for not wanting a crappy QB.
                            JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                            "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                            Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                              Re: If stupid could fly, Sean Salisbury's head would be an airport

                              its ok let them bag on our team let them pull nonsence out of there hat....we did win and we should have won by a much larger number...i do agree with terry bradshaw only because he knows as well as we do what our teams potential is. as far as we goin im predicting now 13-3 though i suspect it could be even better..most of the teams on our schedule that were touted as being tough were shown to be not as daunting as we once thought..tampa..not that dominating anymore..packers...yeah right.....dolphins? um fishbait...... the only strong team that ive seen so far is the sea squaks....and we should spilt our games with them
                              we can whip the **** and trounce the cardinals last game...the jets not a great team and beatable...carolina...maybe they fight tough maybe like not convinced last year was nothing but a fluke.....the story will be turnovers...we dont give any up and were unbeatable..but should we start haveing happy hands its going t :king: o be a long season


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                                Page 2
                                Visit ESPN to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball and more.

                                After five weeks of the 2006 NFL season, we've only learned 10 things:

                                1. If you're a QB, and you blow out a knee or smack your body up in a motorcycle accident, definitely take your time coming back. No rush. Seriously.

                                2. The Bears have a chance to be historically good.

                                3. The Raiders have a chance to be historically bad.

                                4. Drew Bledsoe has added a degree of difficulty for blowing big games. In the old days, he'd just throw a back-breaking interception at the worst possible time. But since everyone knows that's coming now, he added a fascinating wrinkle: An improbable play to throw us off and make us forget he's about to blow the game (like last week's fourth-and-18 bomb to Glenn), followed by the back-breaking interception that becomes doubly back-breaking because of the preceding events.

                                WEEK 5 REDUX
                                Last week's picks found me on the wrong side of three killer gambling moments:

                                1. With the Pats giving 10 and headed for a push, Maroney gets a game-clinching first down inside Miami's 20, only nobody tackles him, so he keeps going and it looks like he's going to score ... NO! He gets pushed out at the 4-yard line. That's followed by three Brady kneels.

                                2. The Browns are getting 8.5 points and trailing by 11. Fourth down, 15 seconds left. Instead of taking one more crack at the end zone, Romeo Crennel sends out the FG team for the cover. This actually happened.

                                3. The killer of killers: Getting 6.5 points, the Lions are trailing by two at midfield and it's fourth-and-10 with less than 90 seconds to play. Kitna scrambles, two guys pull him down ... and as he's falling, he flips it right to a Vikings lineman, who scrambles untouched for a clinching TD and the cover. I hate gambling.

                                5. You're not winning a Super Bowl with Brett Favre or Steve McNair. They're both washed up. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's true.

                                6. San Diego has the most talent in the AFC. Unfortunately, the Chargers also have an uptight coach who runs his team about as loosely as Ted Knight handled his daughters in "Too Close For Comfort."

                                (Note: Sadly, that show was canceled 21 years ago, making the reference Bermanian for everyone younger than 30. Normally I avoid doing this, but I have two defenses: First, it's the perfect comparison. You really had to see the show. And second, Ted Knight was a comedic genius. So I'm standing by the reference. Now if I only had a clip of me and Glenn Frey standing outside the Hotel California. Back to the column.)

                                7. If you're getting points with the Lions on the road and covering in the final minute, and the Lions have the ball, and they're driving, and the only way you could ever lose is if Jon Kitna fumbles a touchdown, throws an interception...
                                -10-13-2006, 11:26 AM
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                                Goals for Rams: Get to high side of .500, build momentum
                                by RamWraith
                                BY JEFF GORDON
                                STLTODAY.COM SPORTS COLUMNIST
                                Monday, Nov. 14 2005

                                The reinvigorated Rams played good enough to beat a lot of teams Sunday -– but
                                not the Seahawks, not in Seattle.

                                So where does this leave Team Vitt? Needing to win six of their last seven
                                games to outrun the massive pack of NFC wild-card contenders and reach
                                postseason play.

                                There is a chance the conference will beat it self up so thoroughly that a 9-7
                                team could earn a wild-card berth this season. That possibility was illustrated
                                Sunday, when the Vikings beat the Giants and the Packers handled the Falcons.

                                How many of you bet the NFC North teams to win those games?

                                Mix in the contender-on-contender action -– like NFC South hopeful Tampa Bay
                                edging NFC contender Washington on Sunday -– and you can see how the playoff
                                race could bog down.

                                Bur the Rams are 4-5. At this point, they must focus on the good things that
                                happened Sunday and build the mindset of a winner.

