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Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

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  • Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

    Rams | Curtis Expected to Return - from
    Mon, 13 Sep 2004 17:18:23 -0700

    St. Louis Rams WR Kevin Curtis (shin splints) is expected to play in Week 2 after sitting out the team's Week 1 game with shin splints.

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    Re: Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

    I'm not sure what to make of this shin splints thing. It seems like Curtis is having a hard time battling this. Hopefully it's not something that is going to come back and haunt him, because I think he (and McDonald together) really add a lot to the offensive side of the ball.


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      Re: Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

      I hear you nick, but who do you want to sit, ie how is he going to get playing time. Looker appears locked in at #3 , leaving mcdonald and curtis to share time at #4, and that doesnt even count furrey. Man are we deep at the receiver spot..And can you imagine that people on this board were clamoring for raushan woods, who may be very, very good, but would have been pure excess to us.

      ramming speed to all

      sign the big man

      general counsel


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        Re: Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

        If Looker don't start hanging on to the ball he might not be playng much longer.


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          Re: Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

          Exactly what I was going to say, Wraith. Looker seems to have a problem protecting the ball. He showed it in the preseason I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and he showed it yesterday. I've no question about his skills as a possession receiver, but I think if he continues to have problems holding onto the rock, then McDonald will probably make a push for the slot receiver position and Looker will be the one splitting time with Curits.


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            Re: Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

            Well, just like Charles Rodgers, questions are starting to emerge about Curtis' durability. The only comfort I take from the platooning at back-up WR is that the Rams tried the WR screen with McDonald finally. Hakim's YAC on this play is what propelled the Rams passing game in large part. Maybe after all these years of inadequate 3rd WR, McDonald is ready to make a play this year. Looker may be 3 on the depth chart but he is Proehl's replacement, not Hakim's.

            Time to move McDonald up to 3 and while they are at it move him to KR also.


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              Re: Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

              I watched McDonald TORCH Trufant in college. The kid has potential.


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                Re: Did you know Curtis didn't play because...

                Shin splints are caused when a person runs too much in a short period of time...He obviously came back to full speed a bit to quickly(So did Turley). It's painful, but nothing like a cronic injury...I had them in college and they went away after about a month


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                • RamWraith
                  Curtis Emerging Quickly
                  by RamWraith
                  Tuesday, November 15, 2005

                  By Nick Wagoner
                  Senior Writer

                  It wasn't Jose Fuentes' fault that he didn't know who Kevin Curtis was when Curtis' sister mentioned to the Utah State quarterback that her brother was his teammate.

                  Sure, it might be out of the ordinary for a quarterback to be unfamiliar with a teammate, particularly a teammate playing a position (wide receiver) that requires a good rapport with the quarterback.

                  But Fuentes' familiarity or lack thereof with Curtis wasn't much different than what Curtis has grown accustomed to for most of his life. The list of those who couldn't pick Curtis out of a lineup is probably long enough to stretch from South Jordan, Utah to, say, London.

                  By now, Curtis is used to the lack of recognition and he is fine with that. After all, he never gave much thought to one day playing in the NFL so his status as the Rams' third receiver is fine by him.

                  "I think when you play that walk-on kind of underdog role you probably do catch people off guard," Curtis said. "They might not be expecting much from you. It's not like I am trying to go out there to prove anything to anyone, but it's a matter of playing football and being a competitor. I just want to be a competitor and win. That's what I love most about playing the game."

                  Of course, Curtis' ability to fly under the radar is rapidly disappearing. Now in his third season in St. Louis, Curtis has embraced a larger role because of a toe injury to Isaac Bruce.

                  At nearly every stage of his life, Curtis has found a way to eventually earn his due recognition and this year is no different for the Rams' breakout star.

                  Splitting Wide

                  Curtis' football playing days started like any normal kid's would. His mother wouldn't let him play until he was mature enough to take the physical punishment that goes with playing the game.

                  It didn't take long for Curtis' Pop Warner coach to see what the undersized Curtis' biggest gift was. Curtis played quarterback in his youth football days, but not in the traditional sense of the position.

