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    Why was it that with 2:00 left in the 4th, Martz still had Warner and Faulk in the game? Was he afraid it would slip away?

    Some people will feel really stupid when one of the two get's hurt either by a legit play, or cheap shot because someone felt the score was being run up. These two are too important to this team and have no business being on the field at the end of a blowout. We have RB's and QB's that need this game experience.

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    hmmm, you know, that's an excellent question, i had to listen to it instead of watching, but that's a definite legitimate question...


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      Not to be too picky or anything, but the last two minutes the ball was in the Dolphins possession. And half way through the Rams last possession (not counting Fletcher's interception at the end) Canidate came in for Faulk. Remember, Canidate got his first TD on that run! Besides, you want to be the one who tells Warner and Faulk to sit it out? Good luck! ;)


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        Wist, I may be a couple of minutes off on the time. I know Warner was in at the end and all they had to do was neel, so there is no point in the back up ocming in.

        But we were up 35-10 and couldn't have been more than 4 minutes and change left. Justin and the Virginia kid both need some game experience, and one could have played. Well, I know Justin has played and even started for the Colts for a while, so that's a little different. But still, it seems like the smart thing to do would be to build depth.

        Anyway, just curious. I know the Rams are not the only team that does that. I guess the teams want to get their money's worth from the players with fat contracts. Anyway, thanks for the replies.


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        • RamWraith
          Paint this picture
          by RamWraith
          The Rams offense with no Warner. I hope we all saw last night (K.C. game) how important Warner is to this offense. Warner is the engine to this thing! And all the others are the wheels, yes even Faulk. I am getting pretty tired of hearing that Faulk is the man (although a stud!) without Warner there, how does he get the ball? Faulk can not take a game over like some backs, he relies more on his recieving ability and without a good quarterback we are in trouble. I hate to say this folks but if Warner goes down this year, we could be in for a long season. He by far is the most valuable piece to our car, and it showed with flying colors last night. We couldn't even control a game if we had a gret defense cause we can't run the ball with any type of authority, we have to pass to set up the run *LOL*.

          Here's to a healthy season to ALL the positions on this offense, as we all know to well what an injury may due to the greatest show on earth.
          -09-01-2001, 08:07 AM
        • jdpbmo
          Rams vs NE
          by jdpbmo
          Man o' man, that was a good game. First award goes to the defense for doing their thing. Right now they are the glue that is holding this team together and on top. I love to watch that offense and they are something else, when the interceptions and fumbles are avoided. That point still bothers me, but hey you can't throw too many stones at 8-1. I would really like to see them stick it to TB and NO. I don't think they will have much trouble with TB, but the NO game will be tough. I hope Brooks throws some interceptions then takes off to tackle the man so we can plow him like they did Warner in the dome. I thought our special teams did an excellent job. Their crowd was really into the game and Warner and company did a great job of neutralizing them by scoring. I also liked the way we held the ball at the end of the game by a stiff does of Faulk and Warner. Faulk is amazing, as a player, as a person, as a role model. I thought Warner threw the ball better last night, at least it looked like the thumb didn't affect him as much. I think when they got that first down late with the little flare to Faulk that is the first time I have seen Martz show emotion. Hell, even when he's on someone he seems cool and composed. I didn't understand the timeout with a few seconds left in the 3rd quarter? Not much else, just great job again and a wonderful team effort.:angryram:
          -11-19-2001, 12:37 PM
        • porkchop
          Is the staff insane?
          by porkchop
          I posted a couple of weeks ago that star players on this team don't have business in the game at the end of a blowout. No one seemed to think twice about it. I think that is dangerous coaching, not to mention tasteless.

          Which brings me to my next point..

          How many hits does Warner have to take before the staff realizes that their star player is not Superman?

          Does anyone know how many times Warner was hit Sunday? 16 was the last count I heard. 16 hits on the QB of the "best team in the league" is ludicrous! Is it just me?!?!
          What was Martz talking about in pre-game when he said he didn't want Strahan making any pep rallies over there? I only ask, because he did nothing to stop Strahan all game long. Nothing except put in another tackle half way through the 4th quarter. Strahan was all over Warner all day. He had 4 sacks and probably 8 hits atleast. Yet the staff did nothing. No chip blocks, no double teams, nothing. Tucker can't handler Strahan on a good day, much less being banged up. Where does Martz get off is my question?! Did Martz think he would just suite up and play tackle himself or something?!

          Faulk is out and Warner is next. Mark my words, Warner will go down this year because of the staff. There is not a person on the board that wasn't holding their breath when Warner went down in the 4th. The next time he might not be so lucky. There is not a team in the league that would pass up a shot at Warner. Whether it's a legal shot or an illegal shot. You have to protect your players.

          Flame away!
          -10-15-2001, 08:30 PM
        • RamWraith
          Dr. Z's mailbagg---SI
          by RamWraith

          Here come the Rams. And a pair of thank you's to Stephen of North Vancouver, B.C., and Bart of Washington. Steve asks -- why was Mike Martz willing to do a quick switch from Warner to Bulger, but he's dragging out the Marshall Faulk to Steven Jackson thing? Bart wants to know what will be next year's approach, if Jackson really replaces Faulk? First of all, Martz dragged out the Warner-Bulger thing, too. Warner got his job back as soon as he supposedly got over the broken finger two years ago. Last season, going into the Giants opener, Martz told Fox's Pam Oliver, on camera, than Warner was his quarterback to the bitter end, come hell or high water. The high water arrived next week and lasted all season. Running back is a different position. You can alternate them, or use them together, but you can't do that with QBs. Jackson might be a slight improvement in the running game, but no back was the pass-catching threat Faulk was. Repeat, was. He dropped a couple against Seattle, remember? They won't be able to put Jackson in the slot and run him downfield as effectively as they did with Faulk. But who says Marshall will be gone? Maybe he'll be a third down passing-situations back.

          My question is - will Marshall's pride allow him to be a backup type like a third down back? Judging from his interview statements, he's as much in denial as Warner was, he's simply had less attention focused on him because he's not a QB and he doesn't have a call-in show junkie wife.
          -10-23-2004, 02:28 PM
        • RamWraith
          Lets Hear It
          by RamWraith
          I want to heat EVERYONES opinion on the offense this weekend. Is it time to get nervous????
          -09-10-2001, 07:44 AM