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Martz not going any where--Sportsline

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  • Martz not going any where--Sportsline

    This is from Clark Judge, - Senior Writer

    Sorry fellas ;-)

    "Forget what you hear about St. Louis coach Mike Martz: He's not on the firing line. The Rams are happy with the guy and are not looking to replace him, even if the club has a losing season. ... " :king:

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    Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

    Best news all year......


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      Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

      Originally posted by RamWraith
      This is from Clark Judge, - Senior Writer

      "Forget what you hear about St. Louis coach Mike Martz: He's not on the firing line. The Rams are happy with the guy and are not looking to replace him, even if the club has a losing season. ... "
      You know they are going to offer him an extension.


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        Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

        Originally posted by adarian_too
        You know they are going to offer him an extension.
        He's under contract for three more seasons I believe ('04, '05, '06) so an extension is probably in the works within the next year, year and a half I'd imagine. Although if the Rams bomb this season, I wouldn't be surprised if extension talks are stalled until after '05.


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          Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

          Don't they usually say that right before the Axe falls?
          This space for rent...


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            Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

            I would be surprised to see Martz go anywhere. Now, Marmie, on the other hand... well, he'll get at least a couple of years, but then...


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              Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

              Do we know how long Marmie is signed for? I don't remember hearing any contract details.


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                Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                I think he's signed through his 80th birthday, which is.... next week?


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                  Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                  I don't put all the blame on Marmie, our defense had started a slide before he got here.

                  I'm glad Martz will be staying, even though he may (or may not depending on your side of the fence) hurt us in games. His drafting skills must be brought up however.


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                    Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                    Seems all we hear is how writers and broadcasters are clueless and ill informed around THIS is suddenly CREDIBLE news??? LMAO!

                    As for MARMIE...why is he even here?? Yet ANOTHER 'RAIN MAN' stroke of GENIUS!! : 'Hey lets bring in my OLD BUDDY Larry Marmie...the fact that he ran THE WORST DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE over the last few years doesnt mean ANYTHING...hes a me!' What a train wreck.
                    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                      Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                      I think alot of fans were spoiled because the D made a huge turn around in 01' after Lovie arrived, but the D did start to have problems last year that has carried over.
                      JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

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                        Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                        I agree that the D did start to slide a little but not any differently than the O in my opinion. I mean, the offense is high risk, high reward (in theory) and so was the D under Lovie. The Rams D, by far, had the most turnovers in the league last year didn't they? Doesn't that count for something? Granted they weren't great against the run but I think they won us more games than they cost us.


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                          Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                          It's hard for me to believe that this defense led the league in forcing turnovers last season and is the only team to not have one this season thus far.

                          True, Groce's interception against the Cards probably should have counted, but it didn't, and I'm not tempted to complain about that defensive holding call nixing the INT considering we've had two of them negate interceptions ourselves.

                          But still, I'd like to see this defense a little more ball hungry, and when it goes from first in the league to last in the league this quickly, my first thoughts are to look at the coaching. Hopefully Marmie is just working out the kinks and can get this group better as the season rolls on (sooner rather than later).


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                            Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                            Defense is young, they'll come around and be respectable as the season goes along. Marmie may be 80ish, but he does have a ton of experience that Lovie didn't have. If Martz stays committed to the running game and there's a good pass/run ratio, they'll stay near the top on offense.

                            Maineram :ramlogo:


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                              Re: Martz not going any where--Sportsline

                              I'd like to see him stay on as OC, but.., certainly not as HC. I personally think he was given too much power too soon..., and it's done more harm than good. :disappoin


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                              • RamWraith
                                Prisco and Judge talk on Martz
                                by RamWraith
                                With the health concerns, will Mike Martz will ever coach the Rams again?

