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  • Oh Well!

    That was horrible!
    I must drink now!

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Oh Well!

    I just want to put this game behind me, just horrable!!!

    steve :ramlogo:
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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      Re: Oh Well!

      I waited all week for this junk? I was so disgusted that I quit watching with 5 minutes left in the game. I guess you could say that I quit just after the Rams did.


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        Oh Well! / BITE THE BULLET.

        It was bad, quite disappointing. We know better than that, the way we played today!

        BTW: I only got a glimpse of some of today's replays and thought I saw a Ram being carted off the filed. Who was that? What was the extent of the injury?


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          Re: Oh Well!

          i'm back to sucking my thumb and holding my blanky! :redface:


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          • AvengerRam_old
            Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            by AvengerRam_old
            This team has made us proud today!
            -01-08-2005, 05:57 PM
          • hoosier
            We pulled this out from you know where
            by hoosier
            Good evening Ram fans. Posted here last week and was warmly recieved, I hope that won't change.

            I said earlier that I thought the key to the game was your Oline. I think the first quarter pretty much proved that! Our front four couldn't get any pressure and a QB like yours can pick any Defense apart. In fact, you guys got better pressure on Manning than we did. Orlando pretty much owned Freeney and did himself proud on Nat'l TV. The thing about Freeney though is he never stops coming and finally did make a couple of plays late.

            Obviously, the turning point was the interception and the injury during the runback. I felt at the time like if that doesn't happen we have our first loss. Being a colts fan I've reconsidered that a little and tell myself we might've pulled it out anyway. No way to know for sure.

            On the fumble. I was yelling at the TV that "he got it back" and I thought he did. The replay scared me and I didn't know which way it would go. I have never seen the "dual possesion" called in a fumble situation. I have seen it in pass completions. If we got a gift, we got a gift. There have been times we didn't and that's true for any team.

            Good luck the rest of the year and I hope to not play you again any time soon!

            -10-18-2005, 04:44 PM
          • St.Louis Ram 56
            I saw some swagger !
            by St.Louis Ram 56
            I Just gotta say it...Right after we got 16 on the board, I Swear to god and I am not kidding, I saw Bulger and the Offense brake from huddle... line up, and on thier way to the line.. they had a Championship swagger! was good to see again,,even if it where just for 3 plays...

            i gotta tell ya...todays tailgate party was rough at Fed Ex field...4 Rams fans in a sea of Crimson and gold...the mouths where runnin and Laughen..... ( we did get alot of food just to they felt sorry for us...LOL) we got the last laugh today...first in a long time, felt good driving home co-pilot had the 4 x 6 flag out the window driving up 270 home from FED EX...

            only thing I was impressed by was one fan on that lot today respected us and said "man im not gonna say anything cause this one scares me" and he hung out by us and was respectful.. he is one fan i do respect from the skins side...

            WHAT A GREAT DAY!!! GO RAMS :ram:
            -10-12-2008, 04:52 PM
          • rampower
            Fantastic Victory
            by rampower
            Now did we look good or did we look good. Now that was a fantastic victory. 3-0 3-0 3-0!!!!! Today we played like champions.
            Lets hope its a good sign for the future.


            -09-30-2001, 02:06 PM
          • RamDez
            Sigh! ---------------
            by RamDez
            Watching the Rams is like Death by a thousand cuts ................................... :o
            -11-11-2012, 05:06 PM