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  • Fantastic Victory

    Now did we look good or did we look good. Now that was a fantastic victory. 3-0 3-0 3-0!!!!! Today we played like champions.
    Lets hope its a good sign for the future.


    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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    That was RAMPOWER alright! ...A-N-D displayed against a very good Miami team.

    Ram defense looked great! Why, they even helped the fins with some serious penalties (Fletcher, Williams).

    Ram offensive line was simply superb, suuuuperb! What's amazing and awesome is that Ram offense will most likely get even better... :eek:

    I believe I saw someone here in the Clan predict we were going to win by "12" over the Miami Mammals. That's ok! We all make mistakes. :p

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      I'm really starting to get sick of all this talk about how these so called "great defenses" can stop the Rams. Only the Rams seem to be able to stop the Rams. Remember in 99 we stayed healthy, that is what we need to do this year. How about Polley stepping up and having a great game while Fields is hurt! Arch looked great today on a few passing plays, especially the time he came down and help double team Gadsen. Really was impressed with Bly, had great coverage all day. Wistrom's speed on the D line was really noticeable. Great D against the run, really plugged the holes. Hey, the D held them to just 10 points!! That just made the Rams that much more nasty to play.


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        The greatest show on Earth is back!Man,did our Rams make a statement or what?Just brings more meaning to the question:Who you gonna cover?Our defense looked great.We showed the complete package today,and I believe we are just getting started.Next week we have what looks to be an easy game,but I'm willing to bet the Rams wont take Detroit lightly.Our Rams are becoming a mature football team.

        GO RAMS!


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          Good point Guitarboy51.

          This 2001 Rams team is, as the cliche goes, 'coming of age' as a group -- stars, rookies, new coaches and all. They're a clear indication of what a Championship Caliber team in the NFL is all about; and yes, they're in for the long haul! ;)

          Up next: Detroit. You're also right, not one member in this great herd of Bighorn will take the Lions lightly. Did you see what happened today in New England -- who would have guessed the Patriots taming a bunch of high-profile Colts!

          No, the Rams won't take the Lions lightly. They'll stampede and smack those felines hard in Detroit Monday night! :p

          I trust Martz and company will be well prepared and ready for that matchup; can't afford to underestimate anybody in the NFL.

          GO RAMS!!!
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            An Awesome Display!

            Yes I know that word is overused but I propose that in the football world today's performance was the epitamy of "awesome". One of the most exciting things was Torry Holt's display of his DB skills when he saved an interception for the team. This team is UNIFIED which makes them even more of a threat (they are the anti-vikings)


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              Rams know better than to underestimate. They'll blow them away, no doubt. No charity with nasty penalties this time. No more shooting ourselves in the foot. (The type of penalties they got this time do show they are playing with passion though. A good thing when under control.)

              What a way to start a week. A feeling I hope will last the season. Makes you want to pat them all on the back in person.


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                Best Game since????

                Without a doubt the best game since Mike took over as head coach...I would argue we were the most dominant since the Vikings playoff in '99.

                A few key observations:

                1) Other than the blitz that Marshall missed, and the rollout (I'll call it "The Catch" b/c it looked just like Montana to Clark) to end the 1st Half, Kurt wasn't hit much at all. Martz gave Adam Timmerman a game ball last week in S.F.; the whole O-Line deserves it this week

                2) We are getting great D-Line play from Zgonia, Ahonatu, and Young, three guys no one thought would do anything. Wistrom, Little, and Lewis are rounding into form....but where is Pickett, our other 1st round pick? Is he going to be a bust?

                3) Can you say enough about "The Greatest Show on Earth?" Don't know about you, but I'm starting to EXPECT TD's every time we get the ball, and its almost a surprise if we punt.

                4) Detroit should be a pushover (7 INT's for Detmer), but remember the game two years ago. They'll be flying b/c its Monday night and their home opener. Great chance for the whole country to see what we can do.

                GO RAMS and Hook 'Em Horns (Sooners Su*k!)


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                  *Max Q*....*The Termites*....

                  I love it! New catch phrases this year.

