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Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

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  • Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

    Judging from game one, what was our top strength and our biggest weakness?

    I didn't see the game but from reading a lot of stuff I'd say:

    Strength - Offense. I hate to not give a more detailed answer but it sounds like our offense was great, (cept for the turnovers).

    Weakness - Special teams.

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    Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

    This is a little tough to do, judging from only one game against the lowly Cardinals, but what the heck. Based on the first game, I'd have to say that the offensive line is our strongest strength so far. They paved the way for 170+ yards rushing (when was the last time the Rams did that?), averaging six - SIX - yards per carry, and allowed exactly zero sacks. Nothing works without a good offensive line.

    The weakest weakness, along with the obvious expected turnovers, is the rushing defense. Emmitt Smith. 87 yards. Ouch.


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      Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

      I saw the game here in Mexico so My opinion is this

      We are strong at the offense but with the same marks as fumbles but seems the o-line is fine hope the keep well, and bulger need to be in better shape. we need to work another plays in the red zon because we repeted a lot the same plays.

      Defense I thnik the run defense needs to improve but I saw them just fine but again this was against the cards, The teams will test our CB a lot hope the can keep well cause groce/garrte will share lots of time.

      STeams, I think we were bad in coverage and returning I think McDonald hesitates a lot instead of run directly, and Arlen Harris well he's a turtle, but at least he doesn't fumbled last sunday.


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        Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

        the rams greatest strength, imo, is that they have the potential to win against any team on any given sunday...

        the rams greatest weakness is that they think they're good enough to win against any team on any given sunday...


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          Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

          I think Jake hit it on the head. I believe coming out of Week 1, the O-line is our biggest strength and our run defense is still our biggest weakness, although I think you could make a case that turnovers were a bigger overall weakness as well.


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            Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

            Biggest Strength? Resilency.

            Frailest Weakness? Immaturity.


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              Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

              Strongest Strength = persistency. They did not doubt their ability to win even when they were making mistakes.
              Weakest weakness = the turnovers.


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                Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

                Biggest far it's the O line.

                biggest weakness....KO coverage. Garrett can't just stand there and think the returner is going to run into him.


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                  Re: Strongest Strength, Weakest Weakness

                  Originally posted by EDM
                  the offensive line is our strongest strength
                  Originally posted by Vicdan
                  seems the o-line is fine
                  Originally posted by Nickselios
                  the O-line is our biggest strength
                  Originally posted by TX
                  Biggest far it's the O line.
                  Ahhh, music to my ears. I love the fact that last year's line with highly touted acquisitions Wohlabaugh and Turley were supposed to rule the world then was in the bottom 10% of run offense and sacks allowed. And the "experts" just couldn't understand. So then this year, we lose DW & KT and the "experts" just swear that the sky is falling in the Ed dome. Lo & behold, our line now looks better than ever. Dish & Grant pushing through injury, McCollum facing yet another position change, Pace dumping his ball & chain...I love it, these guys are storybook material.

                  Biggest weakness, ST minus Massey, Looker, & Wilkins.
                  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                  • LARAM
                    I'm not buying it yet
                    by LARAM
                    I didn't see the game last week against [email protected]#*, But from what I heard the defense played good.

                    We'll I'm not buying it. They played against an average @#* team.......Look how bad the @!*# played against AZ the week before. How much offense was tallied up in week 1. Im not impressed with @&*!, which makes me all that more critical of the Rams performance

                    I'm gonna have to see at least a 6-8 game stretch, before I can give the Rams an above average grade for the Defense.
                    -09-20-2007, 07:30 AM
                  • chiguy
                    Most disappointing unit?
                    by chiguy
                    I've been a Sam supporter since he was drafted, but even I'm starting to have doubts that he can be the QB we want. But if we're talking about team performance, I still don't see how he can be seen as the "problem." This made me think about the following question -- which are the units that are not progressing/playing well, as that is probably where the "problems" are. My shot at listing them is below:

                    1. Offensive line. The most experienced group on the roster and one of the most highly paid. But there is no push in the running game and save the first two games, they haven't done much in pass protection either. JLong looked terrible last REALLY terrible.

                    2. Linebackers. This was tough for me as WRs and CBs haven't performed up to snuff, but this group isn't getting the job done in the run or pass game. The d-line seems like they're doing what they're supposed to, but the LBs overrun the play and are susceptible to the cut-back. They don't shed tacklers. And, the coverage has been mediocre. JL hasn't looked good until the ***** game; Alex has been a bright spot, though he makes some rookie mistakes.

                    3. Running backs. Do we have any, or they victim of play calling and woeful blocking? I'm going with "all of the above."

                    4. Coaches. The unwillingness to adjust in game is perplexing. And at point are we going to emphasize 1) not running out of the end zone on kickoffs and 2) proper blocking. Seriously, the refs are not getting it wrong; we are. And why are our corners playing so soft? And so.

                    5. Special teams. K/P are fine. I'm sure everyone else is tired of starting drives behind the 10 yard line.

                    6. Secondary. Jenkins has been decent and so has Johnson. Everyone else? Meh. TJ and McCleod brings some wallop, but they also have issues with positioning. And Finnegan? He's been just terrible. And that was being generous.

