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  • Awaken!

    :: yawn ::

    :: stretch ::

    Oh hey guys ... guess who's back

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    Re: Awaken!

    Just where have you been?

    Welcome back from your sleeping sickness.
    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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      Re: Awaken!

      shhhh,If everyone keeps quiet, maybe he will leave again ;)

      Welcome back K

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: Awaken!

        Not going to happen this time boss ... just starting a new job and have tons of free time (at least for a few weeks).

        Just where have you been?
        Life was hectic this last couple of weeks. I was transitioning off a new job and doing a lot of stuff getting ready to move into the new house (we get the keys on Tuesday yipee!!)

        On top of that, I have been scrambling setting up the fantasy football league that I commision. I never do things easy and we do a keeper auction league that just sucks the life out of me for the month before the season starts.

        I'm back though ... and ready to see the Rams tear up the season!


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        • mpire
          old timer checking in :)
          by mpire
          Hi guys, figured it was about time I checked in, said hellos before the season starts.
          -08-09-2007, 06:32 AM
        • AvengerRam
          "First Post"/Full Disclosure
          by AvengerRam
          Hey guys.

          Its me... the artist formerly known as AvengerRam.

          This is not an alternate account. Rather, this is my new account. I've decided to "kill" AvengerRam. He's gone. Never coming back.

          From now on, I'm just going to be a regular member. I'm retired from Mod status. Just one of the crowd.

          I think this is the best approach. I've considered my own thoughts, those expressed by others, and my feelings about this site in general. I want to be a part of things, albeit on a more limited and more relaxed level.

          I really think that the Rams are headed for an exciting period in their history with the new city, new QB, new stadium, and everything else going on. I still want to have an outlet to discuss the Rams and be part of the group. And, this final thread about me notwithstanding, I don't wish to be the focus of discussions here any more.

          So... here I am, RamFanEsq. You can call me David if you'd like.

          Go Rams!
          -05-20-2016, 08:32 AM
        • porkchop
          You leave for a week and the whole damn..
          by porkchop
          place up and changes on you!

          Hey everybody! I thought I'd come by and check everything out. It's almost draft day and I can't waite for some football!

          Sorry for my lack of posting ferver lately. I have been working nights, going to school and have a new kid. Not to mention that whole Super Bowl thing hurt pretty bad. I didn't want to hear nothin from nobody after that.

          Anyway, great to be back.

          Go Rams!
          -04-19-2002, 08:07 AM
        • italianmobstr7
          by italianmobstr7
          hey I'm new here, and yes I'm a Broncos fan. I'm not here to stir up trouble, just to talk football. hopefully it's a good, injury free game this weekend. good luck to your team.
          -09-07-2006, 08:55 AM
        • KentuckyHawk
          i'm back
          by KentuckyHawk
          howdy clanram. its been a while since i've been around. things have been crazy busy here. don't get that much time on the old pc these days. my twins are about to turn 5 months and they don't give me much time to post or lurk. Just wanted to stop in, see what was happenin.
          -10-04-2006, 06:44 PM