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  • The Bernie bits

    BernieM wrote:
    Martz made the announcement today.

    Groce (knee) is doubtful for Sunday and Garrett (foot) is iffy.

    So the Rams are moving Aeneas back to cornerback, where he had all those Pro Bowl seasons.

    Either Lucas or Cody will start at free safety, but they want to ready newcomer Kwamie Lassiter for the job.

    Martz suggested that the move is temporary, because he expects Travis Fisher and Groce to be back in about three weeks.

    Asked if AW still had the speed to play CB, Martz said yes, because his problems have been related to turf toe -- and the stopping and restarting required by the CB position. And Martz said Williams is no longer hurting with the toe.


    BernieM wrote:
    The reason the move is being made now are the injuries to Groce and Garrett.

    In other words, what choice do they have?

    I'd rather have AW lined up at CB to face Joe Horn than, say, Dwight Anderson. It could be moot because the Saints are loaded at WR. I taped their first two games, and addition to Horn, Stallworth and Pathon are playing WR at a high level. The Rams probably don't have the CBs to match up effectively with this group, even with AW. But he surely will help stop any bleeding, because he's physical and smart and knows all the tricks of the trade.

    And again, the move is temporary until the wounded CBs get healthy.


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    Re: The Bernie bits

    Originally posted by Bernie
    It could be moot because the Saints are loaded at WR. I taped their first two games, and addition to Horn, Stallworth and Pathon are playing WR at a high level. The Rams probably don't have the CBs to match up effectively with this group, even with AW.
    How ironic. This is how we've beaten our opponents for the past 4 seasons. Now, we may be faced with..."the piercing of a sword, which from our own scabbard, cometh". Sorry for that, just wanted to try my hand at Avengerese.

    Anyway, we know they are going to pass all day. I say we roll the dice, and blitz the entire 4 quarters. Sometimes we are going to get beat on single coverage, but the rest of the downs should be filled with plenty of Brooks bashing. It's not the most tactically sound theory, but it is definitely the most exciting and most aggressive. If the O gets rolling, we may win in a good old fashioned slobberknocker
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: The Bernie bits

      Can Marmie dial up a big dose of agression for a whole game ???



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      • RamWraith
        The Bernie speaks
        by RamWraith
        The players like Martz a lot. They're very loyal to him. They know he falls on swords to protect them -- often taking the blame for a play that a player messes up.

        Player relations are the least of his concerns.


        BernieM wrote:
        Well, here we go again...

        I guess ol' Bernie is being too soft on Martz again.

        That's funny.

        Martz was so upset by what I wrote last Thursday, Sunday and Monday he complained to at least three other prominent STL media people wondering why I'm out to get him.

        -10-02-2004, 05:52 AM
      • AvengerRam_old
        I'm not letting this go - Bernie needs to run out of town!
        by AvengerRam_old
        Not a week ago, Bernie devoted an entire article to what he described as "anarchy" and "a helter-skelter mess" at Rams Park.

        This is the same "helter-skelter" organization has managed to resign a number of RFAs and exclusive rights players, restructured Marshall Faulk's contract to clear needed cap space, signed FA Dexter Coakley within a day of his release by the Cowboys, and is apparently currently actively pursuing other free agents including Chris Claiborne.

        Here's the problem with this. We, as fans, have very limited access to information. We therefore rely on a limited number of local sportswriters, who have greater access, to provide us with some insight.

        Why should we have to rely upon someone like Bernie who (1) clearly has disdain for Martz and the front office, and (2) takes every opportunity to place a negative spin on few fact he knows or, more often, thinks he knows.

        Don't think that this does not go unnoticed, either. I'll bet that Martz and others are aware of Bernie's approach, and probably avoid him more and more because of it. Bernie then gets annoyed (don't forget, the guy is so defensive he feels the need to snipe at anyone who takes a shot at him on his message board, rather than simply ignoring the trolls), and becomes more negative and critical. Its a vicious circle.

        Don't get me wrong, I don't want some total "homer" to blow sunshine up our posteriors about everything, but Bernie clearly has an agenda that renders him useless as a conduit of information to Ram fans.
        -03-03-2005, 11:35 AM
      • RamWraith
        The Bernie Speaks
        by RamWraith
        On Martz bashing:

        BernieM wrote:
        This has got to be the most shrill thread in the history of the Press Box.

        I got a good laugh at the post where the 12th Ram said, basically, that I should rely on facts rather than sensationalism and speculation.

        Which is beautifully ironic, since I constantly rely on facts in discussing Martz's credentials instead of falling back on the blind outrage that we see so often in here from Martz's critics.

        I always stick to the facts when assessing Martz.

