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  • Sung to the tune of...

    "Happy days are here again", (for those who are so inclined);)

    Rams are turning things around at last
    Shaw and Ziggy’s crap is in the past
    Spag's is here to stay, the die is cast
    Rams are back on track again

    Billy’s got his eyes upon the draft
    Showing everyone he’s honed his craft
    In our drafts before, the pundits laughed
    Rams are coming back again

    Bulger’s finally smiling just a bit
    His new center is a perfect fit
    Now at last he won’t get hit and hit
    Rams are going to win again

    Ron Bartell has got his corner spot
    And Atogwe’s going to still be hot
    Hill and Butler both will get their shot
    Rams are on the attack again

    D-Line’s finally got a touch of gray
    Looks like they may finally have their day
    Anyway, it’s clear they’re here to play
    Rams may get more sacks again

    Steven Jackson’s glad he’s now a Dad
    Contract’s done, so he’s no longer mad
    Gonna run like hell, and catch a tad
    Rams got running backs again

    Our receivers seem to lack some age
    Maybe so, but wait ‘til they engage
    Other team’s DBs, they will upstage
    Rams'll scare some D's again

    As a team, this all will take some time
    Lot of work ahead, an uphill climb
    And I just ran out of things that rhyme
    Rams are fun to watch again

    So OK, I hope this finds you well
    We’ll no longer hear the tolling bell
    Looks like character will finally tell
    Rams'll kick some 'A' again
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    Re: Sung to the tune of...

    Hahahaha that just made my day.
    Go Rams!:ram:


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      Re: Sung to the tune of...

      That was very very good.


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        Re: Sung to the tune of...

        Nicely done!


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          Re: Sung to the tune of...

          Wow.....I can see that being sang on Saturday Nigh live.


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          • RamsSB99
            To many holes to fill. If healthy the following could give us a decent season IMO.
            by RamsSB99
            Assuming we have an uncapped year here are the unrestricted free agents I would like to see the Rams go after.

            Unrestricted Free Agents:
            Leigh Bodden CB 6'1 195
            Ben Watson TE 6'3 255
            Julius Peppers DE 6'7 283 (If we don't trade for Umenyiora the cheaper less commitment option)

            RD 1: Ndamukong Suh 6'4 305 DT (Would help entire defense DE's, LB's & DB's)
            RD 2: Sean Witherspoon 6'1 241 LB (Need another quality LB to go with J. Lau)
            RD 3: Danario Alexander 6'5 216 WR (big WR slowed early in career by injury)
            RD 4: Trade for Osi Umenyiora 6'3 261 DE (good at applying pressure)

            Resign the following restricted free agents:
            O.J. Atogwe 5'11 210 28 FS (resign)
            Alex Barron 6'7 315 27 OT (value sign)
            Clifton Ryan 6’3 316 26 DT (value sign)

            David Vobora 6’1 238 23 (value sign)

            Although I am not a big Bulger fan I would not mind keeping him one more year if we could address several other areas of concern. Bulger can be serviceable and its not like we are going from a 1 win team to the Superbowl in one year. Laurent Robinson looked like he might be our best WR prior to going down last year. If he returns healthy and we get Danario Alexander a big WR who had an outstanding college year (more then a TD per game and nearly 130 yards per game) then we might have a decent WR core to go along with Jacksons running game.

            Here would be our starters with the additions mentioned:

            DE – Chris Long 6'3 265 24
            DT – Ndamukong Suh 6’4 305 (Draft Round 1)
            DT- Clifton Ryan 6’3 316 26 (Resign RFA)
            DE – Osi Umenyora 6’3 261 29 (Trade 4th round pick) OR Julius Peppers

            SLB –David Vobora 6’1 238 23(Resign RFA)
            MLB – James Laurinatis 6’2 245 23
            WLB – Sean Witherspoon 6’1 241 (Draft Round 2)

            CB – Ron Bartell 6'1 210 27
            CB – Leigh Bodden 6’1 193 28 (Sign UFA)
            FS – O.J. Atogwe 5'11 210 28 (Resign RFA)
            SS – James Butler 6’3 215 27