                    7. WRs/TEs. There are good moments, but not enough. Given the youth of the unit, its somewhat understandable. But there are too many drops and an inability to get free.

                    8. Quarterback. He was fine the first two weeks, mediocre the third, and awful in the fourth. Most importantly, he's starting to look like he's losing confidence. Think Bugler at the end...its starting to look like that to me. Starting to.

                    9. Defensive line. We need more push, but they aren't the problem per se.
                    -09-29-2013, 07:41 AM
                  • CanadianRam!
                    Our secondary not so bad after all...
                    by CanadianRam!
                    Although our secondary has been much criticized this year, I think it actually has been our strength on our less than stellar D. On paper, our secondary looks below average but even with injuries to players, our secondary for the most part has held up well. Even with little to no pass rush, our pass defense ranks 8th in the NFL, above defenses such as Baltimore, San Diego, New England, Seattle and Denver. A lot of that contributes to our lack of strength on rush defense, but on the flip side, our secondary shouldn’t be blamed for RBs getting through the front 7 untouched, leading to big gains. This opportunistic group combined for 11 interceptions and 4 Fumble recoveries and it seems to tighten up in the endzone as we have been fortunate to get many interceptions as the opponents are driving inside our 20 (bend but don’t break). Brown, although inconsistent at times, has been a good FA signing for Haslett as he has played adequately as our #1 corner. Hill is up and coming & improving as his 3 interceptions tie him for the rookie lead. Fisher, our scapegoat of the year, played about average and not as bad as people thought and Bartell has played solid in limited opportunities (should have had an interception last week, but wiped out by Little’s penalty). Chavous provides leadership to this young group and is an upgrade over Arch and Atogwe with his 3 interceptions, plays his heart out game in and out (remember the game against Seattle when he chased down Wallace) although he has some tackling issues. Overall, our secondary, despite its inconsistencies and injuries, has performed above their talent level and has been a bright and opportunistic part of our D. It will be crucial for them to perform well in our Monday nighter for us to have a chance against Grossman and co.

                    GO RAMS :r
                    -12-07-2006, 04:23 PM
                  • sbramfan
                    Positives regarding a mixed bag of nuts
                    by sbramfan
                    Picture if you only saw 1 quarter of this game. Depending on which quarter it was, you would have an entirely different perspective of this team. There were some great moments, and some...well, other moments.

                    But I think we're all trying to put a finger on this teams identity and it hasn't fully found itself yet. Some are touting the play of the D. Others are looking at the fact that we squeeked by some below average teams.

                    I think the only thing we know, is that this team has twice now found a way to win a close game. That is something to build on. Also, they are 2-1 and although we would prefer 3-0, I think we would all take this if offered at the beginning of the year. (just might have thought it would have been the Cards stealing one at home.) Either way, 1-1 in the division.

                    Looks like Barron will begin to take over the RT, and apparently we are more concerned about the offense than the defense right now. Again, I think I would take that if you offered it at the beginning of the year.

                    Playing well vs. the run is a good thing. I don't see facing a better team "exposing" anything there...just perhaps move a down a few notches in our run defense ranking.

                    I think this team is now getting into regular season form (which wasn't the case in game 1) and can start to show it's identity.

                    Let's hope it's a run stuffing, opportunistic defense, with an explosive offense and a special teams that is not below average.
                    -09-26-2005, 01:33 PM
                  • HUbison
                    Arizona @ St. Louis: It's a good thing it will be indoors...
                    by HUbison
                    ....cause this game is gonna look like an Arena game. When you compare us and them, the first thing you notice is the defense.......or lack thereof. We can't stop anybody, they can't stop anybody. In this particular contest, the situation could be even worse for the Cardinals with so many injuries to an already poor defense. But then again, we have Marmie so that sorta evens the field a little.

                    On the offense, they can pass the ball.....we can pass the ball. Both teams like to get airborne and seem to need passing like a duck needs water. We/they may leave it for a few plays but rest assured we/they are coming right back to it.

                    The difference between us and them is in the running game. Simply put, we're okay at it.......they suck at it. We're getting a little over 100 yards a game at a 4.5 ypc clip. They on the other hand are dead last on the run with 67 yards per game and a 3.0 ypc.

                    Question for our offense:
                    Will we get the ball in the endzone?
                    We'll move it up and down the field at will. Both Bulger and Jackson should see little resistence pushing the play, but can we put it in the endzone. They may see several opportunities to answer that question come Sunday.

                    Question for our defense:
                    Can the pass rush come ready to execute?
                    Even with our horrible D, stopping their run shouldn't, I repeat, s-h-o-u-l-d-n-'-t be a problem. We know Warner is going to pass a lot, and we know he's not exactly mobile. Their line gives up a lot of sacks, so if our line can create pressure, our secondary could look better than they actually are.

                    The Rams win, if......
                    Little, Hargrove and Green get to Warner. But if trends hold true, we'll be in coverage packages all day with very little blitzing, so they will have to do it on their own.

                    The Cards win, if.....
                    Shipp and Arrington can move the ball. If the Cards show they aren't one dimensional, a weak Ram D becomes even more diluted.
                    -11-17-2005, 01:28 PM