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Which is our best unit?

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  • Which is our best unit?

    At this point in the offseason, which side of the ball do you think is the best.

    The poll is expired.

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    Re: Which is our best unit?

    I would have to say offense. Our defense is getting more solid, but without a number 2 corner, or a clear starter at SLB, I just can't say our defense is better than our offense at this point. Does our defense have a chance of being better than our offense coming out of the off-season? Definitely. With Spag's and Flajole's coaching, our defense could be a top unit.

    But, the reason I said offense is because our o-line is looking really good right now, our receiving corps are filled with young guys trying to prove themselves, Steven Jackson who is hungry for wins, a solid fullback in Mike Karney, and a refreshed Bulger in a new scheme he can thrive in.


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      Re: Which is our best unit?

      I think it's close, but I have to give the edge to the offense.


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        Re: Which is our best unit?

        I am the 9th voter and after i voted it became Offense-5 Defense-4

        Im surprised that it is slightly close.

        Offensively of O-Line is strong. The back field is very strong with a question mark on Bulger. Our TE and Receivers are solid at the top then falll off.

        Defensively there are many questions. Our line is solid right now with the potential to be great (the DTs must step up to be a good DL).

        Linebacker is strong at the weak side but weak at the strong side James Lauriniatis is potentially good. But it is pretty solid overall.

        There is one question in the secondary at 2nd CB. But overall our secondary is solid.


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          Re: Which is our best unit?

          At this point, I would have to say our offense. There are too many holes that have yet to be filled on the defense to consider it solid. There is only one way to determine which is better, and that is to see them actually play. Can't wait for the season to start!


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            Re: Which is our best unit?

            I completely disagree with the assertion that the offensive line is strong and the question is bulger. The offensive line appears improved on paper (which mind you is a low bar) but i will believe it when i see it. We have a rookie starter and two guards who were underperformers all last year, along with a guy switching positions. I agree the line should be a lot better, but keep in mind that last year it was pathetic and pace is gone. Bulger will be fine if the line blocks and gives him time and if the young receivers run proper routes and make the adjustments. Like with all qbs, a strong running game will be bulgers best friend. Without that, he will struggle for sure and people will scream for the messiah and of course without a running game, the next guy wont do any better.

            Our best unit? The answer is our punter donnie jones.

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel


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              Re: Which is our best unit?

              I went with the D. I think it is close, the tie breaker for me is the scheme that Spags will run. He definitely is adding players that fits what he wants to do.


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                Re: Which is our best unit?

                special teams....we have one of best kickers and punters... : )


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                  Re: Which is our best unit?

                  The big names are on the offensive side of the ball. (BULGER, JACKSON) With Al "700 page playbook" Saunders and Scott Linehan gone our offense will be improved. However they will be learning a new offense again.

                  Spags is a defensive master mind and with the help of Flajole and his history with Chris Draft and Will Witherspoon I will give a slight edge to the defense.
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                    Re: Which is our best unit?

                    when i clicked on the thread i was thinking it would be things like Secondary,D-line,O-line,Lb`s the options...

                    if they were the options it would have been either the secondary or O-line...that would get my vote

                    Offense v Defense..i a bit more of a tricky one..


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                      Re: Which is our best unit?

                      At this point in the offseason, I think it's a coin flip. I just hope we stay healthy on both sides of the ball going into the regular season. If Jason Smith can block effectively at the NFL level one might give the edge to the O, but there are too many "ifs" on both sides of the ball at this point. We apparently will be counting on a rookie to man the middle on D, so ... coin flip .....


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                        Re: Which is our best unit?

                        I say the O but not by much SJ and improve O line and thee coach is going to be a run first guy should help Bulger. The D has more questiosn IMO.


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                          Re: Which is our best unit?

                          I think the offense has more star power in S-Jax, Brown, Bulger, Smith and a bunch of young guys on the rise along with solid vets like McMichael, Karney, and Bell.

                          But, I think the defense is the better unit. I don't think the personal is nearly as good, but I think the scheme is better. If the front four plays well in this scheme im confident we will be close to the top half in defense. The secondary is currently our strong point with OJ, Bartell, and Butler and some young guys at corner. Spoon and Lauranatis will be good, draft should be solid with Culberson chipping in occasionally. IMO its all on the front four if our 2 high draft picks Long and Carriker finally realize there potential under Spags we will see an exponential difference in defense.


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                            Re: Which is our best unit?

                            Defense. The only play maker on offense is Jackson, and he'll be running behind a shook up line, it normally takes some time for those guys to gel as a unit.
                            We've got a young and healthy secondary. Also a fairly young D-line with the exception of Little, and a coach that will supposedly utilize all of those guys.


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                              Re: Which is our best unit?

                              Well the answer if Special Teams but since that wasn't an option then the answer is Defense easy. We have several questions on offense but fewer on defense.