                  Essentially Curtis was a running back playing quarterback. He would take the snap, look for a hole and run as fast as he could until he got into the end zone. Curtis enjoyed that position well enough, but his speed would clearly be better utilized at Bingham High in a different capacity.

                  Curtis moved to receiver when he entered high school, but he made what little reputation he had as a defensive back, playing cornerback and free safety. Curtis estimated that he probably caught about 10 passes in his entire high school career, so the thought of moving on to college was not going to be easy.

                  Although Curtis had displayed some talent defensively and had speed to burn, he didn't draw much attention. It seemed to Curtis that...
                  -11-16-2005, 05:35 AM
                • RamDez
                  Curtis shows he's ready to contribute
                  by RamDez
                  Curtis shows he's ready to contribute
                  By Jim Thomas
                  Of the Post-Dispatch

                  MACOMB, Ill. - Guess who was the last player to finish signing autographs at Hanson Field following Saturday's Rams-Bears scrimmage?

                  Marc Bulger? Isaac Bruce? Aeneas Williams? Torry Holt?

                  Not even close. Would you believe it was Kevin Curtis?

                  That's what he gets for scoring a highlight-reel touchdown on a 35-yard run and catch from rookie quarterback Jeff Smoker.

                  "My arm's a little sore," Curtis joked Saturday, finally making his way to the Brophy Hall locker room area nearly half an hour after the scrimmage.

                  Curtis may have writer's cramp, but at least his right leg's not nearly as sore as it was last season. Curtis finally appears to have put his broken fibula behind him.

                  "This is big for me," Curtis said. "I missed a lot of camp last year before I broke my leg, so it's good to get out there and get a lot of reps."

                  Curtis, a third-round draft pick from Utah State in 2003, missed a couple of weeks early in training camp a year ago with a quadriceps muscle injury. He was just rounding into form, and flashing his defense-stretching speed, when he suffered the broken leg in a preseason game at Buffalo. Curtis had caught a 66-yard touchdown pass earlier in that game.

                  After the injury in Buffalo, Curtis thought he'd be sidelined four to five weeks. But the bone never seemed to heal properly, making Curtis' rookie season a wash. He appeared in only four games - all around midseason - and caught four passes for 13 yards.

                  "It definitely dragged on a lot longer than I'd hoped for," Curtis said.

                  The broken bone never re-connected, Curtis said. "I don't know if it was because I was on it too early, or if it was how I broke it. But I was playing on it all year, practicing and that.

                  "We tried to let it just rest, see if it could heal up on its own. But it'd been so long, that they felt like they needed to put a plate in there just to keep it stable so the bones could heal."

                  As a result, Curtis had a second operation last February - nearly six months after the initial injury and surgery. A permanent plate was inserted in the leg, with six screws to keep it in place.

                  "The bone is pretty much completely healed," Curtis said. "That's not going to give me any problem."

                  He may have some additional discomfort related to scar tissue for the next several months, but the worst is behind him.

                  "I'm feeling pretty good," Curtis said. "With two-a-days, we kind of got the camp legs going. We're running a lot. So yeah, it's a little sore. But nothing that's really slowed me down too much."

                  Curtis certainly didn't look slow on
                  -08-09-2004, 03:07 PM
                • MauiRam
                  Kevin Curtis??
                  by MauiRam
                  "When Kevin (Curtis) went down, you’re just trying to . . . you’ve got to change gears and score anyway you can, do the best you can. That’s kind of where we were with it.” (Quote from Martz)

                  Does anyone know the extent of Kevin's injury??

                  -10-04-2005, 11:09 AM
                • RamDez
                  Curtis Curtis Curtis
                  by RamDez
                  Swish .............................
                  -10-24-2004, 09:49 AM
                • raleigh_ram
                  Kevin Curtis Questions
                  by raleigh_ram
                  Has there been any news on Curtis? Are any teams interested? Also, has Curtis ever been used as a return man? He's pretty fast is he in the 40?
                  -04-08-2006, 10:22 AM