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Defense Needs To Make A Statement Against The Saints

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  • Defense Needs To Make A Statement Against The Saints

    Injuries aside, the defense has got to send a message to the Aint’s and the rest of the league that they are not a bunch of pushovers waiting to get steamrolled. Having Atlanta pile up yardage was bad enough, but to allow Emmitt Smith 79 yards and a 5.4 average per carry was embarrassing (N.E. held him to 31 yards and a 2.4 average).

    The stigma of being soft motivates the opposition and is difficult to shake. A statement game by the defense at home against N.O. is critical IMO. Anger, aggression, big time sticks and most importantly wrapping up ball carriers better be the order of the day.

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    Re: Defense Needs To Make A Statement Against The Saints

    I agree Mike. The defense needs to have a statement game. I think last weeks performance was somewhat misleading. There were some key opportunities that were missed. A few of those go the other way and I think it would have been a closer game.

    The defense needs to do better against the run, but I'm not sure there is a stigma of being soft. The defensive tackles need to start filling their gaps, while the LBs need to shed their blocks and get to the ball. Tackling is always an important key.

    Bring on the swarm!!

    Curly ~ Horns


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      Re: Defense Needs To Make A Statement Against The Saints

      The defense needs to do better against the run, but I'm not sure there is a stigma of being soft.
      Your absolutely right Ferter, the stigma isn't there yet, but allowing an anemic N.O. running game to have any kind of success might fuel the fire. A strong effort tomorrow would go a long way to giving us some much needed confidence and something positive to build on. Bring on the swarm indeed!


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        Re: Defense Needs To Make A Statement Against The Saints

        i'd just settle for d to get a few 3 and outs and forcing the saints to settle for fgs...


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          Re: Defense Needs To Make A Statement Against The Saints

          Great points thus far, guys! I think the key for this defense is to come out strong, excited, and ready to play. Hit the Saints in the mouth and end the turnover drought at home. I don't believe Aaron Brooks is an elite QB, and I think we can force him into making some mistakes.


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          • AvengerRam_old
            Rams need to run Saints out of St. Louis
            by AvengerRam_old
            The Saints have allowed over 170 yards per game on the ground in the first two weeks. The Rams need to take advantage of this weakness and make sure that Faulkson (the Faulk/Jackson two headed attack) gets at least 30 carries. If the Rams can establish the running game, it will take the pressure off Bulger, and give him time to find Holt and Bruce, who should be able to get open against the Saints secondary. It will also keep the defense off, and the Saints still dangerous offense, off the field.

            Time to pound it out!
            -09-24-2004, 09:26 AM
          • eldfan
            Rams prepare for a strong Brees
            by eldfan
            QUESTION: What must the Rams do to slow down Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints this weekend?

            JIM THOMAS

            Ball control by the Rams’ offense, like the 7 1/2-minute edge in time of possession they had Sunday in Arizona – or more. That’ll help but it won’t be enough given the quick-strike capabilities that the Saints possess. The Rams’ defense needs a big turnover game – maybe three or four or more. And Brees has thrown some INTs (16). And if ever the Rams were going to get a punt or kickoff return for a score, it would come in handy this week. Scoring 19 points won’t beat New Orleans.

            JEFF GORDON

            One, keep Brees off the field by actually running the football with some consistency and sustaining a ball-control offense. Two, take away the Saints running game – which won’t be easy with Na’il Diggs out for the year and the Rams lacking strong OLB play. Three, generate a consistent pass rush in the base defense to lessen the reliance on the blitz. Brees has seen it all, so the Rams will have to mix up their defenses. They won’t be able to blitz the Saints into submission liked they blitzed the Cardinals into submission.

            BRYAN BURWELL

            The Rams were able to stay competitive with New Orleans last year by winning time of possession. Barring some genius defensive game plan that will cover up the injuries in the secondary, keeping Brees off the field is the key.

            KEVIN WHEELER (Host of “Sports Open Line” on KMOX)

            Run the ball effectively all game long. The Saints pose matchup problems for most defenses because of their offensive depth and versatility, not to mention their Pro Bowl quarterback, so the best defense will be a consistent clock-chewing offense.

            On that note, it would help if the Rams jumped out to an early lead. If you fall behind the Saints you end up right where they want you, chasing your tail trying to keep up with them in an air-war when you’re outgunned. Staying within one score entering the 3rd and 4th quarters will be key. If you’re down double digits at the half and have to come out throwing, that plays right into Sean Payton’s hands.
            -12-07-2010, 12:50 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Round Two: Saints Marching In...Any Chance For Rams?
            by r8rh8rmike
            11.09.2009 1:53 pm
            Saints marching in … any chance for Rams?
            By Roger Hensley


            QUESTION: If the Rams are to have any chance against the 8-0 New Orleans Saints this weekend, what are the keys to the game plan?

