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    OK thats it. I read things listen to what peeps have to say and its seems most times its standard fan support. Which is fine bandwagon , winning team, and or go w/ the group fan but as a Rams fan from LA to St Louis the qb switching yrs Tommy Prorthro yrs Dickerson yrs &last but not least the 49er yrs . We are not "the same old sorry ass Rams " (HBO Inside the NFL show few yrs back ) WE are somebody to contend w/ and they tasted it once & they're back so when say we are going to beat the Rams on Sunday Remember the Rams that play the games will get it done barring injuries so Fins are coming Sunday and the players have yet to make a statement on the field on why we are "not the same old sorry ass Rams anymore so bring on the smack but this [email protected] belives now just as I did each year after year that the RAMS are for real now and later.

    See ya'll,

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    Yes siree Scott...

    Yep Scott, you said it alright! :cool:

    I appreciate you've hung in there -- good times, bad times. I too go way back as a Los Angeles Ram fan, 1966. There have been some excellent seasons throughout the years. We've seen them all. True, nothing wrong with being loyal.

    There's nothing wrong with being a new and/or younger fan either, ;) ...right? Times change. Things change. Teams become better or worse or the same. Yet it is a new era today.

    Some newcomer fans are witnessing one of the best teams of all time. We are the St. Louis Rams and company of fortunate fans. Welcome aboard! These are great, S-U-P-E-Ram times!

    Let's be cool then and enjoy the season!

    GO RAMS!!!


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      Re:All fans

      Being cool about fans and thier take or loyality is fine but the three types I mentioned were for the ones who dont stay long term. I would welcome any TRUE fan of any sport,for any team they choose,but one FSU!!!!!!!!! Just kidding ya'll . Anybody who reads that earlier post will understand ,but to those that take the wrong way or read to much into it, NO OFFENSE . So protect freedom. Hey anybody want to become a Rams fan they are truely welcome> So come on sign on!

      See ya'll,


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        Did that.


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          I feel the exact same way about the Dolphins. Good times and bad, my tattoo never dulls!


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            You're right, loyalty says a lot. Only the proud and truly die hard will stay with a team through thick and thin. But, when it comes time for the upswing,....ain't it sweet!!!! Loyal since 79. Die hard for life.

            Go home fin boy!


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              :p make me:p


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              • supachump
                100% Support from this FAN
                by supachump
                I debated with myself if I should post this. Surely some of the so called "fans" that have given up on the Rams will have some sort of witty reply. However, I've felt an overwhelming urge to post something.

                The Rams are in a sorry state right now. The front office is making bad decisions, the coach doesn't seem up to the job, our defense is unable to hold it together for an entire game, and our front line isn't protecting the Q-Back making him nervous and unable to find a rhythm.

                A lot is wrong. But what is right is that the Rams are my team, and for a lot of you on this board, your team as well. Fans have the right to complain and want something better, but a fan should also stick with them and look at the positives no matter how few there seem to be at this particular moment. Contrary to a lot of you, based on the posts I've been reading, I could reluctantly accept another terrible season and another after that and another after that. No, I don't like the abuse and I do want something more, but I stick by my team no matter the outcome.

                I don't expect everyone to feel the same way and I know that everyone reacts differently. But what I see, as bad as things seem, is a slight improvement from week 1 to week 2. This is what keeps me going. And I do think the team looked slightly better this week. Even if they play even worse next week, I'll still be here and still be a fan, because there is always hope. And when a team is down, this is what makes a fan. And the true test of a fan at that.

                People with different opinions are welcome on this board is far as I'm concerned. That is what sparks good debate and what could help me something that I wouldn't see otherwise. But when someone becomes so negative that the only thing that comes out of their mouth (fingers?) is down right hatred and they are only sticking around here to spread that hatred. And by their own admission, are no longer a fan and unwilling to follow the team. Well, that's your decision and I support it, but why do you stick around here and continue posting such garbage? Do you feel a need to try and convince more people to join your Anti-Rams social club?

                I applaud the fans that are sticking behind their team in these bad times. I even applaud the unhappy ones that are overwhelmed with anger, but still hold out a glimmer of hope and remain a fan.