                  "The Dolphins didn't have a front-four rusher get close enough to blow air on Warner. Without any pressure, Holt, Bruce, Proehl and the rest of the receivers will eat up a secondary -- no matter what coverage.

                  That's why they call themselves The Termites.

                  "We just keep chewing you up," Holt said.

                  On this day, they ate right through one of the best defensive foundations in the league, causing it to crumble into a big pile of nothing. "

                  "Max Q is an aerospace term used by NASA and adopted by the Rams this season. Loosely translated, it means maximizing potential. On Sunday, the Rams' offense did just that, putting the proud Miami defense into orbit. "

                  What a game! Ya just cannot say enough about the way our team preformed Sunday. Total dominance on both sides of the ball.....Shut down corners? Hey Finfan that's a joke!


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                    no niners please

                    Originally posted by longhornrams
                    the rollout (I'll call it "The Catch" b/c it looked just like Montana to Clark) to end the 1st Half
                    I don't mean to quibble, and perhaps I'm being a little sensitive after hearing Bay Area worshipper John Madden dredge up the Warner-Montana comparison 5 seconds into the Rams game, but I have to disagree with this take. The Montana-Clark play was a fluke, given that Montana was trying to throw the ball out of bounds but given the pursuit and his notorious weenie-arm the throw didn't clear the endzone. Serendipity brought the ball to Clark. The rollout by Warner was pure guts. He threw that guy off him then gunned the ball in, and Marshall made a great catch. And word to Madden: stuff the Montana comparisons. If you have to compare him to someone, do it with the big guns like Marino and Fouts.

                    Lifelong Niner-hater


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                      LOL: alllrite AJD45! Ha-ha-ha! Very good! :p Yeaaaah!

                      Yeah! GO RAMS!!! :mad:


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                        Still a question

                        OK, I'll stop w/ the references to Joe Montana.

                        Seriously, though, what about our rookie class? Although they've only played 3 games, what do you think of our defensive picks?

                        Here's my grades:

                        Dameyune Lewis: B+. A stopper in the middle, Pressure (and a sack) on Garcia, but not yet an everyday player. Will he be the "Warren Sapp" of Lovie's scheme? Maybe

                        Adam Archuleta: B. Clearly an force on run support. No doubt he'll be a good cover safety in cover 2 eventually, but still a lot to learn back there. Good that he'll be taught by two Pro-Bowlers in Herring and Aeneas.

                        Tommy Polley: A-. Stepped up and took over with little loss from Mark Fields. This guy might really be able to play!

                        Brian Allen: Undecided. He's made some special teams plays, and the P-D is reporting he'll be London's backup now that the team has added Dustin Cohen off the practice squad as an OLB. We'll see when he gets some game action.

                        And I need help w/ Ryan Pickett. Any ideas?


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                          I think it's too early to say.

                          BUT and it's a big BUT here's my thoughts so far

                          LEWIS- he hasn't lived up to the hype and has a lot to learn but that defensive rotation is working well .

                          ARCHULETA - given the change in position, he has been a revelation. I was worried we'd picked a developmental pick that would end up a blow out but no worries now. This guy will go to the Pro Bowl, but not this year.

                          POLLEY - very impressive in place of Fields but I'll be happier when Fields is back.

                          ALLEN - wait & see

                          PICKETT- disappointed to see him as an inactive , looks like he's got a lot to learn. He's getting squeezed by the number of D linemen we're carrying. But he's young and there's plenty of time for him to become a force.
                          GO CLAYMORES : DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN


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                            C'mon ClanRAMS...

                            No mention of Young? :confused: Lewis won't get a start anytime soon the way Brian is playing.

                            Polley looked awesome out there. I like Fields but Polley will give him a run for the money.

                            Williams is havind a huge impact on our rookies & vets alike, IMO.
                            Dex is playing much more like a hard hitting all pro.

                            Go RAMS!!!!


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                              Thanks for mentioning Young, stlouy. An up-and-coming defensive star in the making.


