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So, it's starting to become real ....

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  • So, it's starting to become real ....

    And that means no more excuses. You know, we've been one of the league's whipping boys for a couple years know. It's commonplace to crack jokes about the Rams, we have been one of the league's worst. And man, we're just now a decade removed from our glorious Super Bowl run ...

    So look at us now? The accountants and lawyers have been run out of dodge. We've got a real football man coaching this team, a real deal coaching staff, no more washed up defensive coordinators, or offensive coordinators trying to reinvent the GSOT. We've got solid football men running the show. While I don't think we'll be high octane and balls to wall, I do think these guys will put a smash mouth no nonsense product on the field, but still find a little time to be creative and fun ...

    So what does this all mean? Well, we are not going to be the laughing stock anymore. As somebody mentioned, eventually, somebody is going to start noticing us and then the Rams will matter again. And what will that mean? It will mean losing will really hurt. Not hurt like it did the past two years, because we were just plain bad. It will hurt because there are real expectations, because we will be expected to matter, and we will be expected to be a factor ...

    These guys are making all the right moves. Jason Brown was our splash, and I like that, but it's the little pieces that get added that will really count. It will be getting a Setterstrom back on the field, growing an Adeyanju, resigning a Jason Craft to do dirty work, rebuilding Tye Hill, that will make us contenders. Can they accomplish all this in a short period of time? We'll see ...

    But boy, what a transformation. Just a year ago, we were one of the oldest teams in the league, now we are one of the youngest. There is a new dynamic here. In recent years past, I've been nervous going into the off season and I've always tried to find someway to be positive, which I have succeeded at. I don't have to find a reason this year, because they've already given us quite a few ...

    I must say, the nervousness is REALLY here now, but not because I am afraid to lose. Believe it or not, I'm actually a little afraid of winning at this point ...

    Now figure that one out ...

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    Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

    It will begin to become real when: we actually play smash mouth football with the winers and seabirds. There ARE some bues to be paid fron past years. When we actually start kicking tail and taking names, then you can say, "Man its starting to become real!!!!!!!!!!!" Enough of being a Gateway doormat already!!!!!!!!!


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      Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

      Nice commentary / post Infinity. I agree with your feeling(s) -- this is a year of high apprehension and expectation. New people in the F.O., new HC and staff. Players feeling the excitement as well.

      We may not all of a sudden win a 2nd SB but, yes: it's starting to become real. :ram:

      GO RAMS! :helmet:

      PS: Not to worry IrishO'40. The Rampage is on it's way against our enemies. :<>


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        Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

        Here, here!

        Loved the part about how losing hurts. After we lose I want to feel the way I did after losing to the Patriots and then the Panthers. I have hated losing, but unfortunately no matter how much I lie to myself, I have come to expect it and it doesn't hurt as much as it use to. I want that winning feeing back, and I think it is on its way. Don't let us down Spags!!!

        Of course that being said we are still a bad team and it will take some pretty dang good coaching to pick us up off the bottom, so let me rephrase that: Surprise all the doubters this year Spags!!!


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          Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

          Originally posted by C-Mob 71 View Post
          Loved the part about how losing hurts.
          Agreed. What a great observation and something I really hadn't thought about, until now. Thanks RamsInfiniti.


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            Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

            Originally posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
            I must say, the nervousness is REALLY here now, but not because I am afraid to lose. Believe it or not, I'm actually a little afraid of winning at this point ...

            Now figure that one out ...
            For me it's all about expectations and what I will accept as a fan for the upcoming season. My mind set right now after all the changes that have been made is that we are in the rebuilding mode. I have to keep that in the front of my mind. Should we come out of the blocks with a win or two it will be tough to hang onto that mind set. Early wins bring an "automatic" change in expectation. That's when the losses really hurt again.

            I'm all for a quick turnaround, I think that's pretty obvious for everyone that is a RAMS fan. I just don't want to set myself up for the pain if it doesn't happen.

            GO RAMS!
            sigpic :ram::helmet:


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              Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

              It's a really strange feeling I guess ...

              Seemingly, I've gotten used to losing the past two years, as many of you have, I am sure. If you look at last year, after the two victories over Washington and Dallas, we instantly starting talking playoffs and winning the division. Looking back, that was extremely unrealistic ...

              At this point, I am starting to develop some "expectations" so to say. These guys are running this organization like a real football operation at this point. Hence, it's time to really treat it as such. It's hard to let go of the past few years and say let's start at ground zero, but that is practically what we are doing. With that comes alot of uncertainty, but it goes along with the change in culture ...

