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  • Our Red Zone Offense

    What do you feel is the biggest factor to why the Rams have had problems in the red zone?
    Martz's suspect playcalling
    Bulger's inability to check down
    Poor push by the offensive line
    Not having a great TE target

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    Re: Our Red Zone Offense

    it aint martz for me because this problem has only come about in the bulger era. Yeah I know D's are more prepared for our offense and the staff isn't the same, but i think he does need to get some confidence near the goaline, hopefully it wont be long before he does.
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      Re: Our Red Zone Offense

      Originally posted by rampower
      it aint martz for me because this problem has only come about in the bulger era.
      I am one of the biggest detractors of Bulger, as I don't think he has what it takes to excel in the game, but he aint the only reason.

      The RAMS have always had trouble in the red-zone because it takes away from our ability to spread the field and take advantages of mismatches. Think about it. Most of our scoring in TGSOT era was done from outside the 20. WR that could scamper around the 3rd and 4th DB while the 1s and 2s were chasing Bruuuuuuuce and Holt. Or it was when the 1s and 2s were just plain beat by Holt's speed or Ike's cuts {thinkin' about the 49er DB that was picking his shorts off the turf in Ike's 5 TD game in 99 :king: }, and Warner's ability to hit them in stride with a "mean deep ball".

      If Bulger can learn to make a decent percentage of those deep balls count, and our 4th and 5th WR can be used affectively, then we will return to the Promised Land. Even with Martz' questionable red-zone play-calling.



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        Re: Our Red Zone Offense

        Dont you think that Mike Martz needs to adjust slightly on his game plan and now look to use Jackson in his pre game planning (I think that he will).

        The fact that we have him should now improve our red zone offence by a country mile.

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          Re: Our Red Zone Offense

          In this case I have to agree with Mike Martz - It's the play calling.

          Please - an end around on the goal line...


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            Re: Our Red Zone Offense

            I didn't get to see the game because I believe NFLST is about $100 over priced, and the officiating in the game is too inconsistant for the high level that the game is supposed to be played at. If the officials expect the players to play a perfect game, I don't see why we can't expect the officials to call a perfect game.

            (Stepping off of soapbox to answer question)

            Based on what I heard, he did try to push it in before one of his patented goofy plays. Maybe he just needs to learn how to disguise his running plays they way he tries to disguise his passing plays.



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              Re: Our Red Zone Offense

              It's Martz and his playcalling. Checking down on every dad gum red zone play dosen't necessarily breed success.


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                Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                I still think that an adequate Tight End with playmaking ability would help tremendously. It gives Bulger another target, providing that he can pick him up. Just having one as a true threat would force defenses to cover him; possibly freeing up Faulk for a goal line catch(?). Sometimes I think that Bulger panics with so little room to operate, as well. But I digress. I still want a playmaker in the tight end position...



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                  Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                  Originally posted by SSGRamFan
                  I still think that an adequate Tight End with playmaking ability would help tremendously.
                  I concur, SSG. After losing Conwell, this team wanted us to think that the tight end wasn't important enough offensively to warrant a significant cap committment. But then last season they match an offer for Manu that makes him one of the top ten highest paid tight ends in the league. Go figure.


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                    Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                    I think the majority of it is Martz's playcalling. When in the Red Zone, your mentality must change. Since you have less area, there should be plays that take that into account. Even with Warner, there were issues in the Red Zone. I agree with Dez though, I would like to see Jackson more in the red zone, at least with Marshall too.


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                      Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                      Originally posted by RamDez
                      Dont you think that Mike Martz needs to adjust slightly on his game plan and now look to use Jackson in his pre game planning (I think that he will).

                      The fact that we have him should now improve our red zone offence by a country mile.
                      And I think that Martz is adjusting his game plan to use Steven Jackson more. Even though they've been talking about it all preseason, I was surprised at how much Martz actually used Jackson in the game. Everyone talked about using past running backs like Lamar Gordon and Trung Canidate to spell Marshall Faulk and add another dimension to the Rams' weaponry, but they were never really utilized as much when Faulk was healthy. The fact that Jackson fumbled on his first carry and still got plenty of playing time shows me how much confidence Martz has in him.

                      I think there's a simple solution to solving the Rams' red zone problems, and that is to spread the ball around. This can be achieved both by Martz's playcalling and Bulger checking down. Steven Jackson can power the ball in there, Marshall can be used effectively in the flats and on screens, Dane Looker has glue for hands (yeah, yeah, I know he fumbled), and Holt, Bruce, McDonald, and Curtis have the speed to get open at any point. It's just a matter of timing and spreading the ball around.


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                        Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                        Staffing at key receiving positions has changed and we aren't getting the ball to the running backs (faulk/replacemants when injured) through the air as much, I am sure these things have greatly contributed to the rams decline from a martz/warner led team dropping from the highest red zone td number (42) in the league in 2001, to 18 last season. (38 in 1999 and 49 in 2000).