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                              • K-Ram
                                Ram Offense
                                by K-Ram
                                Anybody else concerned with the Rams ineffective offense today against the Eagles. We've seen offensive problems during the pre-season but now I know the offense is struggeling.
                                -09-09-2001, 05:36 PM
                              • ZigZagRam
                                Ram Pride
                                by ZigZagRam
                                Forgive my rant but I woke up this morning and felt the need to write my thoughts. Where else would be better?

                                I don't know about you guys but for some strange reason, I feel like I did back in the SuperBowl years. Maybe not as if we were a lock for the big show, but as if I honestly believe that we can surprise everybody and win the whole she-bang! I'm sure my sanity has been questioned on this board with regard to the extreme optimist attitude I've had even during the low points of the season, but I'd be lying if I said I felt that this team was a SuperBowl contender during the Chandler-ception days.

                                As many of us did around here, I looked toward draft day and free agency, and whatever other moves could be made to get this train back on the tracks and rolling. But after what our guys have accomplished in the lsat month has given me a new pride as a Rams fan. I knew we were better than a .500 team, but were just unable to pull things together when it mattered most.

                                Things have changed.

                                Our guys are playing with a fire that wasn't there during the middle of the season. They're not jumping around like Seattle special teamers, the fire isn't seen anywhere but in their execution on the field. The fire is burning internally. Our Rams are playing the game like it should be done. They're taking accountability and doing whatever it takes to get their job done.

                                Leonard Little, our best defensive star, was only in for about 25% of the plays in Seattle. What happens? The defense doesn't fall apart. Big plays by Travis Fisher, Dejuan Groce, Jimmy Kennedy, and others held the Seahawks to just 20 points. Shaun Alexander had 3 yards per carry! When's the last time we held him to that?

                                The offensive performance speaks for itself. Marc Bulger is the man. Our young gun wide receivers give us an extra dimension reminiscent of the Greatest Show on Turf Days. And the team as a whole is doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

                                It's not pretty. They're just getting the it done. Put on the hard hats gentlemen. This season is far from over. I don't know about you, but I'm gonna ride this thing all the way down to Jacksonville! If you don't henestly believe that the St. Louis Rams belong in the SuperBowl, maybe ayou shouldn't be here!

                                I'm starting the rally cry for the 2005 Rams right here!

                                :helmet: GOTTA GO TO WORK! :ramlogo:
                                -01-13-2005, 09:27 AM
                              • general counsel
                                The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of our Xmas win
                                by general counsel
                                Merry New Year everyone. Sorry for the delay in getting my post game analysis up on the board, but i had to leave after the game for a xmas eve dinner at a close friend's house. I have virtually no voice left from screaming all game, but it sure was worth it.

                                What a fantastic football game to watch. The quality of the product the nfl puts on the field is really amazing. If you look at the records, neither of these two teams is very good. However, today was a very well played evenly matched game with only two turnovers and limited penalties. Some special teams excitement on both sides provided crucial turning points and ultimately affected the outcome. Can you imagine getting eliminated in a game where a no name kicker drills a 52 yarded with 3 minutes left while Money misses a virtual chip shot with the game on the line.

                                Our playoff prospects our still very tough. We need to beat minny and i believe we need three additional things to happen (unless there are additional tiebreakers i dont know about). We need to saints to beat carolina (good shot), the eagles to beat the falcons (good shot) and the redskins to beat the giants (decent shot). Having all three break our way is going to be tough, but looking at all of the games individually, i think we have a legitimate chance if we can win on our own.

                                The Rams showed heart today and the kind of offensive firepower that we have been waiting for all year. Against a redskins defense that had given up LESS THAN 300 YARDS each of the last two weeks against the saints and the eagles, we tallied 579 yards of total offense and 37 points with only one turnover. WE did it with a balanced attack and absolute superstar performances from both Bulger and The Big Boy. WE also did it with timely play from the defense and a very solid performance from a very young o line that played their hearts out without The Big Man.

                                One thing i think we can all agree on. If we win our last game and dont make it at 8-8 due to the tiebreakers, we can look back at the loss to arizona at home and clearly say that game cost us the playoffs. By far our worst loss of the season in my view, especially since we barely showed up at home against a lousy team. That is NOT the kind of loss a playoff caliber team can afford.