              Once you lose, time and time again, you expect that you are going to lose. No matter how optimistic you are, you are always thinking in the back of your mind, how are we going to pull this one off? It hurts to lose. But what happens when you start winning? Well, at this point, you expect to win. You start building confidence, and you feel you can beat everyone. I felt that way from 1999-2001. I thought we were going to win every game, no matter who it was against or where we played it ...

              I guess the question is, which is harder? Expecting to lose and continually losing, or expecting to win and losing. There is a trade off with both ....

              The philosopher in me says is it tougher TO LOSE or NOT TO WIN?
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                Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

                I think your question would have been worded, "Is it tougher to lose or not to win."

                The way it is said it kind of sounds like "Is it tougher to win or lose?", and it's obvious that losing hurts more.

                Anyways yes, I can see where our minds have flatlined.

                Basically the Rams have groomed us into seasoned losers. We see every Sunday as a chance to watch our Rams, but at the same time, to watch our Rams lose.

                I shouldn't feel surprised when the Rams get a victory. It should make me feel good, but at the same time, I should not feel that it wasn't going to happen. I should feel that my football team is a good team, and that winning just proves that, and not that our win means we got lucky, and the other team was missing their Star Quarterback or other player.

                Hopefully after this season kicks off, we are all sitting down in front of our Televisions, or buying game tickets, and sitting down not hoping, but knowing that we are going to walk off the field with a win. That is the feeling I envy others being able to experience, and I want it back.


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                  Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

                  your point about winning/losing brings to mind a particular set of Saturday Night sketches... appropriately called: 'lowered expectations'


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                    Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

                    I'll wait till after the draft to see what these guys are really about. They have given us hints, but the draft really determines the teams future


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                      Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

                      Originally posted by 39thebeast View Post
                      I'll wait till after the draft to see what these guys are really about. They have given us hints, but the draft really determines the teams future
                      I don't understand this statement. If they draft players you don't like you are not going to have trust in them? You really have to wait two years after the draft, even more, to judge the results ...


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                        Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

                        Originally posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
                        I don't understand this statement. If they draft players you don't like you are not going to have trust in them? You really have to wait two years after the draft, even more, to judge the results ...
                        Regardless of who they draft I'll have faith in their decision making, because they obviously know more than I do.

                        I'm talking more about position than player. For instance if the rams go OT, DT, DE with their first three picks I think that makes a huge statement for where we are going in the future.


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                          Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

                          We were so lost last year it seems hopeless. Players seldom quit. Last year the St. Louis Rams quit and it is disgraceful. It was a train wreck.

                          We hyped ourselves up when SL had his little run and the trap was set. I hope I don't fall for it this time. We still have a Brutus or two left on the roster and they could do unto others as well.

                          On a positive note, we have to be past the bottom of this; this isn't hell. If we can get those core players in place to build around each year we too can plug in the peripherals and win championships. Sounds simple.

                          A thought provoking post RI
                          Look away. I'm hideous. __ Cozmo Kramer


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                            Re: So, it's starting to become real ....

                            Originally posted by live4ramin View Post
                            We still have a Brutus or two left on the roster and they could do unto others as well.
                            I don't know any more than the next guy how good we'll be this year, but I'd be willing to bet there won't be any Brutus's on our opening day roster. This is one area where I feel Spags will not compromise ..


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                            • viper
                              Alas..the sky is falling once again
                              by viper
                              It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly my fellow Ram's fans will turn on thier team, their players and their coach. The clouds of "doom and gloom" lye low above the legion once again. Again the naysayers have their day, to lay their spew upon the feet of the horns.

                              Ohhhh no, we've lost to the lowly dirty birds, Ohhh no, we've lost 6 out of the last 7 games, Ohh no, our captain has spoke out to the media about a few of his undisciplined guardians, possibly upsetting a few teammates, Oh no, our coach won't take responsibility and demand accountability from his youthful squires on the front lines, let alone the team as a whole.

                              Granted, the legion has seen better days. But, why is it that the masses choose to dwell on the "darker side" of things rather the hope of a brighter day to come. Is there not a chance, a hope that a brighter day shall dawn as a result of the upcoming offseason. This season is lost, no doubt. Who can say that this was not a distinct possibility, considering that we would be brandishing a new head coach, a new defensive coordinator, new offensive and defensive schemes, new free agents, untested rookies and a decimated offensive line. Add to that a previously dysfunctional run defense, pass defense and special teams for the last several years and what do you get? The "2006 St. Louis Rams!" Hooray! We got exactly what we "should have" expected. Or at least considered the possibility that it could be a tough year. Well guess what, it has turned out to be a "tough year." A downright bleak season.

                              But, ya know what, believe it or not, there has been improvement over last year. Our special teams have improved significantly in punting, coverage and returns. Our defense, is doing better in the turnover battle, our pass defense is improved and as hard as it may be to believe we do seem to be better at keeping opponents from scoring on us as much.

                              Its easy to throw fuel on the fire proclaiming how terrible things are when the going gets tough. The question is where are you when your team needs your support? Anybody can belittle a losing team...and their is no question we are losing right now. But, in doing so, are you any better than the opposing team's fans that come to diss on your team. I haven't seen too many "positive" threads lately about our team that make me feel like this is the Rams home.

                              I, personally, have unwavering faith in the positve attributes of the Rams! I choose not to wallow in the ever increasing muck and mire that seems to be prevalent around here lately. I agree that we are not where we want to be...far from it. But, I'm not going to participate in any "hanging" or "slop" parties or anything of the like.

                              Why can't we focus on the good things about our team or future prospects. Maybe that means a higher draft pick next year or a few well scouted free...
                              -12-05-2006, 10:53 PM
                            • rNemesis
                              HOW CLOSE IS THIS TEAM TO COMPETING?(VERY LONG)Please provide feedback
                              by rNemesis
                              First of all let me just say that these last few years have been VERY frustrating and embarassing for me as a RAM FAN and I'm sure you guys are just as disappointed. I have watched my team go from the greatest show on turf to, as a washington post columnist said after the redskins loss, " the most miserable mass on grass". MY main question here is , " How far are the rams from being a decent competitive rock solid team? Its a long way to go; it doesnt happen overnight but it shouldnt take FOREVER either.

                              But I am not gonna sit here and talk about that all night. We know what has happened. We know what we've become. 13 straight losses dating back to last season. 3-13 in 2007 and 2-14 in 2008. 5 wins in the last 30 or so games? ( not sure exactly the stats) That is horrible.

                              Let's go back year by year as to how we finished record wise.
                              In the 1990's we were bad. But so were other teams which are now good today. But if you look at our 90's record to others, you will see that we were bad most of those years. Other teams had bad years too during the 90's but it was only really the lions, bengals, cardinals and saints. That should show you how bad of a team the Rams are. We never finished over 7 wins from 1990 up until 1999, which was our superbowl year. Which now tells me that the Rams have been bad, are now bad, and I hope we dont continue to be bad. But lately one has to believe that that is the penalty for our actions.

                              2000- 10-6 DECENT
                              2001- 14-2 ( excellent; we beat the pats that season but lost in the SB to the same :|)
                              2002- 7-9 Not bad
                              2003- 12-4 excellent
                              2004- 8-8 not bad; competitive
                              2005- I think we were 7-9 or 6-10 cant remember
                              2006- 8-8
                              2007- 3-13 horrible
                              2008- 2-14 lousy

                              I am not surprised at how we have fallen so badly. What I cant seem to understand is how fast we have fallen as such. How come we havent been able to stop the bleeding and bounce back like other teams have seemed to?

                              So tell me guys. How far off is this team from competing? Well, I look at the league and I have noticed that most of the other teams have playmakers in a lot of key positions. Why is that? Because they do a great job of DRAFTING PLAYERS THAT FIT INTO THEIR SCHEME WELL. We on the other hand have not done that lately. We have drafted players that have done well IN THEIR SCHEME and so it didnt matter to the previous regime ( Jay ZYgmunt ) if they fit or not the point was they wanted them so much that they drafted them regardless of their college scheme and success. In the era since Martz left, we have drafted the likes of busts ( or so they appear to be) like Tye Hill, Adam Carriker, Claude Wroten, Fakhir Brown, etc. The list goes on and on.

                              THIS HAS REALLY HURT THIS ORGANIZATION SO MUCH THAT IT IS REARING ITS UGLY HEAD NOW. Bad drafting has put us in such a talentless hole that...
                              -09-29-2009, 06:43 PM
                            • RamsInfiniti
                              And when the smoke finally settles ....
                              by RamsInfiniti
                              What are we going to see from this Ram's team?

                              I guess this is a pre-camp prognosis of some sort. I typically try to look at the season each year, and I usually come up with a semi-inflated, overhyped outlook of the Rams. This is simply because I love the Rams. You always make things you love out to be better than they actually are ...

                              Well, with this new, and improved, version of the Rams, I don't feel like I can make an accurate assessment. Honestly, I think this team can end up with anywhere from 4 to 10 wins. And there are a variety of reasons I believe this ...

                              First, I've indicated time and time again that I am a firm supported of the theory that there is not much gap in talent from team to team across the NFL. When we talk about talent, we talk about the physical and mental ability of players to be successful and make plays. Just because a player has talent does not mean he will be successful in the NFL, it simply means he has a shot. There is a reason there is an NFL combine each year. It is to see which players can physically, and to some extent mentally, cut it in the NFL. From team to team, across the board, the talent is pretty similar ...

                              What distinguishes how the talent translates on the field? Well, in the short term you have to look at experience, morale, the "system", the coaches. In the long term, you have to look at how well such players adapt to change, how versatile they are, whether they can stay healthy, whether they are content with where they are, who they are, and who they might be ...

                              So what are the major problems with the Rams of 2009? Simply lack of inexperience from my point of view, at least at most positions. Lack of morale at others ...

                              Look at what we have. A new upbeat coaching staff with a vision of a modern WCO and physical defense. A QB that is smart and accurate, a protypical freak of a RB, quick, agile fresh WR's, an established TE, a strong young offensive and defensive line, hungry young linebackers, world class speed and nice size in the secondary ...

                              So what's the problem? A QB lacking morale after the beating he has taken, injuries to that chisled freak of a running back, questionable depth behind him, WR's with little or no experience, no proven depth at TE, an offensive line that will be learning one another, undersized defensive line that will have to learn to be creative to take advantage of opportunities, only one proven linebacker, and defensives back that have tons of talent but all seem to be missing "it" with the exception of Bartell and Atogwe (wait to see on Butler) ...

                              So, what does this mean? The talent is there, no doubt in my mind. So what does this coaching staff have to do? It's three-fold in my opinion ...

                              1. Make the players forget - Make them forget they are losers, start them off on a level playing field. Get them...
                              -07-29-2009, 10:35 AM
                            • Varg6
                              The season so far, is it a success?
                              by Varg6
                              We are rebuilding. Who doesn't know that?

                              I've said it before and I'll say it again, each week regardless of win or loss I want to see progress. What we saw yesterday was progress. Do I want to win every game? Of course, but we can't expect that just yet. However, I know we are headed down the right path and the beautiful thing is, we are young. These guys are just going to get better with more experience.

                              I think we are finally developing that team chemistry we've desperately needed for years. I'm so proud of these guys and I feel like if we play like we did on Sunday, we can beat just about any team in the NFL. I don't expect us to go 8-8 but honestly I wouldn't be too shocked if we got on a roll and achieved that record.

                              Going back to the thread's question, is the season a success so far? On paper it isn't, but progress wise, absolutely.
                              -11-16-2009, 07:01 AM
                            • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                              How Hungry Are the Rams Going Into This Year?
                              by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                              Around Saint Louis and listening and getting the feel from Rams players, I get the sense that we are quickly becoming one of the hardest working and hungry teams out there. Listening to Laurinaitis, Steven, Chris Long, and even new guys coming like Na'il Diggs. Diggs said the main reason he came here was because he wanted to be apart of something special. Helping to raise a football team from the utter depths of mediocrity into respectability and success. He said he felt that DeSpags was building something special here and he wanted to be apart of it. Ron Bartell said something similar when the Saints were making a run at him. I truly believe we are headed in the right direction and I have more faith and excitement for this Franchise than I have had since after the 1999 season. Everyone is focused and working extremely hard this offseason.

                              These guys are not acting like a team that just won a single game out of sixteen. I recall a team like the Lions or the Chiefs or Browns. They seemed lost and simply fell apart. We seem to have put all of that behind us and I haven't heard one peep of anyone saying anything about past failures and everyone in the organization is superbly confident moving forward. I don't think we will be as bad as everyone seems to think but I guess that's just me being overly optimistic. The players at any route certainly don't feel like they will be a bad team, hell they are acting like they're trying to make a run for the playoffs next year and I wouldn't have it any other way...

                              With the state of our division, we could certainly make a run at the playoffs. Stranger things have happened.
                              -04-08-2010, 07:19 PM