                        during this period of red zone productivity, our td % per offensive drive was;

                        30% 1999
                        36% 2000
                        33% 2001
                        19% 2002
                        22% 2003,

                        seeming to follow the trend of drop off in red zone production for the team.

                        so martz used to know how to do it, it is imperative he relearns how to call the shots near that goaline.
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                          Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                          Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Rams had the most visits to the red zone in the NFL last season. A couple of tweaks and we could be rolling.


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                            Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                            The point has already been addressed, the dynamics of the situation are unique. Area is less. Timing changes. Scrums have to be moved.

                            Someone has to be responsible for putting the players into the right position to execute. Each situation has to have been thought through previously and adjustments need to have been anticipated. That falls on the coaching staff.


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                              Re: Our Red Zone Offense

                              I think they need to go to a power I inside the 10 and make full use of both Jackson and Faulk in the back field at the same time. This would open up alot of options.

                              It works for me on Madden 05' ! :ramlogo:
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                              • Nick
                                Rams in the Red Zone
                                by Nick
                                In the red zone today, here is what the Rams did...

                                So what do we see?

                                -Runs: 6 attempts for 4 yards, including the run on first down by Jackson from the 22, which I included since it was the start of a series of downs, and got them into the official red zone.
                                -Sacks: The Rams were in the red zone five times today, and during that time, Bulger was sacked three times.
                                -Passes: Marc Bulger went 6/14 (43%) in the red zone.

                                What does this tell us?

                                While I think we need to see improved play from our running backs and QB in the red zone, I honestly think it boils down to the blocking. We see running backs that can't advance the ball on the ground. We see our quarterback being sacked three times in five red zone attempts. We have third and six and a false start by Tucker pulls us back. We have first down in the red zone, and Bulger is sacked from the right side, and we're out of the red zone for the rest of the series. We try to run the ball on first down from the 11, and lose yards, then Bulger gets sacked. We run on first and goal from the four, and lose two yards. We need our offensive line to be strong when we're in this part of the field, and I don't think that's been going on. If we can get cohesion and stronger play from our offensive line, I think we'll convert more of these red zone attempts. Until then though, we'll continue to struggle with inconsistency....
                                -09-11-2005, 08:11 PM
                              • ramhard
                                Dead Horse - Red Zone Offense
                                by ramhard
                                Why is it that when other teams get down in the redzone there offense gets simpler while the Rams get more complicated!!!! Here are the continued reasons, same for 3 years:

                                1. No big outside receiver. When was the last time the Rams connected on a fade pattern in the endzone. The Giants killed the Rams on fades to Toomer and Burress.

                                2. No TE redzone threat. Ditto with one, see Shockey for reference.

                                3. Lack of physical O-Line.

                                4. A coach who thinks he has to trick people in the redzone rather than depending on the skills and determination of his players.

                                -10-02-2005, 02:57 PM
                              • Tampa_Ram
                                Why do we suck in the red zone?
                                by Tampa_Ram
                                We have been horrid for years in the red zone. We have gone through many coordinators, but no matter what our red zone offense has been just plain bad. I've watched many teams with bad-average offenses score in the red zone, yet we hardly ever do. This is a serious question, cause its very hard to fathom that all our coordinators call bad red zone plays, and no one can ever get open. I just don't understand i guess, and am looking for some kind of clarification as to why our red zone offense for the last many years continues to just plain suck.
                                -10-14-2012, 05:26 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Red Zone Efficiency Questions Revisited
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                With new skill player additions and the expectation that things will improve, especially over our "suspect" red zone offense in 2006, here's a few numbers that may counter some misconceptions:

                                The Rams were 3rd in the NFL in red zone scoring percentage at .944 and 8th in the NFL in red zone TD percentage at .574.

                                The TD percentage number could be higher, but out of 32 teams in the NFL, we were near the top of the heap.

                                Marc Bulger has had his share of detractors when it comes to red zone efficiency as well. A few numbers for Bulger in the red zone for 2006:

                                47 of 79 for a completion percentage of 59.5, 21 TD's and a QB rating of 108.1, his best for any area of the field.

                                The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more.

                                Just some food for thought as we look forward to 2007.
                                -04-19-2007, 02:49 PM
                              • bruce4life
                                The Main Reason Why We Have Had 3 Straight Losing Seasons....
                                by bruce4life
                                PLAIN AND SIMPLE, RED ZONE OFFENSE... You get that corrected we win another 4 games this year.... Look at the stats from the niner game in week 2 of last year for example:
                                -we had over 400 yards of total offense
                                -I believe we were in the red zone 5 times and scored once with 3 turnovers in the red zone

                                with a better offensive line, SJ can make red zone woes into red zone success...
                                -03-06-2008, 06:19 PM