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Let's show the world how loyal Rams fans are!

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  • Let's show the world how loyal Rams fans are!

    Hey fellow Clan Members! Lets all get into this because it's for a good cause. Just click on the link below and then click on the Rams helmet you see. It will automatically donate a can of Chunky's soup on behalf of the St. Louis Rams to the hungry. You don't have to physically donate anything, only your visit to the web site is needed. The Rams will do everything else for you. Let's help fight hunger and also support the Rams in this fight. The Rams aren't even in the top 5 teams right now making the donations so come on and lets donate and show the world that Rams fans are in first place. Even if the Rams aren't your favorite team just click on the helmet of your favorite team and donate on their behalf. GO RAMS!

    The NFl & Chunky's Soup Fight for Hunger