            QB – Marc Bulger
            RB – Steven Jackson 6'2 235 26
            FB – Mike Karney 5’11 260 28
            TE – Ben Watson 6’3 255 29
            (Sign UFA)
            WR – Laurent Robinson 6’2 195 24, Brandon Gibson 6’1 205 22
            WR – Donnie Avery 5'11 185 25, Danario Alexander 6’5 216 (Round 3)
            LT – Jason Smith 6’5 305 23
            LG – Jacob Bell 6'4 295 28
            C – Jason Brown 6'3 320 26
            RG – John Greco 6'4 315 24,Adam Goldberg 6’7 320 29
            RT - Alex Barron 6'7 315 27 (Resign RFA)

            Special Teams
            K – Josh Brown 6’0 212 30
            P – Donnie Jones 6’2 222 29
            -02-14-2010, 03:48 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            Av's "Other Draft Board" (My "Big 33")
            by AvengerRam_old
            Given how the choice for the first pick has narrowed, I think it is more productive for me to post a different type of draft board from my typical "top 10" list.

            I call this my "Big 33." Essentially, this is a list of 33 players who I would consider in either Round 1 or Round 2.

            Let me clarify. Most of these players are not among those I'd consider with the first pick (for me, that list has only two names on it). Likewise, many of the players have little or no chance of being there at pick No. 33. Finally, there are players likely to go in the top 33 (i.e. Taylor Mays, Carlos Dunlap, Rolando McClain) who I, for various reasons, would not consider with either the Rams two picks.

            All that stated, because the list has 33 players on it, the Rams will (absent a trade) have the opportunity to draft at least two of these players (they might not wish to, of course: i.e. if they take Bradford first, and the only players left from the list at #33 are Colt McCoy and Dan LeFevour - in that situation, I'd look to trade down).

            This list will be important to me because I will use it (or an updated version, should I choose to one) as my checklist for Thursday and Friday of Draft Weekend.

            So... here it is (listed by position):

            Sam Bradford (QB)
            Jimmy Clausen (QB)
            Colt McCoy (QB)
            Dan LeFevour (QB)
            C.J. Spiller (RB)
            Ryan Matthews (RB)
            Jahvid Best (RB)
            Dez Bryant (WR)
            Demaryius Thomas (WR)
            Golden Tate (WR)
            Jermaine Gresham (TE)
            Russell Okung (OT)
            Brian Bulaga (OT)
            Anthony Davis (OT)
            Trent Williams (OT)
            Vladmimir Ducasse (OT)
            Mike Iupati (OG)
            Ndamukong Suh (DT)
            Gerald McCoy (DT)
            Dan Williams (DT)
            Brian Price (DT)
            Derrick Morgan (DT)
            Jason Pierre-Paul (DE)
            Brandon Graham (DE)
            Everson Griffen (DE)
            Corey Wooten (DE)
            Sergio Kindle (DE/LB)
            Sean Weatherspoon (LB)
            Joe Haden (CB)
            Kyle Wilson (CB)
            Patrick Robinson (CB)
            Eric Berry (S)
            Earl Thomas (S)
            -03-12-2010, 12:05 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            Which starters should be back as starters next year?
            by AvengerRam_old
            This is the list of who I'd like to see back as starters next year (some players I may want to see on the roster, but not as starters):


            QB: Marc Bulger
            RB: Steven Jackson
            FB: Madison Hedgecock
            WR: Torry Holt
            WR: Isaac Bruce
            TE: Brandon Manumaleuna
            OT: Orlando Pace
            G: Claude Terrell
            C: Andy McCollum
            G: Adam Timmerman
            OT: Alex Barron

            DE: Leonard Little
            DT: Jimmy Kennedy
            DT: Ryan Pickett
            DE: Tony Hargrove
            OLB: Dexter Coakley
            MLB: Chris Claiborne
            OLB: Pisa Tinoisamoa
            CB: Travis Fisher
            CB: Dejuan Groce
            SS: Adam Archuleta
            FS: Mike Furrey
            -11-16-2005, 10:32 AM
          • AvengerRam_old
            *MOCK GAMBLING* - Week 2 (Everyone Can Still Play!)
            by AvengerRam_old
            Okay, first thing's first. Here are the current standings:

