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    Not sure if anybody's seent this, but apparently Jamie Martin has passed the Mike Martz test and has moved to #2.

    Let's hope he's been gettin' the reps in practice, just in case.

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    Almost forgot about all that. A sore thumb wasn't enough to make me worry about it, I guess.


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      Yeah, just in case.

      Funny how I sometimes "daydream" about our backup QBs Martin / Bulger going onto the field in the 4th qrtr ...only because Warner has had way too much fun and success scoring TDs to three, four -- no, wait, five different receivers -- that coach Martz, with Rams D holding opponents to drastically low scoring, deems it necessary to rest the main man.

      Seven TDs in one game by No. 13. Real fantasy NFL. :rolleyes:

      :mad: And now for the down-to-earth stuff: GO RAMS!!! ;)


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        That IS funny.


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          Good fan, good man...


          Along the same line as you commented to Guitarboy51 yesterday, you too are a good fan, a good man --even as a Dolphin! :cool:

          Quick question: was Armstrong, the terrific DT [DE?] for Miami, traded this season? I lost track of this player but I remember that for a few years he was [is] a great defensive standout. Still, your D is as effective as it is respectable. And by the way, who is /are the QB backup(s) for Miami? Fiedler, he came out of U of Oregon, right? We live here in the Portland area.

          I really look forward to this Sunday's game -- more in fact, than last week's game against Frisco. Again, great anticipation, great expectation.

          Yeaaahh! GO RAMS!!! :mad: