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Rumors for Bash Attendees to Spread

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  • Rumors for Bash Attendees to Spread

    While you're in St. Louis, make sure you spread some of these around. Hopefully, some of them will reach the Rams' locker room...

    1. Apparently, Aaron Brooks has been going around telling anyone who will listen that Leonard Little is a cross-dresser.

    2. Joe Horn has been claiming to be the father of Aeneas Williams' children.

    3. Donte Stallworth has been making "Pisa's Mama" jokes all week.

    4. Haslett has called Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt the most overrated players in the league.

    5. Johnathan Sullivan said that Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson won't run for more than 20 yards combined.

    And... any others you think might get the team fired up!

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    Re: Rumors for Bash Attendees to Spread

    Man, that made me laugh

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Re: Rumors for Bash Attendees to Spread

      You had me at cross-dressing! As a laugh I mean. OK, forget I said anything.

      Great post Av! We need all the help we can get! Especially a more inspired play!

      Go Rams!!!


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        Re: Rumors for Bash Attendees to Spread

        Funny stuff Avenger.

        Wow a 20 yard running that is embarrassing. Let's hope Jackson does not throw anymore balls at the other team. The penalties could be counted against the run.

        Joe Horn....I forgot about him, till you just mentioned him now. I wonder if he is planning any silly stunts for this game.