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  • Don't Blame Bulger

    This team has some problems. Problems that must be addressed if this team is going to have any success this year.

    But, for all the offseason talk, one thing that must be acknowledged at this stage is...


    After two games, here are Bulger's stats:

    65 attempts, 47 completions, 72.3% completions, 557 yards, 2 TDs, 2 Ints.

    That's a QB rating of 95.5 (and, since it is inevitable that someone will bring that up, that is higher than the 89.2 rating that the Giants QB has).

    Marc Bulger is an above average NFL QB, and recent years have demonstrated that a team can win with less.

    So give Marc credit for what he has done, and lets focus on the real problems with this team.

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    Re: Don't Blame Bulger

    You are absolutely correct - Bulger is NOT the problem. There are things that you can see, like attention to detail, and common sense planning that are completely missing. Was that a plan for Michael Vick? How many times was he going to run that naked bootleg to the left before anyone would catch on? Stupid play calling, stupid decisions (challenging a play that was so painfully obvious that was just poor play on special teams - and Bobby April is gone) kept an inferior Arizona team in the game, and cost us today. The first problem that needs to be addressed is the coaching - ALL of the coaches, not just Martz. I will give credit where it is due - going for it on 4th down twice while down 14, going deep on 2nd and short. But when a team looks unprepared, unmotivated, and completely bewildered, it tells me they were not ready to play - in any facet of the game.

    17 points per game will get you about 7-9 in the NFL.


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      Re: Don't Blame Bulger

      Agreed about Bulger!

      Now I'm not so sure you can place the entire blame on the coaches. Sure there have been a few questionable play calls, but the players on defense flat out stunk today. The offensive line did not play that well either. They really could not get the running game going and the protection was not great. Bulger got hammered and still had a good game. The defense got their butts kicked up and down the field. Blown off the ball, missed tackles and generally uninspired play. Poor player execution will not win football games.

      Curly ~ Horns


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        Re: Don't Blame Bulger

        I agree with you that Bulger is not THE problem, all by himself, but he is certainly a PART of the problem. While he had some good stats today, he should have held on to the ball in the endzone and the interception on the next series certainly hurt also. I'm not naive enough to say he is the whole problem though.

        One thing I find interesting however, is that in the offseason, Bulger was a "special" QB, only two games into the season, he is above average. I wonder what you'll be saying at the midpoint and the end of the season. I guess we'll find out.

        recent years have demonstrated that a team can win with less.
        Yes teams can win DURING the season with less, but it's a little tougher to win in the playoffs and the Superbowl. The only "lesser" QB's that have done it recently have been Dilfer and Johnson, and they did it with a stellar defense.

        and, since it is inevitable that someone will bring that up, that is higher than the 89.2 rating that the Giants QB has
        For someone who's as sick of Warner as you claim to be, you sure continue to bring him up, but OK, I'll play along. I think it's a little too early to make this comparison, as well as it being a cheap shot to Warner to boot. Warner has played about 3 games in the last two years and is still pretty rusty. In addition to that, it's laughable that you would consider this a valid comparison when you look at the offensive weapons the Rams have compared to the Giants. Not to mention that Warner is still learning a new offensive system. With that said, he looked pretty damn good today. I was forced to watch the Giants, it was the only early game on here in PA. Of course 8 turnovers by the 'Skins didn't hurt either. Write this the end of the season, barring injury, of course, Warner will be back to his old self. We can then revisit this topic if you like. However, I'm disinclined to think any of you will want to do that!
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          Re: Don't Blame Bulger

          I agree 100% The qb has not been the blame its the poor decisions of our Head Coach you no Our genius who continually makes p..s poor decisions and never seems to get this team as ready to play as capable of. He MM, is not a motivator or leader as that goes!.....................But, you daid it best do not blame MB nor should any of you blamed KW! Line play is awful on both sides of the ball along with the game plan for most of our games!..............Mike Martz stand and be accounted for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            Re: Don't Blame Bulger

            1. I never said Bulger was a "special" QB. I think he is a well above average QB, and every bit as good as (if not better than) recent Super Bowl QBs Jake Delhomme, Brad Johnson, Rich Gannon, Trent Dilfer and Kerry Collins.