        He has a winning percentage that's the 4th highest among NFL head coaches since the merger (50-game minimum). And his won-loss percentage compared to all previous STL head coaches, Cardinals and Rams. And the STL's NFL record before Martz arrived in a leadership position (1999) and after he arrived. And the five-year run of offense that's one of the most prolific in NFL history. And the fact that he's turned the team back around after the early-season collapse in 2002, when he had to transition to another QB. They've won 20 of 29 games since then, a winning percentage of .689. And someone -- I forget who -- actually referred in here to the Rams here as "mediocre."

        His team's playoff performances (super bowl 2001, and vs. Carolina last year) have been disappointing. I will not contest that.

        But I respect his entire body of work as a coach.

        I also respect passion, but somewhere along the line, some of you have lost perspective.


        On a poster's statement that Martz has not brought in great players:

        BernieM wrote:
        This gets better all the time.

        I'll go down the list provided by one of the Martz haters in here:

        Faulk....Pre-Martz. CLARIFICATION: Vermeil wanted to trade Faulk during Marshall's holdout. Martz and others convinced him otherwise. Faulk was in DV's doghouse early in the season because he wanted to save his legs by not practicing all of the time. Martz intervened. I suppose a reasonable person would also acknowledge that Faulk seemed to do well in the Martz offense.

        Bruce....Pre-Martz. CLARIFICATION: DV and Bruce had a problem. They didn't like each other. Vermeil called Bruce out, referring to him as a "so-called team leader." Bruce was crushed. He also developed a serious hamstring problem because of DV's marathon practices. One of the reasons Shaw wanted to hire Martz was because Martz had a special relationship with Bruce and the Rams needed to get Bruce back on track.

        Holt....Pre-Martz. CLARIFICATION: False. Martz was already in place as the offensive coordinator and autonomous leader of the offense when the Rams made the decision to draft Holt. Martz worked Holtz out before the draft, and recommended drafting him. As did others in the organization.
        -09-17-2004, 05:28 AM
      • RamWraith
        The Bernie bits
        by RamWraith
        BernieM wrote:
        Pace Haters,

        I''m covering baseball today and wasn't in Atlanta. I TiVoed the Rams game and will look at it later.

        Better yet, I'll watch a copy of the coach's film this week at Rams Park and take a look at the O-line play, including Pace.

        If he played bad, then he played bad. We'll see.

        But I surely have no intention of trusting the word of Haters. I'll see for myself.

        Funny how the Haters were so silent after last week's game.They were waiting until it was safe to rip him.


        BernieM wrote:
        Actually, I want to thank you guys for brightening my day.


        The Cardinals baseball game was kind of dull. I wasn't in a particularlyy good mood. I was in the press-room area at Busch, watching a little of the Rams game -- literally one series. The Rams O-line was having a rough time of it. Grant Williams and Chris Dishman missed blocks. I didn't see any Pace mistakes -- and I'm not saying he didn't make any; just not during the small part of the game I saw (so far).

        But I joked with my colleagues....I said, "You wait, all of this will be blamed on Pace. No matter what happens, it'll be Pace's fault. It'll be fun to see it on my forum and e-mails."

        Sure guys are too good to be true. Thanks for the smile.


        On Pace:
        BernieM wrote:
        Bertrand Berry is a good NFL defensive end.

        How many sacks did he have last season?


        BernieM wrote:
        I predicted 8-8, or 9-7 if things went well.

        I also predicted that they'd lose today -- and in fact, was right on target about how it would happen. I wrote that Vick would have a break-out game.

        So I'm not sure why some of you are freaking out and acting like this loss today was some sort of unpredictable, unforseen disaster. Especially considering that the Rams defense hasn't stopped a running game for the last nine games, including the playoff loss to Carolina. They're giving up an average of just under 6 yards a carry in that stretch. Until they correct that -- if they can -- there will be some long Sundays.

        It's the NFL. Green Bay goes to Carolina and whips the NFC Super Bowl team, and then comes home and gets wiped up at Lambeau by the freaking Bears.

        Detroit is 2-0.

        Kansas City is 0-2.

        Denver goes to Jacksonville and scores what, 6 points?

        Take a deep breath. As I wrote before the season, the Rams have experienced a talent drain. They're trying to make up for that on the fly. There will be some rough moments this season.

        Again, it's truly bizarre -- the way St. Louis football fans have no perspective on this league and its ebb and flow,...
        -09-20-2004, 12:11 PM
      • BigGameMN
        Some Bernie quotes
        by BigGameMN
        Some stuff I accumulated from Bernie today:...
        -09-16-2007, 03:52 PM