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    Rams to Pursue Michael Vick!

    "Several people in the NFL told me not to rule out St. Louis as a possible destination for Vick. The Rams might have some ownership issues to deal with before actually signing him, but they have genuine interest. They’ve been doing their due diligence on Vick, and if the Commissioner does reinstate him, look for them to actively pursue him. It makes sense — a new coach with an older quarterback who hasn’t played well. Playing in a dome on carpet would highlight Vick’s speed and athleticism. "

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    Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

    I hope not.

    Vick is a project at QB - and how long before he becomes arrogant again?



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      Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

      It might "make sense" to whoever wrote this, but it sure as heck doesn't to me. New coach, yes. One who believes in character and values etc (sound like Vick to anyone?)..An old QB, sure, and Vick isn't 25 anymore..he's what..30? 31? And he hasn't played in 2 years. The only way this makes sense is if this guy doesn't follow the Rams. Then I get it.


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        Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

        I was surprised to read this, I hope it isn't true and I hope Vick plays elsewhere.


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          Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

          This is from Rotoworld today, who got it from the National Football Post:

          The Rams have "genuine interest" in suspended Falcons QB Michael Vick, according to Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post.
          "If (commissioner Roger Goodell) reinstates him, look for (the Rams) to actively pursue him," Lombardi writes. "It makes sense, a new coach with an older quarterback (Marc Bulger) who hasn’t played well. Playing in a dome on carpet would highlight Vick’s speed and athleticism." The Rams have denied it and their ownership situation is in flux, but Lombardi says the team has done its due diligence on Vick. With their long-term quarterback situation up in the air, Vick could be a possibility to succeed Bulger.


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            Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

            this still just doesn't even sound realistic.. IMO it's the single worst move the rams could make... with them being for sale and everything in the tempo there going this just doesn't even resemble a sort of logic..


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              Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

              Originally posted by bigtiger737 View Post
              this still just doesn't even sound realistic.. IMO it's the single worst move the rams could make... with them being for sale and everything in the tempo there going this just doesn't even resemble a sort of logic..
              I agree and if you are still hoping to sell the team to someone local this would be a horrible move.


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                Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                lombardi is just bernie on a larger stage.


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                  Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                  all we are give vick a chance! welcoming the idea of having michael vick featured in the saint louis rams stagnant offense.


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                    Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                    It makes sense — a new coach with an older quarterback who hasn’t played well. Playing in a dome on carpet would highlight Vick’s speed and athleticism.
                    It makes sense?? Too funny! It makes no sense. Name for me one, just one player who was out of the league for three years that came back and did anything, anything at all. I'll be waiting.....


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                      Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                      Originally posted by dgr828 View Post
                      all we are give vick a chance! welcoming the idea of having michael vick featured in the saint louis rams stagnant offense.
                      You REALLY need to change your avatar.

                      As for Vick, last time I checked he was in a WCO under Jim Mora in Atlanta. What are we installing here? Same thing. He didn't bode well in an offense that asks the QB to be extremely accurate (He has a career 53.8% completion percentage) and we are basically paying Bulger ten million to take a seat. I am one of Bulger's biggest critics and I acknowledge the need for a QB of the future, but Vick is definitely not that and he would just do more harm than good -- in terms of team chemistry. The only argument you could make for him is that he will be used exclusively for wildcat purposes, but as I mentioned, the negatives greatly outweigh the positives. I can't see this coming true because the four pillars will basically come crumbling down if it did.
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                        Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                        If we 'pursue' Vick, most likely he will be able to escape! Just ... let ... him ... go.


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                          Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                          I don't see any sense in this.

                          QB out of the game for three years being expected to re-surface on a team that emphasises character?

                          Don't think so.

                          Never say never but I'd be surprised if Devaney were to pull the trigger on Vick after emphasising character concerns throughout the draft and elsewhere in free agency.


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                            Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                            We've been through this - repeatedly - and one thing keeps coming up.

                            There is no possible way any team will sign Vick in 2009. He's old, out of shape, and no one will trade with Atlanta for a has-been. Even if it did happen, he would not be able to play this season, because of legal obligations.

                            How much longer do rumors like this have to keep on going before someone realizes that fertilizer has less BS in it than the Vick rumors?


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                              Re: - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -

                              Not going to happen.

                              The blurb doesn't even make sense. How do "ownership issues" impact whether Vick is signed? The "ownership issues" aren't going to be resolved overnight, or even (in all likelihood) before the start of next season. In the meantime, the current ownership is perfectly capable of signing players - particularly one like Vick, who won't be able to command a long-term commitment from whichever team signs him.

                              More idiotic blog crappola.
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                              • MauiRam
                                Vick would bring buzz to Rams
                                by MauiRam
                                Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Michael Vick served 19 months in federal prison for his role in running an extremely cruel and heinous dogfighting ring. If you believe Vick deserves additional penalties, then imagine the punishment he'd receive by playing quarterback for the Rams.