                                The Rams are a different team with Marc Bulger throwing to Torry Holt. Steven
                                Jackson is still a powerful weapon that balances the offense.

                                Wasn’t it nice to see Marshall Faulk finally used as a serious receiving
                                threat? He can still do some damage when he gets the ball in space.

                                We liked the use of the tight ends, too, right up to the point when Brandon
                                Manumaleuna fumbled the ball away.

                                So there is a lot there, despite the losing record. The defense still has
                                issues, but it should be good enough to earn a few key stops and force a
                                takeaway or two during the course of the game. From here on out, the defense
                                has to be just sturdy enough to allow the offense to win games.

                                Here is how the rest of the season plays out:

                                Arizona at home. The Cardinals are a mess. Old friend Kurt Warner threw the
                                ball around pretty good against the Lions on Sunday, but the Gridbirds
                                struggled to finish off their drives while the game was on the line. This team
                                doesn’t run the ball very well, either. So the Rams should bank this victory
                                and move back to .500.

                                At Houston. The Texans are truly dreadful. They cannot run or pass the ball
                                very well. The Dom Capers Death March is well underway. Fans in South Texas are
                                talking about which USC superstar to draft and which offensive genius to hire
                                as the next coach. The Rams should win this game and move over .500 at 6-5.

                                Washington at home. This will be a tough game. Coach Joe Gibbs got himself in
                                tune with today’s NFL. The Redskins are in the playoff hunt and quarterback
                                Mark Brunell is making some plays. But he will also make the big mistake when
                                pressured. If the Rams have all their weapons,...
                                -11-14-2005, 04:21 PM
                              • eldfan
                                Rams have a high mountain to climb in the rebuilding process
                                by eldfan
                                Rams have a high mountain to climb in the rebuilding process

                                Sports Columnist Bryan Burwell
                                [More columns]Bryan Burwell
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                A week ago down in the sun-splashed isolation of Jacksonville — where apparently NFL franchises go to suffer in wretched exile before half-empty stadiums and a dispirited fan base — the winless Rams stood on their tippy-toes like a baby brother trying to inch his way up a kitchen-door growth chart.

                                Last weekend, the Rams thought that at long last they were starting to measure up. They stiffened their backs, stretched their necks, then glanced over their shoulders and convinced themselves that after 16 consecutive losses, they were finally poking their heads even with the rest of the NFL. For one oh-so-brief moment, the Rams actually flirted with victory and dared to believe that prosperity — and the end of one year of uninterrupted losing — was near.

                                That overtime loss in the Florida sun had them fooled — and some of us too — into believing that this was real progress.

                                Of course, now we know that wasn't progress.

                                That was just the Jaguars.

                                What we need to remember — and what the undefeated Indianapolis Colts reminded us of quite emphatically on Sunday in the Edward Jones Dome — is what the real standard of measure should be as the Rams continue on their path to reconstruction.

                                The goal can't be about just creeping up from the bottom of the NFL barrel. It has to be about leaping out of the gutter, rising above the mediocre masses and returning to prominence. And this 42-6 beatdown by the Colts was just the sort of shock-and-awe reminder of just how far the Rams have to go to accomplish that.

                                And let me be the first one to get the buildup started for next Sunday's Debacle in Detroit between your hopeless 0-7 Rams and the pathetic 1-5 Lions. One simple victory won't heal the deep and ugly scab that develops over the course of a losing streak that hit a staggering 17 games on Sunday afternoon.

                                Ask the folks in Motown how long their uplifted spirits lasted when the sad-sack Lions ended their 19-game losing streak with a victory over Washington four weeks ago. I believe it lasted all of six days before the Lions started on another losing streak.

                                This is not about short-term pleasure. It has to be about climbing all the way back up the pro football summit, where the Rams used to dwell and these powerful Colts seem to be holding permanent residence. Who cares how close the Rams are to bad teams like Jacksonville or Washington, or even ordinary ones like Seattle and San Francisco. Who cares if at the end of this season all they have to show for their efforts is one measly victory against a miserable team like Detroit or Tennessee? MORE BURWELL
                                E-mail Bryan Burwell
                                More Burwell columns
                                Sound off...
                                -10-26-2009, 05:01 AM
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                                Some funny stuff if you're in the mood to read....
                                by Yodude
                                By Bill Simmons
                                Page 2

                                Could this be the greatest Sunday of championship games ever? Check out these 10 subplots, in no particular order:

                                1. Two proud franchises hosting home games in cities where football means a little too much. Not that it's a bad thing. But it's true.

