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Shurmur/Ellard Connection

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  • Shurmur/Ellard Connection

    For those (including me) hoping that Ellard will be retained, its noteworthy that new OC Pat Shurmur's uncle, Fritz Shurmur, was the Rams DC during part of Henry's career with the team. Maybe that connection will help Ellard's chances of staying with the team.

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    Re: Shurmur/Ellard Connection

    I certainly hope so, he's the one guy on the staff that I'd want to retain.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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    • GroundChuck
      Rams interviewing Pat Shurmur for OC
      Registered User
      by GroundChuck
      Per the Score. Does that mean Bradford coming back? ;)
      -01-19-2016, 05:16 PM
    • 3STL9
      I am done with pat shurmur
      by 3STL9
      I am sorry. I was on and off last year. On and off this year but I am done with Pat shurmur.

      We almost lost the Chargers game and the redskins game because of his conservative playcalling. How are you an offensive coordinator? Can you learn new playcalling? Just because you are a son of a great coach does not mean ****. Pat shurmur is an idot period.

      Thank you and I will take the heat if it needs be.

      edit: nephew not son!
      -10-24-2010, 02:48 PM
    • ramfan247
      OC Shurmur making great play calls...
      by ramfan247
      I just wanted to start a thread aknowleding Shurmur's great offensive play calls in the last game. Our guys didnt execute that great on offense in the first quarter but I think that was the players' faults rather than the coaches. It has been a loooong time since I have actually agreed with 90% of the offensive play calls (like I have during this preseason) and that is a really good feeling. Shurmur seems to get it!!! Finally! He has a knack for knowing when to run, pass, play action, etc and that is real comforting. So now its just up to our guys to execute.
      Anyone agree that Shurmur has done a real good job so far mixing it up?
      -09-01-2009, 09:58 AM
    • ramfan247
      Shurmur Improving
      by ramfan247
      Shurmur at least took some risks and showed a little bit of enthusiasm today. I can appreciate that. These coaches are rookies but at least they seem to be learning from their mistakes little by little and I can appreciate that too. It just stinks that it will probably take the whole season for them to get a grasp on what will work for this team.
      -10-11-2009, 10:21 PM
    • MauiRam
      Pat Shurmur .. Meet the Coaches ..
      Rams Nation MVP
      by MauiRam
      By Nick Wagoner
      Senior Writer

      Football in the Shurmur family is a staple of everyday life. Pat Shurmur, the Rams’ new offensive coordinator, couldn’t help but be drawn in to the intricacies and competitiveness of the game considering the environment in which he grew up.

      By now, most people know that Shurmur is the nephew of famed defensive mind Fritz Shurmur, who coached for the Rams from 1982-1990, and was the defensive coordinator for Green Bay for a pair of Super Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl championship. This season will mark the 35th straight year a Shurmur has coached in the NFL.

      What many don’t know is that Shurmur’s first real football influence was much closer to home in the form of his father.

      “My first real influence in football was my father and then of course my uncle who had a great deal of influence on my thoughts to be a coach,” Shurmur said. “It’s been in my family and in my blood but it’s a little less known that my dad was also an excellent player and mentor.”

      Considering that pedigree, it’s not a major surprise that Shurmur has risen through the coaching ranks to his first coordinator position. Growing up in the Shurmur household, Pat was drawn to football and all of the details that go into it.

      His father Joe was an All American football player at Albion College and had Pat in pads from an early age. In college, Joe Shurmur, who was nine years younger, was actually coached by Fritz.

      Fritz Shurmur, of course, had a long and prestigious coaching career that aside from his stops in Green Bay and Los Angeles, included various collegiate stops along the way.

      Pat Shurmur played linebacker and center for most of his youth but became a full time center when he tore up his knee playing defense as a freshman in college.

      It was in the middle of the offensive line where Shurmur’s knowledge of the game and especially the offensive side of the ball truly expanded. Shurmur sought every bit of wisdom he could about how to play offense, in part because that goes with the job of being the man in the middle but also because of his natural curiosity about the game.

      Make no mistake, though, it wasn’t just the mental side of the game that drew Shurmur to football.

      “I like the physical nature of the sport,” Shurmur said. “At some point, as men, we all enjoy the chance to knock each other around. I always enjoyed that. That made it fun to begin with and I was fortunate that I was always around great people and great coaches to help encourage and motivate me and then I just took it from there.”

      Shurmur was an accomplished enough player that he earned a scholarship to Michigan State, where he would learn under coach George Perles as a three-year starter at center. Along the way, he earned All Big 10 Conference honors in 1987 and was a co-captain on a team...
      -07-13-2009, 10:03 AM