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                              • theodus69
                                Offense to better our defense?
                                by theodus69
                                You know this year our offensive line kinda really stunk. Now Pace and Barron are the bookends ,we all know that, Now if Cognito can get healed that would be a plus. Now What about the guards? Is Terrell coming around enough?, or not. Timmerman is on his last leg isn't he? So my thought is this. What if the Rams go O-line in the first round to shore up that line , because When the offense is on, the Opponent always has to play catch up and it Makes the Defense look so much better! Oh and maybe a new Running back. That or Jackson will improve with the middle intact. He just seemed to miss alot of holes. Maybe get some D-line in the later rounds for less money since we got all that dead weight money slowing us down( the 3 fat # 1's ) Next season could be a big turn around but I feel the Offensive picks good be our best defense.:clanram: Just my thought...let me have it!!
                                -01-03-2006, 09:55 AM
                              • RockinRam
                                Our defense
                                by RockinRam
                                I feel like our defense is a few players short from becoming a full-fledged solid unit, that may develop into a defensive powerhouse.

                                Our run defense week in and week out are continually stopping good running backs.

                                Our secondary is holding it's own against premier QBs and wide receivers when they have no pass rush help from our D-Line.

                                Our linebackers and D-Line are great at bottling up the run.

                                Lauranaitis is our man of the future. This kid is solid.

                                Gibson and Ryan showed a lot of improvement, as they kept on collapsing lanes.

                                Chris Long is always somehow around the ball.

                                What I think is if we add:

                                1 pass rushing DE
                                1 solid SLB
                                1 veteran corner

                                We will be in very good shape. Once Dorrell Scott develops, he and Lajuan Ramsey will make a very good rotational DT unit.

                                Plus the fact when we get a fully functional offense to help ease pressure off our defense, our defense is going to be very hard to break.
                                -10-12-2009, 09:23 AM
                              • laram0
                                Our Offense is very Offensive!
                                by laram0
                                Through 10 games this season our team has scored 13 touchdowns.
                                12 by the Offensive Offense
                                1 by our defense

                                On the flip side our team has allowed 37 touchdowns.
                                33 by the defense
                                4 by the Offensive Offense

                                -11-17-2008, 08:29 AM
                              • laram0
                                Defense vs. Offense
                                by laram0
                                The RAMS defense ranked 23rd overall last season and 28th in the points allowed category. For the season the RAMS scored 367 points while allowing 381 points that's a (-14) point differential. Out of the 12 teams that made the playoffs only the Seahawks (-6) and Giants (-7) had negative point differentials. There are alot of areas of concern on our Defense. DE, DT's, SLB, Safety and even cornerback has been brought up. It will probably take more than 1 year to upgrade all the areas of concern defensively.

                                So let's think outside the defensive box for a minute or two.

                                Our offense was ranked 4th passing and 17th rushing with an overall ranking of 6th. Considering the offense got off to a slow start last season and Marc Bulger was sacked 49 times.(Only 3 teams allowed more sacks) Also taking into consideration the COLTS won the Superbowl.

                                How many areas of concern are there on the offensive side of the ball? Imagine if Marc Bulger was sacked 1/2 of the 49 times from last season.
                                Could our offense be potent enough to overcome some of the defensive inefficiencies. I use the word "some" because I feel like the Rams will be able to address some of the issues on defense for 2007 but not all. Again, the offense could take us to the promise land (playoffs) thus allowing the team to plug the holes on defense intelligently without haste. The key question in my mind is how much tweaking needs to be done on the offense to makes us that potent. Should the RAMS focus on the offensive needs this off season 1st and foremost? Understanding that the defense will get the obvious attention it needs, just not all in one off season.

                                Imagine making the playoffs in 2007 knowing that there are still a few defense holes to fill for 2008. How would we look for 2009,2010 etc..
                                A long run of playoff appearances and possibly another SUPERBOWL or 2?
                                -02-15-2007, 12:09 PM
                              • CanadianRam!
                                Our secondary not so bad after all...
                                by CanadianRam!
                                Although our secondary has been much criticized this year, I think it actually has been our strength on our less than stellar D. On paper, our secondary looks below average but even with injuries to players, our secondary for the most part has held up well. Even with little to no pass rush, our pass defense ranks 8th in the NFL, above defenses such as Baltimore, San Diego, New England, Seattle and Denver. A lot of that contributes to our lack of strength on rush defense, but on the flip side, our secondary shouldn’t be blamed for RBs getting through the front 7 untouched, leading to big gains. This opportunistic group combined for 11 interceptions and 4 Fumble recoveries and it seems to tighten up in the endzone as we have been fortunate to get many interceptions as the opponents are driving inside our 20 (bend but don’t break). Brown, although inconsistent at times, has been a good FA signing for Haslett as he has played adequately as our #1 corner. Hill is up and coming & improving as his 3 interceptions tie him for the rookie lead. Fisher, our scapegoat of the year, played about average and not as bad as people thought and Bartell has played solid in limited opportunities (should have had an interception last week, but wiped out by Little’s penalty). Chavous provides leadership to this young group and is an upgrade over Arch and Atogwe with his 3 interceptions, plays his heart out game in and out (remember the game against Seattle when he chased down Wallace) although he has some tackling issues. Overall, our secondary, despite its inconsistencies and injuries, has performed above their talent level and has been a bright and opportunistic part of our D. It will be crucial for them to perform well in our Monday nighter for us to have a chance against Grossman and co.

                                GO RAMS :r
                                -12-07-2006, 04:23 PM