            2. I brought Warner up only because I knew someone else would if I didn't. I really don't care how Warner is playing, though I disagree with your prediction.

            3. Blaming Bulger for the fumble in the end zone is convenient for a confirmed Bulger detractor, such as yourself, Yodude. But to ignore the failure to protect Bulger on that play (and the play before), is simply selective ignorance.

            Bulger's not perfect. Far from it. But a QB with a 95.5 QB rating after two games falls pretty far down on the list of problems.


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              Re: Don't Blame Bulger

              I never said Bulger was a "special" QB. I think he is a well above average QB, and every bit as good as (if not better than) recent Super Bowl QBs Jake Delhomme, Brad Johnson, Rich Gannon, Trent Dilfer and Kerry Collins.
              I agree 100 %. But as I pointed out all of those guys LOST the Superbowl except Johnson and Dilfer, and they had the stellar defenses I was referring to.

              Blaming Bulger for the fumble in the end zone is convenient for a confirmed Bulger detractor, such as yourself, Yodude. But to ignore the failure to protect Bulger on that play (and the play before), is simply selective ignorance.
              Well that's the biggest crock of **** I've read in a while dude. That's no different than all the blame Warner got piled in his shoulders when the same issues existed with this team. You're as guilty of selective ignorance as anyone. On top of that, you're discription of me as a Bulger detractor is off base. Other than voice concerns over some of his shortcomings, I've never "bashed" Bulger. Most of my participation in the silly QB debates centered around support of Warner and maintaining that he didn't get a fair shot. I've said all along that Bulger is a talented young QB whom I've felt wasn't ready to start yet when he was handed the job. If you don't remember that, than there's some more "selective ignorance" for you.

              I really don't care how Warner is playing,
              That's typical of some of you guys. Make a comment to stir the pot, than ignore the response that you generate by your comments and come back with a childish "I don't care" comment. I notice how you totally ignored my comments pointing out why your Bulger/Warner QB rating comparison was not valid.

              Whatever...I've honestly had enough of this crap.

              For the record, I didn't blame Bulger for today's loss...our defense sucks!

              But if you don't even think that Bulger is PART of our problems, you're as blind as a bat!
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                Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                bulger is part of the problem. Remember when the teams o-line sucked and it was all Warners fault? I do , so I can blame bulger . The deer in the headlights came into playa few times today!Pace and his(i'm gonna get out of training camp) is B.S. And this defense really stunk! At least the game plan did! Unless this defense can improve drastically, These boys ain't gonig anywhere with bulger at the HELM!!!!!!!!!! This game was what I thought ..A gimme!The mudhens ain't that good! Our O-LINE is just bad at this point! Set myself up for insults............Let me have them! I did watch the game(SOBER!) :tongue:


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                  Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                  Blame percentages might be easier to figure out.

                  Defense (Or lack of)-60%
                  rest of the O-line-5%
                  Special teams-5%


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                    Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                    Agreed about Bulger!
                    Ditto here (even from a non-Bulgerite, yours truly). Marc needed more/better support today from both offense AND defense.

                    We are a better team than what transpired in today's game. Still in the "gel" process -- but MUST get it done by next week! That means Marc Bulger and his fine receiver corps. That means the OL to step up responsibly, too.

                    AAAAARGGHH! :angryram:


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                      Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                      Bulger's passer rating today: 102.2.

                      I'll take that "problem" any day.


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                        Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                        Yes siree. Point well taken, Avenger.

                        On the other hand, our running game wasn't running.


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                          Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                          Now what if there wasnt a holding penalty on the interception for a TD that was called back? What would his ratings of been then? And would you of said the same? (I'lltake that anytime)


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                            Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                            Not to mention it but he almost or could have had 3 INT's today!


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                              Re: Don't Blame Bulger

                              What if Mike Jones missed the tackle.

                              Answer: he didn't.


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                              • moklerman
                                A couple of questions...
                                by moklerman
                                First, let me say this isn't a bashing thread. It's too easy to kick a horse when he's down and I think there are quite a few easy targets on the Rams right now.

                                However, just like I didn't get too excited about last week's win against Arizona I'm not going to get too critical of today's loss against Atlanta.

