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So we have to MOVE on

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  • So we have to MOVE on

    This week is already driving me insane, and in my head ,why the Rams did this, did that :bored: :bored: .... So we have to move ON and I can't wait for the Rams to set foot on OUR home turf..PUT THIS THING RIGHT. I just hope that the D has learn't something in Atlanta, we got truly Blooded there, someone (the name escapes me)said it best in another thread, "I thing this is the worse game I've seen the Rams D play"... I agree totally, they are going to have to over achieve on D if we are going to have any chance this year... so I hope the Rams give the Fans something to cheer about next week and for god sake play with some FIRE D!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!! maybe a turnover would be nice!!!! you know

    P.S have a great bash Clan, bring us a win home :redface:

    steve :ramlogo:
    steve :ramlogo:
    "The breakfast Club":helmet: