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  • Congratulations!

    It was a good game against the *****. I have just one question though. Do the Rams plan on making every game they play the Game of the Week? This Miami game will be a good one. A top notch offense against a top notch defense. I think the game will depend on the Rams defense holding the Dolphins offense.

    There is one thing to remember. If there is one team that can capitalize on another team's's the Dolphins. The Rams are going to have to try to cut back on penalties in this one. Don't help Fielder move the chains with yellow flags. He's showing he's willing to do that himself, without help.

    Good luck in the game. may the best team win.

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    Good luck in the game. may the best team win.
    Don't worry, we will.

    I do agree though. It's not gonna depend on one side of the ball, the Rams GOT to play good on both sides, lower penalties and hold on to the ball.

    I have confidence that they can do all this, but i am still a little edgy regarding the offense and them finally getting their timing down. it's looking like more teams are forcing them into the short gain plays, but the Rams are handling it just fine. The defense definately needs to step it up, the 'fins O is on par with the eagles and whiners' offenses so they need to concentrate and stay smart. Williams shut down owens and is taking over, but we need the D Line to start rushing the QB more.


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    • txramsfan
      by txramsfan
      How about THAT for a topic. Those of you who have read some of my posts, know that I have been intently focused on the D side of the ball. I LOVED Sunday. The Rams Defense outplayed the so called best D in football. I don't think the Rams D needs to prove anything now. Shut down the Eagles and the Dolphins running game (whiners don't really have one), two of the best running teams in the NFL. You shut down the run (have you seen the Ravens running game lately? pathetic) and make opponents throw, the Rams corners will come back big. Take a look at Bly yesterday, he played great. As did McCleon. I don't mind Williams getting penalties, he is not used to playing on a contender. He will settle down, those penalties will not come in later. Archuleta played the pass like a vet yesterday, saw him a couple times on double teaming the deep receiver, I just about lost my voice on an incomplete pass. lol With Wistrom back providing pash rush, Ahanotu stuffing the run, Polley looking good filling in for Fields, Herring providing stability in the secondary, Jackson being a nice surprise, I just love our D. Talk about the O all we want, we do have the best O ever. I just really love our Defense. Congrats to the D, they get my game ball. Imagine, if we could hold every team to under 20 points a game,.......
      -10-01-2001, 04:19 PM
    • inFINSible
      The Dolphins are coming,feel the fear!
      by inFINSible
      All those stupid penalties and mistakes are going to get your team toasted this week..... Miami's defense is not San Fran, not by a long shot.....If your guys drop passes and commit timely penalties this week, all the talent in the world won't save you. Miami will slam the door shut! So, a little friendly advice, take advantage of ALL the oportunities you get because there won't be many. Oh, and one more thing, get ready to be blitzed. The Zach Attack is coming........
      -09-24-2001, 08:47 AM
    • RamDez
      Locker Room Quotes
      by RamDez
      Locker Room Quotes
      Friday, October 22, 2004

      QB Marc Bulger

      (On playing with WRs Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce)
      “You look around the league and some teams have no one to throw to, I’m blessed because I have two Pro-Bowl guys, plus I have all these young guys coming up, plus I have Marshall (Faulk) in the back field. I’m really fortunate to not only have those guys, but everyone else. (Holt) and Bruce are right there, they are 1a and 1b in my book. I think every quarterback is going to pick their own guys, but I think some guys would like to take (the receivers) from me.”

      (On the Dolphins)
      “Not too many guys in the league buy into records. You play Tampa Bay, and they have lost all of those close games, and our (game) was a close one. Miami has played all close games. Their defense keeps them in a lot of games, so it’ll be our job to score some points.”

      (On the Dolphins defense)
      “I think they are first against the pass and third overall. That group has been together a while, a lot like last week (against Tampa). Those corners are real confident. They’re up front, they have good linebackers, and they are solid all the way around on defense. You enjoy the challenge. It’s nice that we have been able to move the ball against (Tampa and Seattle) helps. San Francisco, someone like that, even though their records aren’t good, they still have good defenses. (Their secondary) has a lot of different looks that look the same. They do it well because they’ve done it for so long. They also get that rush up front, similar to Tampa a couple of years ago, and they bank on the fact that they are going to get to you. They’ve done a good job of making quarterbacks move around a little bit and throw, and those corners stay all over the receivers like a blanket.”

      (On the Rams success in the fourth quarter)
      “There are some adjustments that you make in the second half. I think it just says something about the guys, not me in particular, but guys getting open, guys blocking when we have to make plays. Our character has shown and guys have stepped up and made plays. Everyone seems to dig a little deeper and play extra hard for whatever reason.”

      (On similarities to last season)
      “You would like to start out quick, but that’s not always the way it works out. Sometimes you can get a spark, and maybe Seattle sparked us this year. But we are not looking down the road, by any means. It’s going to be nice to get some guys back after the bye week. I think we know what’s at stake. We want to get to 5-2 and keep our lead in the division.

