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  • Marshall Plan In Effect!

    What a showing for probably the best all around player in Rams history. Versus the Whiners, Marshall once again showed the world that he is the best in the game today. As the game went on and he was given the ball, he just truly dominated the last 6 minutes of the game. He just seems to have no pain in the knees. He also looks in fantastic shape. Going against the Fish this week, I think he is going to light the Dolphin D with at least 150 yards. Against the Raiders , they did not get a look at a good running back. This my fellow horns fans is the test for this season. If Marshall can produce a good game versus the fish, then beware NFL, this team will be ready to repeat a run for the Super Bowl.:eek:

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    You must take your hat off as well to GREAT blocking up front that last drive. the line was bowing people off the ball.


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      When the chips are down marshall's the man. As J ram points out though good backs need good lines!
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        Marshall's the man!...

        Yes indeed, Marshall's the man! He's quite extraordinary in every way, uncluding having a BIG heart during the game (and out of the gridiron as well).

        Personally, however, I insist that it's just too difficult to select a "favorite" among the players of this SUPERam offense. We've got it all, a solid line up front --T to T-- receivers galore, MVP QB and RB.

        I know it may seem like the easy way from choosing one's true favorite Ram player on the big O, but 'quite contrare;' it is simply more practical, I think, to select the best man on a PER-GAME basis. :p Which of course, brings us back to No. 28!

        Faulk was just too much for the Ninies to hope to get the ball back late in the 4th last week.

        This entire Ram 2001 offense, as a squad ...they're too much! :cool:

        GO RAMS!!!