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The Rams first forced turnover will be...

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  • The Rams first forced turnover will be...

    How will the streak end?
    An Aeneas Williams interception
    A Jeremetrius Butler Interception
    An Adam Archuleta forced fumble
    A Leonard Little forced fumble
    A Pisa Tinoisamoa forced fumble
    A Robert Thomas forced fumble
    A special teams fumble recovery
    An Adam Archuleta interception
    A Kwamie Lassiter Interception
    None of the above (list answer below)

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    Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

    gotta go with Little. He is due.


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      Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

      I put a Pisa forced fumble but I think it'll actually be an interception.


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        Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

        Gotta go with the odds. Aeneas has been there many a time. Now go get one!

        Go Rams!!!!


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          Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

          If there's any justice in the world, Pisa will end the drought.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

            .....long overdue! :bored:
            Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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              Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

              I WILL TAKE WHATEVER AND WHOEVER WANTS TO DO IT! If the offense can't get it done and Wilkins' (Mr. Money) leg isn't enough, then we need the defense to pick up the slack. I LIVE for defensive scoring. It's way WAY overdue.


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                Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

                ...a shocker to the whole football world!


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                  Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

         still being eagerly awaited.
                  Clannie Nominee for ClanRam's Thickest Poster


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                    Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

                    I'd say negated by a VERY BAD call by the official, but that has already happened at least once.



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                      Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

                      The Rams first turnover should have been an Aeneas Williams INT today.


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                        Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

                        i voted Little but, the answer should have WELCOMED!


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                          Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

                 sunday vs. the whiners. During prime time, no less ;)


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                            Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

                            I honestly don't care who the heck does it and let them do it again and again and again but looking like an average team here is so heartbreaking ......STRIP THAT BALL BOYS!!!!! Make others fear us once again, it's still early in the season, DO WHAT IT TAKES & MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!!


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                              Re: The Rams first forced turnover will be...

                              Why would a team pass the ball against the Rams??

                              Pickett recovers botched center-QB exchange. That's exciting!!!!!


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                              • RamWraith
                                Defense forces more turnovers
                                by RamWraith
                                By Bill Coats
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                                Monday, Sep. 25 2006

                                GLENDALE, ARIZ. — Standing in the end zone several yards in front of wide-open
                                Arizona tight end Leonard Pope, Rams linebacker Dexter Coakley was stunned to
                                see the ball spiraling straight at him.

                                "I have no words for it; it was just right there," Coakley said. "My biggest
                                thing was, 'Please, just don't drop it,' because those are the toughest catches
                                to make."

                                Coakley's hands were sure, and his interception short-circuited a Cardinals
                                drive that could've trimmed the Rams' lead to two points midway through the
                                third quarter. Taking away opportunities was the theme of the day for the Rams'
                                defense in a 16-14 victory in front of a sellout crowd at Cardinals Stadium.

                                "Our offense needs that ball to score," said linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who
                                played with a large brace encasing his left elbow, which he dislocated a week
                                ago in San Francisco. "We want Steven Jackson to run it, we want Torry Holt to
                                catch it. We want to give them as many chances as possible."

                                Last year, the Rams were minus-10 in turnover margin; only three teams had
                                worse ratios. This year, the Rams are plus-seven. They've snagged six
                                interceptions and recovered four fumbles.

                                "Turnovers are a big plus for winning," cornerback Fakhir Brown said. "We
                                practice hard, fast, aggressive, and we want to get at least two turnovers
                                every game. We reached our goal again."

                                Brown and safety Oshiomogho Atogwe also picked off Kurt Warner passes, both in
                                Rams territory. Linebacker Will Witherspoon's recovery of Warner's fumbled snap
                                in the final two minutes sealed the win.

                                Tinoisamoa, who tipped the ball that Atogwe intercepted, said the bulky brace
                                "bothered me a little bit." But, he added, "it's the only thing that allowed me
                                to play hard out there."

                                Rookie defensive end Victor Adeyanju acknowledged feeling nervous before his
                                first NFL start. "There were some butterflies, but they went away real quick,"
                                said Adeyanju, a fourth-round draft pick from Indiana University.

                                He took over for Anthony Hargrove, who didn't make the trip after missing two

                                The unofficial press box statistics credited Adeyanju with six tackles, tying
                                Witherspoon and safety Corey Chavous for the team high.

