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Should Martz be so candid?

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  • Should Martz be so candid?

    Mike Martz is not like most coaches. When he makes a mistake, he has no qualms about saying so to the press. He divulged his scoreboard gaffe after the preseason game against Oakland, and volunteered on Sunday that he had made bad play calls in the red zone.

    My initial reaction to this was to want to tell Martz that he might want to keep these things to himself (or, at least, within the locker room). By describing his errors with such candor, he only adds fuel to the fire of his detractors, who are itching to take him to task in the media and on fan sites.

    But then I heard Marc Bulger respond when told by a reporter about Martz's statements about his red zone play calling. Marc said that it wasn't the playcalling, but rather the execution of the players that resulted in the failure to score TDs.

    Interesting reaction. The Coach takes responsibility, then the QB shifts the blame back on the players.

    Perhaps this is what is intended. Perhaps Martz's goal is to create an atmosphere of responsibility and accountability - starting at the top. Perhaps, Martz would rather show his team that everyone, including him, is accountable - even if it fans the flames of his critics - so that they react the same way when they make mistakes.

    Of course, I'm sure some will contend that I'm giving Martz too much credit. Maybe. But something tells me that Martz is a lot more sly than most think.

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    Re: Should Martz be so candid?

    Martz will always take up for his players. He always has. I don't care if most fans thinks he's lying, or playing Rain Man.....whatever. He defends his players and he should keep doing what he is doing. The Rams are defying the critics and success starts at the top.


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      Re: Should Martz be so candid?

      Originally posted by AV
      By describing his errors with such candor, he only adds fuel to the fire of his detractors, who are itching to take him to task in the media and on fan sites.
      Avenger brings up a great point here. What is criticism without accountability? The media and fans don't sign his paycheck. Why should he even care what these groups think. These groups are going to criticize, it's what they do. So why not act as a lightening rod for his players. When players draw attention to themselves, it's usually not a good thing. I mean which gets more press, Ricky Williams' weed problem or Marshal Faulk's charity work? So it is in the best interest of the team for Martz to pull these boners in the line of sight of press and fans, as long as they keep winning. And that is all that matters to those critics who Martz IS accountable to --- the FO.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Should Martz be so candid?

        That is a very good point. A coach who sticks up for his players is going to get the most out of them. Before 99' most players wouldn't even dream of playing for the RAMS. But now, it is one of the best places to play. I think the coaching may have something to do with that.

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          Re: Should Martz be so candid?

          Let me answer a question with a question:

          After reading this quote from him: - On the red-zone inefficiency:

          "There were a couple of situations in the red zone where basically I screwed up the verbiage in it and we had to call a timeout."

          - is it not also time for him to admit, that if his playbook can be too complicated for himself, it's time to hold himself accountable for making the adjustments that come with accepting blame, so the mistakes are not repeated? And if the same mistakes are repeated, does this not show that one is not holdng themselves accountable, and therefore the candor is merely a ploy to disarm critics and defuse controversy?


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            Re: Should Martz be so candid?

            You could have a point, as self deprication can be an effective tool to temper criticism (sort of a preemptive strike, if you will). There may be some of that motivation, but I also truly believe that Martz wishes to convey to his players that EVERYONE is accountable.


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