                                ANSWER (Clark Judge):
                                "No, and I say that knowing how much Martz would like to return. But the guy's out a minimum of six weeks, with people close to the Rams telling me it could be anywhere from six months to a year. "You know what that tells me?" said one source. "He's not coming back." I agree. The Rams are sensitive to Martz's situation, making Joe Vitt the interim coach while Martz deals with a heart condition that has him hospitalized, but this is a club that declined Martz's request for a contract extension prior to the season. I know Mike and like him, but his tenure was marked by fissures within the organization -- with some parties all but declaring war on him. Removing him from the scene benefits all parties: Mike gains the needed rest -- both from the game and his critics -- and the Rams gain a welcome truce in the front office. "

                                (From Pete Prisco)
                                "That's a tough question. The No. 1 priority is for Martz to get healthy. Forget about football for now, he has far more pressing issues. Football is important, but it's not life or death. There is no set timetable for his return, but we've heard reports that he'd be out for six weeks. That's a long time to be away. Maybe it will give him a different perspective on coaching. Who knows? The thinking before this season was Martz could be in big trouble if the Rams didn't make the playoffs. That's probably still the case. Martz has clashed with members of the front office, which might make any decision come down to them or him. That's something that president John Shaw will decide. But if the Rams go 5-11, how can Martz return next season no matter what -- unless the illness gives him a pass? Maybe, just maybe, it's time for him to go somewhere else and start over. The guy is a brilliant offensive mind, and that's worth a lot on the open market. Bob Lamonte, the top agent for coaches, now represents Martz, and that will help him if he does lose his job. Martz will return to the Rams at some point this season if he's capable, but how long he continues will be an issue that will be decided in January."
                                -10-13-2005, 06:35 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Martz is hot topic on NFL shows
                                by RamWraith
                                BY DAN CAESAR
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Rams coach Mike Martz was a big topic of conversation on the NFL television pregame shows Sunday.

                                There wasnt a lot of news that hasnt already been reported locally regarding the health problems that have led him to stepping down for the rest of the season, and the squabbling inside the organization that strongly indicates that Martz is done as the teams coach.

                                CBS aired an interview that Lesley Visser conducted with Martz on Friday at his home. Among the highlights:

                                Ive been coaching for 32 years now and Ive never missed a practice in the offseason or during the season due to illness, Martz said. . . . Im just a spectator, and that kills you.

                                Visser asked him if he thought he was being set up by the front office.

                                No, I dont believe that, I dont believe that at all, Martz said. I think (team president) John Shaw is truly concerned about my health, to be honest with you. I think hes very concerned about my health, hes told me that.

                                He said he plans to be back with the team next year.

                                Im assuming I (will be), he said. So if thats not going to be the case, Im not aware of it.

                                This is the job Ive always wanted. This is home for us. This is something that weve always told our players and coaches, once you become a Ram youll always be part of this town for the rest of your life. So to even think about going someplace else, to ever entertain that thought, to me is heresy.

                                The Rams soap opera provided plenty of fodder for the network analysts.

                                No matter what Mike Martz says publicly, he knows he has coached his last game in St. Louis, ESPNs Chris Mortensen said. . . . Martz even told me that in contract discussions in June, team president John Shaw explained that the Rams only needed to be a .500 team, occasionally go to the playoffs and suggested that going to the Super Bowl would cost the team money because of expenses incurred by that event.

                                Whatever the context, Martz has one year left on his Rams contract there will be a settlement, a buyout, whatever you want to call it. And Martz is hopeful that being 20 games above .500 as a coach will get him another gig. But he has to get healthy first. His agent, Bob LaMonte, told Martz this week that hes never seen a dead man call a good play.

                                CBS Boomer Esiason said Martz will be the most sought-after head coach when he does comes back. Remember, hes the architect of one of the greatest offenses weve ever seen in the NFL.

                                Foxs Terry Bradshaw said he thinks Houston is be a good spot for Martz.

                                I would pick Houston simply because of his great offensive mind, and they do need some excitement down in Houston, Bradshaw said. I think hes got a good QB down there (David Carr) and Mike...
                                -10-30-2005, 06:02 PM
                              • ramsbruce
                                All Of This Talk About Martz Not Coming Back
                                by ramsbruce
                                It's way to early to know one way or the other what will happen with Martz. Here is what I know. On ESPN Monday Night Countdown they said Martz will not be back coaching with the Rams THIS SEASON. We all learned that this afternoon. The guys on Countdown asked Mortenson if he THOUGHT Martz would be back with the Rams. Mort said no he didn't THINK Martz would be back.