                                "Any time your number's called, you just try to do your best," Adeyanju said.
                                "I felt comfortable. My teammates and the coaches had confidence in me, and I
                                had confidence in myself."
                                -09-25-2006, 04:26 AM
                              • hawaiianpunch
                                The under-rated linebacker Named Pisa
                                by hawaiianpunch
                                Ive heared a lot of talk, about how our linebacker core is almost complete. and no one knows where to put Pisa Tinoisamoa. And Pisa Is not an every down back. It makes me wonder why people say this. I am his Biggest fan so im Bias. But here is my Reasoning. I Say all this speak is Blasphemy!

                                Pisa Tinoisamoa In college had the most sacks for any linebacker, totaling 24 sacks in one season, when he was in the NCAA, also the most tackles in his division.

                                Then again i have heared many say that Pisa is not the greatest but he is Average.

                                Average!? Ill show you average!

                                Pisa Tinoisamoa Lead the Team in Tackles! 2003(his rookie season) with 121 tackles and 3 interceptions,and again in 2004 until he was injured, and 2005. and in 2007, Pisa had 79 tackles 4 passes defended and was 5th in the team on tackles while missing 8 games in 2007, with a broken foot.

                                And this year, in 2008 with 98 tackles and 15 assist tackles, 5 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles and had the most sacks out of all the linebackers with 3. Pisa again went on to lead the team in tackles before Jason Craft (who also played on special teams), and even Will Witherspoon(who i also like).

                                To add to this impressive resume, Pisa had 42 tackles over three-game span during 2001 season were the most by a Ram over three games tying London Fletcher, and then collected 46 over the same span in 2007, Which is most by any Ram ever.

                                knowing this idk why the name Tinoisamoa is disgarded as not any every down back.

                                Now With Spagnolo at the helm of Head coach, who we know loves to mix up his blitz coverages, with linebackers and d - lineman droppin in and out of coverage. i Think Tinoisamoa's game will finally be right where they need him to be, blitzing the quarter back.

                                I think Hawaii-50 has earned a little more praise then the rams fans have showed him knowing the weird coaches we've gone through since Pisa has in the Mix.

                                I think that credit is deserved, where credit is due. And knowing how crappy our defense was... i think Pisa deserves a little respect, as one of the best on the team, but it is a team effort, and i think he deserves just a little more kudos. i think our team would be a lot different without him.

                                Thats my opinion, and if you can refute me i will gladly take a step back and say that Pisa Tinoisamoa, is Average. but until then, Hawaii-50 please keep doing what your doing.

                                leading the team in tackles.

                                -Ramblings Hawaiianpunch
                                -04-29-2009, 10:05 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Tinoisamoa In It for the Long Haul
                                by RamWraith
                                By Nick Wagoner
                                Senior Writer

                                Everything Pisa Tinoisamoa knows about football contract negotiations comes from his knowledge of the movie “Jerry Maguire”.

                                Following that method, many would think Tinoisamoa would be all about having someone “Show him the money,” but that isn’t who he is and that’s never been what he’s about.

                                So, in a league where midseason contract extensions are a rarity, it’s no surprise that a player who is in many ways exceptional, signed a five-year contract to stay with the Rams only months before hitting the free agent market.

                                Of course, Tinoisamoa was a little surprised when the Rams approached his agent Mike Sullivan during the season to try to get something done.

                                “It really did to be honest,” Tinoisamoa said. “We heard from them about two to three weeks ago. I’m surprised. I don’t know. I watch “Jerry Maguire” a little bit, but it took him the whole year. I figured it would be awhile. Three weeks later (my agent) is telling me we have a great deal.”

                                For Tinoisamoa, though, a great deal has little to do with monetary compensation though a player who has led his team in tackles in each of his first three seasons and in many ways been an inspirational leader for his teammates and coaches will be well compensated. All he wanted was the opportunity to continue building on the foundation of a career he began with the Rams when they drafted him in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft.

                                All Tinoisamoa wanted was the chance to continue playing with the team that drafted him. After an offseason in which the Rams showed a renewed commitment to defense by signing the likes of defensive tackle La’Roi Glover and linebacker Will Witherspoon, Tinoisamoa saw the direction the program was headed.

                                With that in mind, Tinoisamoa likes what he sees in the future for the defense, particularly at linebacker where he, Witherspoon and Brandon Chillar form a young corps with a tremendous upside.