                                The first question I have, related to the overall coaching and personnel management is related to the qb. The argument that some, including myself, have been making in defense of keeping Warner, is that his overall support was questionable in a lot of cases. Bulger has proven to be no more effective in my opinion, but on the whole a lot luckier than Warner. It's not an attack on Bulger, just an observation that numerous times Bulger has been bailed out of his mistakes whereas Warner was not. The interception return for a td today is a good example of this.

                                Some are coming around to the fact that playcalling, personnel and opponents have an effect on how well a qb succeeds. Marc Bulger's 1-3 in his last 4 starts now, and coming up on a tough schedule. If the Rams continue to stuggle under his leadership will he be cast off?

                                Secondly, I thought it a crazy idea at the time, but last year more than one person suggested that we keep Lovie and get rid of Martz. On the surface this seems like an outlandish, extreme course of action. However, with the Rams lack of turnovers and the Bears relatively quick success this may not have been such a bad idea. Lovie has given Thomas Jones new life, his defense is creating turnovers and scoring points and all in all doing rather well for having a new head coach. In addition, Martz doesn't seem to be progressing as a coach in a lot of areas and if it's already been established that the Rams can't win the big one unless Martz makes some changes in philosophy, is it wise to keep him?
                                -09-20-2004, 01:38 AM
                              • RamsInfiniti
                                For the Bulger haters ....
                                by RamsInfiniti
                                Rams quarterback Bulger absorbs unfair criticism
                                By Bryan Burwell
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                In victory or defeat, Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson are always the most interesting guys in the Rams locker room. Bulger, the quarterback, is the conservative, calculated introvert; Jackson, the power running back, is the definitive swashbuckling extrovert. Bulger often dishes details in quiet moderation, dodging around controversy like a nimble dancer. Jackson often hurls himself directly into the teeth of a maelstrom with bold proclamations.

                                But in the eyes of some St. Louis Rams fans, these two conflicting personalities will always be one and the same. In good times and bad, in victory or defeat, Bulger and Jackson wear the dreaded labels of The Replacement Players, never to be judged for who they are, but always for who they are not.

                                Bulger isn't Kurt Warner.

                                Jackson isn't Marshall Faulk.

                                On Sunday afternoon at the Edward Jones Dome, they both heard and felt the wrath of those unsatisfied fans throughout the course of a 34-13 loss to Warner's Arizona Cardinals. Any time the Cardinals come to town, Bulger knows what to expect. He is going to be measured (and drawn and quartered, too) by the scoreboard and the stat sheet comparison with the Super Bowl hero he replaced six seasons ago.

                                "If you want to put the blame on me (for why the offense struggled), well, I don't care," Bulger said in a quiet but combative voice. "Oh, I know everyone's going to say it's my fault. They're going to say I'm throwing off my back foot or crap like that. But you know what? I don't care what people say. All I care about are what my teammates and my family says. Everyone else? I don't give a damn."

                                After seven years of this never-ending Bulger vs. Warner saga, the Rams QB no longer concerns himself with trying to win an unwinnable public debate. Those who love Warner will always love Warner, and bash Bulger. He gets that better than most. He knows that nothing shy of five Super Bowls and a Hall of Fame induction will get the haters off his back. He also knows that games like this will supply ammunition to those who always seek to praise his good friend at his expense.

                                So as he stood in front of his locker stall, he prepared for the barrage because he knew there was no question that the former understudy was outplayed by his old mentor. Warner threw for more yards (342 to 186), had a better completion percentage (67 percent to 48 percent), a higher pass-efficiency rating (120.0 to 60.9), and was never harassed or frustrated by the pass rush like Bulger was. Warner is running one of the NFL's most potent offenses, and Bulger is laboring with one of the league's worst outfits (28th).