                                2. There's also some serious baggage potential here. In Pittsburgh, the Steelers are hosting their fifth championship game in 12 years ... with mostly tragic results. In Philly, if the Eagles blow their fourth straight NFC championship, not only will the city suffer its biggest psychological blow since Clubber Lang won the heavyweight title, but these 2002-05 Eagles would take their place alongside the '60s Lakers, '90s Bills, '70s Vikings, '90s Blazers, '70s Royals and every other memorable team that couldn't get over the hump.

                                3. The Patriots need two more victories to clinch "Official Dynasty" status.

                                4. The Falcons haven't made the Super Bowl since the "Dirty Bird" season; and looking back, I'm not even sure that actually happened. All I remember is Eugene Robinson getting caught with a hooker. Does anyone remember the actual game that year? Plus, between the always-intense Jim "Don't Call Me Junior" Mora and that lunatic special teams coach they have, there's a decent chance that somebody's head could explode on the Atlanta sidelines this weekend.

                                5. A classic collection of coaches: Andy Reid looks like the star of a CBS sitcom where the portly guy is married to an improbably hot chick; Mora looks like one of those clean-cut porn stars who isn't quite reliable enough to get his own one-on-one scene; Bill Belichick dresses like the lead singer of an '80s cover band; and Bill Cowher looks so much like Sergeant Slaughter, you keep waiting for the Iron Sheik to attack him. Just a fantastic group. If only we could get Bill Parcells' body involved somehow.

                                6. Have I mentioned that there's a 16-1 team getting three points at home this weekend?

                                7. All four starting QBs could end up in the Hall of Fame some day: Brady, McNabb, Roethlisberger and Vick. I'm not saying it will happen. Just that it's possible. There isn't a Stan Humphries or Bubby Brister in the mix.

                                8. The rematch everyone's been waiting for: Dan Marino vs. Boomer Esiason. Greg Gumbel should come on the air this weekend holding a taser.

                                9. The Michael Vick Era always carries the 30-percent chance that something special could happen, like Vick slapping together three straight Pantheon-level performances and carrying the Falcons to a title. Now we're one-third of the way there. And he's edging dangerously close to Favre/Sanders Memorial "Don't bet against me under any circumstances" status.

                                10. The Patriots-Steelers game...
                                -01-21-2005, 05:53 PM
                              • laram0
                                Not ONE word about our RAMS!!!!
                                by laram0
                                While driving into work this morning and listening to the morning NFL talk show on Satellite radio hosted by Bob Papa (Giants fan) and Randy "former whiner" Cross (Patriots fan). I was blown away by the lack of attention our RAMS get.

                                They opened the show by congratulating the Phillies on their World Series win.
                                Then Bob Papa brings up the very interesting matchups on the schedule for this week.

                                Of course Randy Cross brings up the Patriots @ Colts game and how he wishes he was covering that game but instead he will be in Minnesota for the Texans @ Vikings game. They then talk about the Steelers @ Redskins and how that could be like a throw back game. Oh, and how about the Cowboys @ Giants. Will Brad Johnson make it through the whole game or will the Cowboys bring in Brooks Bolinger if Johnson is struggling. Papa says, by the way Brad Johnson has a 5-1 record against the Giants and most of those wins have come at the Meadowlands. Papa also throws in that he is very curious to see which Jets team is going to show up in Buffalo. If it's the Jets team from last week they're going to get blown out.

                                So, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for their imput on the Cardinals @ RAMS game.

                                NOT, They go on a rant about the Ravens @ Browns!!! Then they start talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars and how they could make some noise based on the fact that they have the Bengals and Lions on their schedule in the next 2 weeks.

                                So, I'm waiting and waiting and starting to get aggrevated!!!

                                Packers @ Titans....Randy goes on this long talk about how the Packers have a real good shot at winning this game.

                                ??? Uh...RAMS fellas...

                                NOT, Dolphins @ Broncos and how this should be a high scoring game and knowing that the Broncos have homefield advantage they should be able to pull this one out.

                                That's it! Not ONE word about our upcoming game against the Cardinals!!

                                Talk about a total lack of respect. This is a big game for both teams moreso for our RAMS but still this has NFC WEST TITLE implications on the line. When is the last time the RAMS and Cardinals played a meaningful game against each other. There's no story here? Kurt Warner coming back to the Dome to play his former team. A team he won the SUPERBOWL with! Jim Haslett's ability to turn our team around? How about this kid Avery on the RAMS? The former St. Louis Cardinals playing a meaningful game is news in its self.


                                I must admit I'm very disappointed.

                                Forget about flying under the's time we get some attention.
                                -10-30-2008, 06:40 AM