                                “That would be great,” Tinoisamoa said. “It’s something I envision and that’s why I told my agent I like the situation I was in. We knew we could have gone to the free agent market and got loads of dough, but that wasn’t what was important to me. It was important to win and be with a great group of guys who are getting better. We have that.”

                                In his three-plus seasons with the Rams, Tinoisamoa has racked up 424 tackles, six sacks, five interceptions, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries in 53 games. It goes without saying that Tinoisamoa is a talented player, but it might be his intangibles that make him the type of player that receives a lucrative contract extension in the middle of a season.

                                There are few players in the league who have played through injuries as well and as consistently as Tinoisamoa. Two seasons ago, he suffered a separated shoulder on eight occasions...
                                -10-12-2006, 10:33 AM
                              • Barry Waller
                                Bits and Bytes On Niners Loss
                                by Barry Waller
                                This game featured a first for the St. louis Rams and also some other notable stats.

                                For the first time since coming to St. Louis, the Rams lost a game when they had a 100 yard rusher, after a 39 victory streak.

                                The Niners were flagged for just two penalties in the game, only one minor call other than the obvious roughing the punter call. It was the fewest flags against a Rams opponent since game 13 of the 2002 season, when the Chiefs were called for just two penalties in a rout of St. Louis.

                                That lack of calls may have not been the reason the Rams lost, but it is somewhat surprising to see a team register zero sacks against a patchwork line missing two regulars and not see them flagged even once for a hold.

                                The most obvious non-call came on the second half kickoff, when a Rams wedge buster was clearly pushed and nearly tackled from behind, right where the return happened.
                                The Rams had a huge advantage in time of possession, over 34 minutes to less than 26, which once again shows how little that stat really means in terms of winning.

                                The Rams defense was good in the first half, allowing points only after a long pass play that was actually tipped, but still went right to the Niners receiver who had beaten rookie Tye Hill after a slip.

                                The footing seemed to be a problem for the Rams, who had several players slip and fall during the game, their first of the year on natural grass.

                                Two Rams defenders had bad games Sunday, as both CB Travis Fisher and safety Oshiomugho Atogwe were beaten for big plays.

                                Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who dislocated his elbow during the game, took blame for the 35 yard TD run that tied the score early in the second half, saying he overran the play at the line.

                                TE Joe Klopfenstein, who wasn't thrown to at all in the opener, got the call twice Sunday, and caught both passes, including one where he was jacked up by a defender after the catch.

                                Madison Hedgecock replaced Paul Smith at fullback Sunday. Smith has been dinged up recently, and it's still unsure if Hedgecock will keep the starting job permanently.
                                Cornerback Jerametrious Butler was inactive for the second straight game.

                                Will Witherspoon showed his big play ability again Sunday, as he forced the lone fumble by the Niners on a goal line stand in the first quarter.

                                Marc Bulger struggled again Sunday, as he was constantly under pressure from blitzing Niners defenders. The Rams always seem to struggle against the 3-4 defense, and this game was no exception.

                                Bulger missed on two long passes that had receivers open deep, which was the big difference between...
                                -09-18-2006, 12:52 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                If the Rams clean these things up they can go all the way.
                                by Guest
                                Rams finished 29th in penalties.
                                Rams finished dead last in turnovers
                                Rams played 1 game without excessive goofs.
                                12 of 16 Games the Rams had multiple turnovers
                                10 of 16 games the Rams had BOTH to many penalties and to many turnovers.

                                X Team..........Pen/Yrd...T/O
                                W Ariona.........7-55*.... 3*
                                L @Atlanta......10-75*.... 2*
                                L New Orleans...12-85*.... 1
                                W @S.F...........5-43..... 0
                                W @Seattle.......5-45..... 3*
                                W Tampa Bay......7-50*.... 2*
                                L @Miami.........7-63*.... 1
                                L New England....9-80*.... 3*
                                W Seattle........7-55*.... 2*
                                L @Buffalo......11-84*.... 4*
                                L @Green Bay.....7-50*.... 3*
                                W S.F............8-59*.... 2*
                                L @Carolina......5-44..... 7*©
                                L @Ariona........9-74*.... 2*
                                W Philadelphia...7-55*.... 1
                                W New York......10-76*.... 3*

                                *=Unacceptable in the playoffs
                                * *=Dont epect to win in playoffs
                                *©=Someone Should hang the S.O.B.
                                I wonder what the outcome would be with no turnovers and 3 penalties?
                                The Rams need to clean it up.
                                -01-04-2005, 12:19 PM