            1, Black Hills Ramman $100.00
            1. jkramsfan $100.00
            1. Scidog68 $100.00
            4. OldRamsfan1 $90.00
            4. majorram $90.00
            6. HUbison $80.00
            7. Chiledog $75.00
            7. DJRamFan $75.00
            7. laram0 $75.00
            7. PandaRam $75.00
            7. wttrash2 $75.00
            7. txramsfan $75.00
            13. RamWraith $70.00
            14. AvengerRam $60.00
            14. ram3057 $60.00
            14. ramstiles $60.00
            14. sprtsmac $60.00
            18. viper3 $55.00
            19. adarian too $50.00
            19. JackieSlater $50.00
            19. jjsram $50.00
            19. ramstiles $50.00
            19. psycho9985 $50.00
            19. RamDez $50.00
            25. theodus69 $35.00
            26. cowboyhater $25.00
            26. Fargo Ram Fan. $25.00
            26. Ferter $25.00
            26. rampower $25.00
            26. STLRAMSFAN $25.00
            26. talkstoangels61 $25.00
            32. AugustaRamFan $10.00
            32. supachump $10.00
            32. thoey $10.00
            35. RAMMAN68 $0.00

            Now, for this week's game:

            Rams (+1) @ Arizona

            And, this week's bonus questions:

            For $20 each:

            Which player (either team) will have the most:

            1. Receiving yards
            2. Tackles
            3. Interceptions/Fumble Recoveries

            Remember... everyone can still play. If you didn't join in week 1, you can join now and you get $75.00 to start.

            If you have no $, you can still play the bonus questions!

            Good luck!
            -09-13-2005, 10:09 AM
          • AvengerRam_old
            *Final* AR Complete Round 1 Mock
            by AvengerRam_old
            This is my story, and I'm sticking to it!

            1. Houston Texans: Reggie Bush, RB, USC
            Don't be fooled by reports of negotiations with Mario Williams. He's just a pawn to get Bush's price down a bit. Bush is the "can't not take this guy" prospect in this draft.

            2. New Orleans: Mario Williams, DE, NC State

            Saints will get a guy who will be an impact rookie, and will a Pro Bowl selection within a few years. OTs in the NFC South will hate this pick.

            3. Tennessee Titans: Vince Young, QB, Texas
            For months, everyone has tried to find a reason to downgrade Young. The bottom line is, he's an exceptional performer on the football field, which is all that really should matter.

            4. New York Jets: Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland
            D'Brickashaw Ferguson would be the safer and, perhaps, the more logical choice, but the Jets are still a Broadway team, and Davis will make a lot more highlight film plays.

            5. Green Bay Packers: A.J. Hawk, OLB, OhioState
            With Williams gone, they will select the top remaining defensive player in the draft. Will be an instant impact player for the Packers.

            6. San Francisco Niners: Michael Huff, DB, Texas
            Niners will be a bit thrown by the selection of Davis at number 4, as he was likely their target. Huff will be touted as the next Ronnie Lott, though he's a different type of player.

            7. Oakland Raiders: Matt Leinart, QB, USC
            Leinart would have been the first pick in 2005, but he'll drop to number 7 in this draft. No problem – with his Hollywood image, he'll make up the money in endorsement contracts.

            8. Buffalo Bills: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia
            Bills are surprised by Ferguson's fall, and will eagerly snatch him up. He'll start as a rookie, obviously.

            9. Detroit Lions: Antonio Cromartie, DB, FSU
            There always seem to be surprises coming out of Detroit, and this year is no exception. Cromartie's stock has been shooting up in recent weeks following his workout.

            10. Arizona Cardinals: Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt
            Many teams (not the Rams, though) will try to trade up for Cutler but, in the end, he'll head to the Southwest to be Kurt Warner's short-term understudy.

            11. St. Louis Rams: Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon
            Pickett, Lewis, Kennedy… will four times be the charm? Ram fans hope so, and Ngata is certainly a good prospect. Maybe the best prospect of the bunch.

            12. Cleveland Browns: Brodrick Bunkley, DT, FSU
            Fast rising Bunkley will be a welcome addition in Cleveland. They would have been happy with Ngata too.

            13. Baltimore Ravens: Winston Justice, OT, USC
            Will be a good RT initially, and will be the heir apparent to Jonathan Ogden, who is now 32. A good value pick.

            14. Philadelphia Eagles: Chad Jackson, WR, Florida
            While Eagles didn't miss TO's BS, they missed his...
            -04-27-2006, 10:19 AM