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Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

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  • Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

    Well my bags are packed and Iím ready to go.

    The tickets are bought and the bloody is beginning to boil.

    The Clan Chieftain is heading into battle and his confidence is high.

    But wait, what am I reading in the Clan? Doubt and lack of faith?

    I looked over the score predictions and was disappointed.

    Bad feelings and taking the points??


    I am telling you Clan, that it might be a high scoring game but the Legion will prevail and I will march into St Louis, head held high and victorious.

    I will see those of you lucky enough to join me in battle in Atlanta and I will bring those of the Clan that gathers in our home city awaiting the aints, a bloody and victorious battle flag.


    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

    Well said Dez. If we cant win this game, especially with you in attendance, i dont know that there is all that much hope for a title season. They are without their best cover corner and half of their offensive line, which isnt great to begin with. We should be able to score quite a bit if we dont kill ourselves. Big game coming from leonard little.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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      Re: Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

      I sure Mike Vick will be very nerous on Sunday with you in attendence. Make sure you give em a Clan battle cry! :ramlogo:

      See you next week in the Lou. :king:

      Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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        Re: Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

        Bring us back a win, guys. Have fun! :ramlogo:


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          Re: Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

          Now remember what Woody Hayes once did so infamously - if Vick is making a game-breaking run to the endzone, feel free to step out with the forearm shiver and serve your 12th man role proudly ...


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            Re: Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

            Atlanta sucks, its full of falcon fans LOL

            Well I have arrived. Battered but not beaten. this dude is off to bed to try and recover from the flights

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Re: Getting the Clan Ready - bags are packed

              Originally posted by RamDez
              Atlanta sucks, its full of falcon fans LOL

              Well I have arrived. Battered but not beaten. this dude is off to bed to try and recover from the flights
              You sure about that second part.


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                I would like to organize a rally to help our fellow Clan and fellow football fans in New Orleans and surrounding communities. I will be taking a collection from all our members. If you are interested, I will be making a collection and sending it on to the American Red Cross on behalf of the members of the Clanram. I hope you all participate in this good cause. Even a few dollars would help.

                I will be taking a collection until the Football opener (September 11th). I will then mail it out on behalf of the Clan on September 15th to the Red Cross.

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                ITS ON THE CLAN!

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                ITS ON THE CLAN!

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                ITS ON THE CLAN!

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                Let's see who can figure out the true significance os the phrase "its on the Clan."
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                On a little brighter note.....:up:

                The Clan raised $490.00 that is being mailed out tomorrow morning to help out those who suffered so much in Hurricane Katrina.

                THANK YOU to all those Clan members who gave to our efforts, and thanks to all those that gave to there own charities. It is really nice to see such a good group of people work so hard in helping out others in need. You all are truly class acts!
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