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Lets go Rams!!! Its time!!!

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  • Lets go Rams!!! Its time!!!

    I cannot wait to attend the game this week. I go to the Whiner Rams game at candlestick-3com every year as I am going this year. As much as I love going into their house and flying my colors this will be something else. Surrounded by all those people that love the Rams is gonna be great.
    Their is alot of negativity right now and we all are questioning some things.
    Hell I was pissed yesterday at the way the team played. I still am, but fighting back early in the season and letting people know hey it was just one bad game is a huge statement. I remember Last year every journalists was talking trash on the Rams after week one. What happened? The Rams won the division. This team has alot to prove this week and I cannot wait to watch them prove it. Rams are gonna trash the aints and all of that are attending will be celebrating all over St Louis talking about how great the Rams looked. Pretty soon we will see 2-1 hmmm 5-1, 9-1, and so on and so on.

    P.S... all you Eagle and Viking loving Journalists Moss this, Owens that, neither one of those boys has a running mate like Bruce or Holt have, nor do they have the class that our boys have . Its time for the league to be awaken by the greatest show on Turf. Lets go Rams!!!!!!!!!!