      K Jeff Chandler

      (On his strengths as a kicker)
      “I like to think that my leg is pretty strong, but I have yet to prove that really. So it would be nice for me to go out there and prove that. I think I’m pretty accurate too. I think I’ve proved that in college and in my short time in the pros so far,...
      -10-23-2004, 02:52 AM
    • Raptor
      Rams @ Hawks..Through My Eyes
      by Raptor
      I gotta tell ya, this game will be exciting, as have pretty much every past meeting between these two teams. Last years games were all out thrillers, both very close, undecided until the very end. This one and probably the next in your house will be the same.

      Looking at last years games, either team could have won or lost both games. In Seattle, had the Rams not been called for defensive holding on that last drive, who knows if the Hawks would have scored to win. In St. Louis, if that ref didn't take Bobby E out on that play, who knows if he wouldn't have scored. I hate it when refs decide the outcome by the way...both games had defining plays defined by the stripes.

      Back to this game...The way I see it.

      The Rams need to change their defense up...allot. Show as many different looks as you can, blitz as much as humanly possible. Holmie doesn't seem to react very well, play-calling wise, when things are happening that he does not expect. A great example of this was the Tampa game. Holmie had to game plan for their defensive speed, but I think the amount of blitzing surprised him. The lack of ability to change the game plan due to what the defense was doing is a cause for concern. Holmie stuck to it, either through an inability to adapt to what was happening or a reluctance to stray from what he "knew" would work. The result was the worst offensive showing in the past three years. Moving around Little like you did last week is a good example something that I feel will cause the offense trouble.

      Offensively, you guys are still very tough. You can never discount your playmakers on any play. While I sometimes question the split-second decisions Bulger makes, he still has the skills and the smarts to hurt any defense. Our D needs to play fast, as fast as they did against the Saints and SF. The D line can't give Bulger any time, they need to harass him all day. They have the ability to do so, but while your O line is not what it was, they are still good enough to make this task difficult. We need Simmons to shadow Faulk in everything he does, we can't let you get anything going on the ground. Another concern is the LB's ability to cover your TE's, this could be pivotal. There will be a give and take in regards to the WR - DB match ups, I think we see big plays by both sides.

      I feel this will be a shoot-out guys, maybe even down to the last team who has the ball winning the game. The Hawk (I'll never call it qwest field) is different place since the last time you were here, but considering how wishy-washy Seattle fans can be, a few big plays to start the game could take the wind right out of them.

      There is allot about this game to be concerned about, but one thing is for will be exciting.

      Just Win Blue.
      Raptor aka Blitzfan
      -10-09-2004, 03:06 PM
    • chiguy
      Most disappointing unit?
      by chiguy
      I've been a Sam supporter since he was drafted, but even I'm starting to have doubts that he can be the QB we want. But if we're talking about team performance, I still don't see how he can be seen as the "problem." This made me think about the following question -- which are the units that are not progressing/playing well, as that is probably where the "problems" are. My shot at listing them is below:

      1. Offensive line. The most experienced group on the roster and one of the most highly paid. But there is no push in the running game and save the first two games, they haven't done much in pass protection either. JLong looked terrible last REALLY terrible.

      2. Linebackers. This was tough for me as WRs and CBs haven't performed up to snuff, but this group isn't getting the job done in the run or pass game. The d-line seems like they're doing what they're supposed to, but the LBs overrun the play and are susceptible to the cut-back. They don't shed tacklers. And, the coverage has been mediocre. JL hasn't looked good until the ***** game; Alex has been a bright spot, though he makes some rookie mistakes.

      3. Running backs. Do we have any, or they victim of play calling and woeful blocking? I'm going with "all of the above."

      4. Coaches. The unwillingness to adjust in game is perplexing. And at point are we going to emphasize 1) not running out of the end zone on kickoffs and 2) proper blocking. Seriously, the refs are not getting it wrong; we are. And why are our corners playing so soft? And so.

      5. Special teams. K/P are fine. I'm sure everyone else is tired of starting drives behind the 10 yard line.

      6. Secondary. Jenkins has been decent and so has Johnson. Everyone else? Meh. TJ and McCleod brings some wallop, but they also have issues with positioning. And Finnegan? He's been just terrible. And that was being generous.

      7. WRs/TEs. There are good moments, but not enough. Given the youth of the unit, its somewhat understandable. But there are too many drops and an inability to get free.

      8. Quarterback. He was fine the first two weeks, mediocre the third, and awful in the fourth. Most importantly, he's starting to look like he's losing confidence. Think Bugler at the end...its starting to look like that to me. Starting to.

      9. Defensive line. We need more push, but they aren't the problem per se.
      -09-29-2013, 08:41 AM