            JIM THOMAS
            1. Ball control on offense, the Saints are a modest 19th in run defense.
            2. Takeaways on defense, easier said than done against Drew Brees.
            3. Something special on special teams, be it long returns, blocked kicks, etc.

            This is a challenge similar to what the Rams faced against Minnesota and Indianapolis — but New Orleans may be the most high-powered offense of the three.

            JEFF GORDON
            If the Rams can consistently throw the ball downfield to balance their offense, maintain time of possession and finish off scoring drives, they can stay in the game. But apparently this is an impossible task for this offense, so the Rams are doomed to a blowout loss. Even if the Saints turn the ball over again and again, they will win this game unless the Rams used their bye week to reinvent their offense.

            BRYAN BURWELL
            After seeing Carolina run up and down the field against the Saints, the run-oriented Rams certainly have a chance. If the Rams can stick to a Steven Jackson rushing attack and keep Drew Brees off the field, the home crowd could become a huge factor.

            KEVIN WHEELER (Host of “Sports Open Line” on KMOX)
            Call Tonya Harding and ask for some advice on how to “handle” competition? Lock the doors of the Dome just before the Saints arrive and lose the keys?

            Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Seriously, there is no way this game is competitive. None. The Saints are the highest-scoring team in the league averaging 38 points per game and the Rams are the lowest-scoring team in the league at just over 9 points per game. Heck, the Saints are 59 points better than the next highest-scoring team this season (Minnesota). The Rams have scored a total of 77 points as a point of reference.

            But wait, there’s more. The Saints are +129 when points scored are compared to points allowed and the Rams are -144. That’s a 273 point difference between these two teams over eight games. That’s a 34-point-per-game difference in case you were wondering.

            There is nothing the Rams can do to be competitive in this game. Nothing legal anyway.
            -11-09-2009, 07:28 PM
          • dgr828
            Beating the Saints will require 53 RAMS playing as ONE
            by dgr828
            The past few weeks has seen the New Orleans Saints fall behind early in ballgames. A very dangerous trend that the Saints were able to overcome against the Dolphins and Panthers. The Saints were challenged to a dogfight wth the Falcons on Monday Night, a few weeks ago, and still prevailed to stay undefeated with an (8-0) record, heading into Saint Louis to matchup with the RAMS.

            Surely, we can't expect the Saints to rest on their laurels and look pass the Rams (Week 10). The Saints most likely have learnt their lesson of not taking any team lightly and will come into the ED to try to make statement that says they're for real.

            Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Jeremy Shockey and Pierre Thomas are just a few of the Saints that will be leading the attack against the Rams. Defensively, the Saints have had their hands full stopping the run, going up against Miami's "Wildcat", Atlanta's Micheal "Burner" Turner and Carolina's DeAngelo Williams, all having huge rushing games against New Orleans only to have the Saints win, in the end.

            Will Steven Jackson also find success against a Saints defense that tends to be soft against the run?

            If JAX can pickup where he left off from the Lions game it would greatly enhance the Rams chances for success.

            When will MARC put together a meaningful, productive and crowd pleasing ballgame? What are we paying him for, Again?!

            Ofcourse, Its not all on Bulger....Does anyone have his back?
            Its time for the Rams offensive line to 'Chock their Blocks' and step up to protect their QB. AB, J-Smooth and the rest of the line have to be monsters in the trenches.

            The Rams young receivers, Keenan Burton and Donnie Avery should now consider themselves veterans and act accordingly, by running the right routes. Avery for one has to focus and cut down his tendencies for turning the ball over.

            A more balanced offense that's more open to the pass as well as the run, along with effiecent play calling will go a long way to help out Bulger & Crew against the Saints.

            Josh Brown, with the Rams woes in the redzone, will need to be 'Money' whenever called upon. Donnie Jones has seen his share of shanks as of late, he needs to come through as before with the big time punts.

            McMike and Daniel Fells could be the secret weapons at TE that Marc Bulger can use against New Orleans.

            The Rams defense has a major task on its hands going up against an explosive offense lead by Drew Brees.
            The Rams might want to think about becoming more physical or maybe a little bit nastier.

            Long, Little and Laurinaitis will have to lead the charge up front and up the middle, Bartell hopefully has taken time to sharpen his skills at the corners, and OJ must continue to be the Rams safety net in the defensive backfield.

            Last but not least, you don't...
            -11-14-2009, 10:53 PM
          • MoonJoe
            Defense Ranked 20
            by MoonJoe
            Im reliving the pain, or watching the Saints game if you will and I started to think about this weekends match-up. I pulled it up and saw we are ranked 20th on D. I knew we had issues, but I didnt think it was that bad on D!...
            -11-10-2018, 05:45 AM