                                For this week, i am really going to enjoy being alive for another week. If we win that last game, i will be thrilled with the strong finish and the play of our young guys, especially on the o line as we look ahead to next year.

                                The Good

                                The Big Boy. LT is the best back in the NFL and an all time great. Right now, stephen jackson is the #2 overall all around back in the nfl and thats that. Gore and larry johnson are having great years, but all around, jackson has them both beat. The Big Boy is truly a manchild. The pick at #20 was a steal when we made it and Jackson can have no doubters left...
                                -12-24-2006, 07:30 PM
                              • RockinRam
                                This Is Ridiculous
                                by RockinRam
                                I am very dissapointed in how the Rams played today. I don't really want to say much. The performance of this team has speaked for itself.

                                *Run defense sometimes looks good, but other times gives up major critical runs.

                                *Pass rush is basically non-existent. I don't know why we do not blitz more, our front four can't get ANY pressure whatsoever. Even with blitzing, none of our guys can even touch the quarterback.

                                *Secondary is getting burned.

                                *Our O-Line is basically a bunch of big, slow, fat, lazy players that cannot block Bulger.

                                *Pittman shows no burst. (May be because of the lack of open lanes the o-line makes.)

                                *We always come into a game making good plays, getting a touchdown or a couple. But then, we slow down and we give up plays.

                                *We need to start thinking about next years draft. We need to completely rebuild this team. No more excuses.

                                I am disgusted.
                                -11-02-2008, 01:11 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Lineahn/Ram players post-game
                                by RamWraith
                                Rams Head Coach Scott Linehan

                                (On injuries)
                                “Andy McCollum has a left knee issue that doesn’t look very good. We will get the MRI, check it tomorrow and update you. Jimmy Kennedy had a fracture to his hand; he was able to play with it. We will evaluate that for next week. Those are the two significant injuries, other than that we came out pretty healthy.”

                                (On game)
                                “I couldn’t be more proud of our football team. There are no such things as style points in winning and sometimes we get caught up in that. I think these were some pretty interesting style points in how we won today, with the way our defense came out and pretty much dominated the game. When they had to dig down, they stopped them and got turnovers and gave us great field position. Offensively, we didn’t take that good of an advantage of it, but we are going to figure it out. It is one of those things that you can make too big of a point of it. We probably worked our red zone offense five times as much as I normally would this week. That is not what today is all about, today is about this new team, players, and staff alike and support people that work for the team are off to a great start. That is all it is, it is one game. We have a 24-hour rule: enjoy it for 24 hours and move on to next week. I am very happy for everyone in this organization.”

                                (On the work of the defensive coordinator)
                                “It was pretty impressive, I would credit the entire defensive staff and the players as well. Jim (Haslett) did a great job of preparing and we have a great defensive staff that has worked well together for years. Our defensive players have embraced everything we are doing. Half the battle is believing, and it paid dividends today. Just like anything else we have to back it up next week with a better effort. I will say it every week, there are key elements to this game there are stats with meaning and the number one stat is who takes care of the ball and who doesn’t. We were able to take care of the ball today and I was very happy about that.”

                                (On special teams)
                                “I now understand why they call Jeff Wilkins ‘Money’. We made him kick six field goals and he only missed one of them because we kept backing him up or else he would have made all seven. That is impressive. Our coverage teams were outstanding, and we could see that during the preseason, as we became a better coverage team. The play I will always remember is J.R. Reed returning that kick and then just willing himself into 15 more yards during the kick return. It is 10 percent technique and 90 percent desire. I think our special teams were pretty special today. “
                                Game Notes

                                WR Isaac Bruce made five receptions to total 818 career receptions, passing Henry Ellard (814) and Shannon Sharpe (815) for 11th place on the NFL’s all-time reception list.

                                Bruce had 64 yards receiving (12,342), passing WR Jimmy Smith (12,287) for 11th on...
                                -09-10-2006, 05:12 PM