                                On Sunday, that Rams offense turned from bad to worse. Within the first few minutes, Bulger was stuck with no running...
                                -11-03-2008, 08:19 AM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Marc Bulger
                                by Guest
                                Mark Bulger is a wimp. He has a "swagger" that annoys the hell out of me since he has proven he cannot run a great offense designed by a great coach. Bulger has proven NOTHING to me. Mike Martz is an amazing coach, the only real mistake he's made is replacing Kurt Warner with Bulger. Bulger is a LOSER and belongs somewhere else. Bulger single handedly LOST the game vs SF with that pathetic pass that got intercepted when we we drove to win the game. I don't know what his problem is, but I do know that I cannot get behind this guy when he keeps f'king up. There is one team I follow in the NFL, and as long as this guy keeps playing like the twat he is it will only make me spit in his face. He puts up one good PASS, and Millen is praising him. Martz is the playcaller and unless the Rams make the second round of the playoffs, I don't think Bulger deserves ANY credit. NONE. 3 times today he got sacked that ANY qb, ANY other qb, he wouldve avoided it. On the final drive, 3rd down, there was NO ONE near Marc, NO ONE, and he gets severe happy feet and throws quickly to Marshall for a 5 yard gain. Trouble is, we needed 10 for the first. HE HAD ALL F'KIN tellin me he couldn't find anybody? NOBODY? Chris Miller wouldve got the first. With Warner at QB and with Kurt listening to Martz, the RAMS win today 48-3. Bulger is a cancer on this team, and I'm very sorry to say this, because what I want, is the Rams WINNING. One more thing, Bulger is perhaps the SLOWEST QB in the league. Matt Millen kept praising this bum, seems to me Bulger's daddy paid him off, cuz Bulger showed NOTHING today. With these recievers I couldve thrown for more yards and td's.
                                I'm really happy we won this game, but if I hear any people cutting up Martz, I'll say He's the one who built this team, NOT Marc Bulger or a loser executive who gets' busted for being a RAT, a bigmouthed RAT at that. Marc Bulger is a LOSER.
                                -09-18-2005, 05:54 PM
                              • RockinRam
                                Bulger never got the credit he deserved
                                by RockinRam
                                This is a must read, especially for all those Bulger haters....
                                -06-25-2010, 10:48 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Bulger didn't really defeat Kurt's ghost
                                by RamWraith
                                By Bryan Burwell
                                St. Louis Post-Dispatch
                                Bryan Burwell

                                TEMPE, ARIZ. He's been competing against the legend of Kurt Warner for more than three years now, but until now Marc Bulger figured it was always this impossibly elusive, ethereal thing. How exactly are you supposed to chase a ghost of greatness, anyway? This was never a fair fight, and he knew it. It was as fruitless as grasping at clouds or clutching at a whiff of smoke.

                                But Sunday afternoon in the energy-draining desert heat inside Sun Devil Stadium, Bulger was no longer chasing the wispy apparition of Warner's magical past. This was tangible stuff. This was a head-to-head, winner-take-all showdown that could have allowed Bulger to finally measure up fairly against his old mentor.

                                But at the end of this long day, even after Bulger's Rams had beaten Warner's Arizona Cardinals 17-12, the simple truth was that Bulger didn't do quite enough to douse the flames of this heated, passionate football morality play between Warner's past and Bulger's future.

                                This game could have been the defining statement game that finally would make Warner lovers find just a smart place in their hearts for Bulger, too. But instead, his numbers were nothing spectacular - 18 of 29, 216 yards, one touchdown, one interception, four sacks, one fumble - and they could have been a lot better.

                                For the second week in a row, the 28-year-old passer was not as sharp as he could have been.

                                "I'm curious," he asked me as we stood in front of his locker stall as his teammates slowly filtered out of the cramped old place. "What are you comparing us to, '99 to 2001, or last week?"

                                There's a large slice of folks who always will compare everything Bulger does (or more accurately, doesn't do) to everything Warner did do during his halcyon "Greatest Show on Turf" years. I'm not so demanding. I'd just like to see a little more of the Bulger who was so dazzling towards the end of last season.

                                "You know," I told him, "You had a chance today to close the door on all this Kurt versus Marc stuff."

                                "Oh really?" he said, chuckling. "And how's that?"

                                "Well, if you had put up some better (passing) numbers," I said.

                                Like a fine defense attorney, Bulger objected. "Look at this week's NFL statistics. It shows that we're ranked at or near the top in total offense after last week (fourth in the NFL, first in the NFC), and what good did it do us last week? We still lost. So we didn't get the numbers this week, but we won," he said with a slight shrug of the shoulder, and a sly smile.

                                "You guys can pick apart the stats all you want, but I've told you before and I'll say it again. All I care about is winning."

                                Winning is the...
                                -09-19-2005, 06:23 AM