                                Martz also had a press conference today explaining that he is too ill to coach THIS SEASON. Martz also said he is still under contract for next year and he would be back.

                                So the bottom line is that until Martz tells us that he's not coming back next year, then from what we heard today from him he will be back.

                                ESPN and Mort have their opinions and whoever else wants to make a bigger story out of this then it really is. But it's all just speculation right now. There is no way to know until we hear it from Martz, and right now as of today Martz said he would be back.

                                Really all that's happened is a couple words got switched around or left out of the story by Mort and it makes for a better story.

                                Look at the difference:

                                Rams Martz Not Coming Back To The Rams


                                Rams Martz Not Coming Back To The Rams THIS SEASON.

                                Pretty big difference there.

                                Martz is ill and he needs to get his health in order. This is the right thing to do. As for next year it's really up to Martz if he wants to come back or if the Front Office wants to fire him, which I don't see them firing him.

                                So in reality all this is, is a blown out of proportion story by the media to create a buzz. As of now from what Martz said today health willing he will be back to coach the Rams next season. Don't believe the hype. Wait till you hear an official announcement.
                                -10-25-2005, 12:03 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Think what you will about Martz; he made football fun in this town
                                by RamWraith
                                By Bernie Miklasz
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Mike Martz will resurface. He will return to dial up 50 passes a game in another town, for another team, driving his new team's fans crazy. They may be laughing or frowning, cheering or booing, but Martz will move them. This is a coach who gets a reaction. He is many things, but the word "dull" never will be applied in any description of Martz.

                                "The Greatest Show" goes away, but never completely leaves the imagination. After all, the circus always comes back, and so it will be for Martz, the ringleader of one of the most dazzling offensive productions in NFL history.

                                Mad Mike still has a few scores to settle, a few more defensive coordinators to torment, and may the football gods have mercy on defenses when this coach clears his head and reloads his offense during a second-chance head-coaching opportunity.

                                Martz may have to sit out for a while. He may have to go into exile for the 2006 season, to rehabilitate his image and find inner peace, but that may be the best thing for him.

                                Martz needs time to truly disengage from the grueling experience in St. Louis. Martz's bacterial infection of the heart valve has cleared, and medically he's 100 percent ready to work, but he's still battered emotionally after predictably losing a power struggle with Rams executives John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt.

                                If Martz doesn't hook up immediately as a head coach, he should view the sabbatical as a precious opportunity to exhale and enjoy life. Martz could take his wonderful wife Julie on a trip around the world, or go on the kind of relaxing, leisurely adventures that are impossible to arrange for a full-time, football-consumed coach.

                                And a year from now, a completely rested, recharged and refocused Martz would be a hot candidate. His agent, Bob Lamonte, would have no problem marketing the Martz II Project to NFL owners. If you're an NFL owner with a dormant offense that needs to be zapped back to life, how could you resist the reformed Mike Martz? How could you turn away from 30 points a game? Americans love a second act.

                                Martz is feeling low these days, but he's been through rougher days than this. His alcoholic father bailed on his mom and four brothers when Mike was a kid. Mike survived, maturing sooner than any child should just to help keep the family strong.

                                After Martz got fired from a coaching gig at Arizona State, he couldn't find another job, so he became an unpaid volunteer assistant to Los Angeles Rams coach Chuck Knox. By then, Mike and Julie had four children, and it wasn't easy. But again, he overcame the hard times.

                                And Martz will rally again.

                                During his time as the Rams head coach, I frequently sparred with the media-sensitive Martz. This is a guy who did not hesitate to pick up the phone, dial my number,...
                                -01-05-2006, 05:52 AM
                              • Nick
                                Mortensen: Martz the reason for O-line coach being fired?
                                by Nick

                                It would appear the name "Martz" and the phrase "personality clash" go hand in hand nowadays....
                                -01-05-2007, 06:05 PM