                Even more so, to the Rams themselves (not that they are listening), but I support you 100%, even in this bad time. You are my team and I stand behind you, just as I would a member of my family. Good times and bad.
                -09-15-2008, 08:58 AM
              • AvengerRam_old
                The Rams are evolving. The Fan Base should too!
                by AvengerRam_old
                Yesterday, we learned that James Laurinaitis has a chest injury. At this point, it appears that the injury is relatively minor. However, regardless of how this plays out, I was somewhat taken aback by the knee-jerk response of several Rams fans.

                Within moments of the injury report, many fans (here and on other sites), went immediately into “Chicken Little” mode – exclaiming that the sky was falling and postulating that the Rams’ interest in Ben Leber must be viewed as proof that JL’s injury is more significant than the reports indicate.

                I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this reaction. Years of futility and frustration has clearly impacted the fan base. Indeed, it has gotten to the point at which the term SOSAR (“Same Old Sorry A__ Rams”) is no longer a mere insult uttered by the fans of rivals, but rather is a term commonly utilized by Rams fans themselves.

                My question is… shouldn’t we be moving on from that mindset?

                While nobody knows exactly what the future holds, even the most pessimistic fan should feel compelled to acknowledge the positive indicators. The Rams have a new QB who was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. They have drafted solid players, if not emerging stars, at key spots such as OT, TE, DE, MLB and CB. They have a new owner with DEEEEEEP pockets. They have a coaching staff/Front Office that seems to be truly hitting its stride. They have upgraded their roster with key free agent acquisitions. And… on the field… they went from one win in 2009 to seven in 2010.

                Simply put, these are not Skip Rosenbloom’s Mother’s St. Louis Rams. This is a new team that has a lot of promise.

                As fans, we should not wear blinders or… worse yet… “rose-colored glasses.” It is entirely legitimate to be concerned about the tough upcoming schedule, the inevitable loss of players to injury, and the remaining holes in the roster.

                But shouldn’t that be tempered by a bit of faith? A bit of optimism? A bit of hope?

                I know what some of you will say: “there goes Av again… telling fans how they should think.” Well, to those who would respond in such a manner, let me be frank.

                The Rams do NOT have the most loyal fan base in all of sports. I wish they did, but they don’t. I’d like to see the fan base strive to climb that list, and I think now is the perfect time to start.
                -08-10-2011, 03:09 PM
              • LA Rammer
                Rams Fan Brethren
                by LA Rammer
                I had a few minutes to burn a few thoughts. I'm not going to say be patient we will get to the promise land soon or we will drastically improve and become a contender, NO. I'm not "Johnny come lately." I have sat through blowouts at candlestick and been escorted out by inebriated annoying whiner fans with horns, bells and whistles, not good experience. I have been arrested at Anaheim Stadium for confrontation with Raider player and fans, blowout at home, not good. I have also sat through games at home where Redskins and their fans completely took over our house!!! NOT GOOD!!! People in my neighborhood, school, work and other places heckle me "The Lambs!"

                When the Raiders played in LA my former associates took to them and would invite me to their games. THEY WON SUPERBOWL! Still I couldn't turn to the dark side, didn't feel right. I stuck to my team through adversity, even the ultimate heartbreak... they moved.

                The GSOT era awakened a new spirit within me, a victorious one. Now ridicule turned to hate, colleagues would wish painful injury upon Warner and Faulk. Now people took me serious.

                I'm sorry if some here feel they can't take it no more enduring disappointing seasons. Believe me if you walk away and put on another teams jersey it will not make you happier. What will? Going back to why you like this team. The presence of gold horns on the field. Even if we score ONE TD ALL SEASON savor it, there is no better feeling.

                Our new motto will be "together we suffer as one we triumph!" Keep your heads up and enjoy the small moments. I do not take pleasure in the exultation of a mighty one, but the overcoming of adversity from the lowly.

                Together We Suffer as One We Triumph!
                -10-06-2011, 11:22 AM
              • atcchris
                New "Faction" in Ram-land?
                by atcchris
                I've been a fan of the Rams since the days of Roman Gabriel, and I've never had the priviledge of living in the same general area as the Rams. Lived in Hawaii and Oklahoma when the Rams were in LA, and in Texas since they've been in St. Louis.

                We have a pretty big mix of fans.. still a lot of them left from the LA days.. and sometimes there is a little tension when the subject of "moving the team back to LA" comes up.

                Sadly, there have been factions based on QB controversies (of course, each generation thinks they're the first to ever see a QB controversie).

                Well, LA fans and St. Louis fans.. I think you're about to encounter another group: The Sooner Nation.

                I have been a member of THAT tribe since my 2nd year at the University of Oklahoma. (believe it or not, I wasn't a fan when I started going there.. I was a west coast sports fan... but I grew to love the Sooners quickly)

                Proximity to Dallas means that, in the past, a lot of Sooner fans followed the Plowboys. Lots of tension there, though.. because Dallas is in TEXAS.. and it's counter-intuitive for OU fans to like much from Texas. So.. a lot of Oklahoma folks follow the Chefs (SIC), as they are the AFC team piped to Oklahoma most of the time.

                Many Sooners began following the Vikings when AD was drafted there (no.. don't tell me it's AP.. AD is for All Day..).. but make no mistake... Sam Bradford IS Oklahoma. Not only did he play for the Sooners, but he played high school in the Oklahoma City area. As long as he's a Ram, we Sooner fans will follow him and root for him.

                Now, I'm sure that will raise warning flags for some... "are you a fan of the team, or the players?!". Well.. that's going to be up to some of our fellow fans here in Ram-ville. Are we going to accept and respect this influx of new fans.. understand their passion and help them gain a love of the Rams as a team? I know the Rams' organization will want to cultivate this potential fan base... will we accept these newcomers and do our best not to alienate and disrespect them? We're fans of Sam. We're proud of our Sooners. It's a perfect opportunity for a state without an NFL team to gain one. Hope we take advantage of it.
                -08-07-2010, 01:49 PM
              • RamOfDenmark
                Anyone seriously thought about switching teams?
                by RamOfDenmark
                Alright, this is going to be a touchy subject obviously. Many or most of us aren't from the St. Louis area so we don't have that geographical connection to the team to keep us loyal. Even for those from the St. Louis area maybe the geographical factor is not as large as you'd think. The Rams have only been in town since '95 it's not like it's a long tradition that goes back generations in each family in the area with season tickets being inherited as it is in many other cities. It also looks increasingly likely that the team will soon move on to greener pastures, it has worn out its welcome years ago and at some point management is going to want a fresh start in a new market.

                So how did we end up Rams fans then? Personally I really liked what I was seeing from Vermiel, Martz, Warner, Faulk, Bruce and so on. I joined the ranks of Rams fans partially based on us winning a lot of games, but also based on the way we were playing. Gung-ho offense a never-give-up attitude and unflinching belief that even if our D sucked and we were down 20 points we could still put up 3 fast TD's and steal the game. That's the way it was, it was exciting even when we lost. As long as we were playing exciting football, competing and leaving it all in the ring I was a happy fan even if we sometimes lost games we shouldn't.

                But today that's different. It's not just about us being a losing team. We've been a bad team for a few years now and I think we can all handle that (otherwise we'd have jumped ship years ago when the GSOT faded). Where it gets more serious is when it comes to ownership and management. As I said I think we can all accept to have a team that sometimes loses more than it wins, we can accept bad players, they can be replaced, there's always next year's draft right? A bad coach can be replaced quickly, as we'll soon see. But at least to me it's much harder to accept that we have an owner who doesn't give a crap and a completely incompetent set of managers in charge of the organisation. Lawyers and accountants making football decisions, friends hiring friends, no accountability at the top.

                Players and coaches come and go, but owners and management can stay for decades and decades, and if they're as bad as ours they can almost assure that we will be, on average, among the bottom teams in the league and continue to make mind-boggingly stupid decisions. Sure sometimes everything comes together as it did in '99, but I'm increasingly realising what a crazy fluke that was. Ownership and management are incompetent, there is no nice way to say it but it's true. Our brief taste of success for a few seasons between the debacle of the 90's and our current situation really was a case of the blind chicken stumbling upon a corn by pure accident.

                Contrast that with other succesful teams where ownership and management are working together with a strong coach and ensures success year after year, of course there are...
                -09-17-2008, 06:54 AM