                                It could happen, if the Philadelphia Eagles decide to release or trade Vick after deciding not to pick up his option for 2010. Vick was a part-time quarterback and designated wildcat-formation runner for the Eagles this season. Considering his long layoff and two years out of the game, Vick played pretty well. Moreover, Eagles coaches praised Vick's dedication and the positive changes he made in his life. But it would be costly to keep Vick as a backup, and Vick would prefer being a No. 1 quarterback elsewhere.

                                The Rams need a starting quarterback. The Rams need a lot of things, as evidenced by their 6-42 record and last-place NFL ranking in points scored over the last three seasons.

                                So yes, there is a fit. And there are some obvious connections in play here. Rams GM Billy Devaney was part of the Atlanta organization during Vick's career there and visited Vick in prison. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur are former assistants to Eagles coach Andy Reid and they trust his judgment. If Reid recommends Vick, Spagnuolo will listen.

                                Vick may have other, more appealing, options. Several NFL teams are on the lookout for starting quarterbacks and Vick's stock is up after his positive experience in Philadelphia.

                                "I tried to be the best ambassador that I could be in the community," Vick told Philadelphia reporters. "And that won't stop. I'll continue to do that, and I'll continue to work hard."

                                If the Rams get the chance to land Vick, would the relationship work?

                                There's Vick, the quarterback. Would he be effective? And then there's Vick as a high-profile figure. Would Rams fans accept his arrival or be offended by his presence? Recently I set up an unscientific poll on my "Five Minutes" blog at I posed a simple question: Yes or no on Vick as the Rams' QB?

                                Of the 10,551 respondents, 62 percent were in favor of Vick becoming a Ram.

                                I've heard from Rams fans who insist they'll cancel their season tickets if Vick is signed. And there's little doubt the Rams would face some passionate, vociferous anti-Vick protests. But I've also heard from fans who say the addition of Vick would motivate them to keep their tickets. They're tired of the dull football and believe Vick would bring excitement to games.

                                Those opposing Vick probably would be more visible and louder than those who support him. Some of the initial anti-Vick sentiment would fade, just as it did in Philadelphia.

                                OK, now...
                                -01-17-2010, 03:30 PM
                              • Nick
                                Michael Vick hit with lawsuit
                                by Nick
                                ...and no one covers it.

                                -04-06-2005, 09:10 AM
                              • UtterBlitz
                                A Note about Michael Vick
                                by UtterBlitz
                                This author does a good job with articulating some of the animal rights issues that I see.

                                A Note About Michael Vick
                                Posted by Gary L. Francione in Blog

                                There has been an enormous amount of coverage of the alleged dog fighting operation sponsored by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. Vick and three other men were indicted on federal felony charges claiming that Vick had sponsored illegal dog fighting, gambled on dog fights and permitted acts of cruelty against animals on his property. The talk shows are filled with talking heads from the “humane community” condemning dog fighting and calling for Vick to be punished if he is, indeed, guilty. Nike and Reebok have suspended products endorsed by Vick.

                                Please let me be very clear: I think that dog fighting is a terrible thing.

                                But I must say that the Vick case is rather dramatically demonstrating what I call our “moral schizophrenia” about animals. That is, if one thing is clear, it is that we do not think clearly about our moral obligations to animals.

                                In this country alone, we kill over ten billion land animals annually for food. The animals we eat—even those supposedly raised “humanely”—suffer as much as the dogs that are used in dog fighting. There is no “need” for us to eat meat, dairy, or eggs. Indeed, these foods are increasingly linked to various human diseases and animal agriculture is an environmental disaster for the planet. We impose pain, suffering, and death on these billions of sentient nonhumans because we enjoy eating their flesh and the products that we make from them.

                                There is something positively bizarre about condemning Michael Vick for using dogs in a hideous form of entertainment when 99% of us also use animals that are every bit as sentient as dogs in another hideous form of entertainment that is no more justifiable than fighting dogs: eating animals and animal products.

                                There is something positively bizarre that many “animal lovers” sit around eating meat that has the Certified Humane Raised and Handled label endorsed by The Humane Society of the United States while HSUS tells us what a bad guy Michael Vick is.

                                HSUS and PETA are demanding that Vick be suspended from the NFL. As far as I know, neither organization demanded that Michael Jordan be suspended from the NBA because he promoted Ball Park Franks.

                                There is something bizarre about Reebok and Nike, which use leather in their shoes, suspending products endorsed by Vick. They’re not going to allow a guy who allegedly tortures dogs to endorse products that contain tortured cows.

                                In Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog?, I introduced Simon the Sadist, who derived pleasure from blowtorching dogs. We would all regard such conduct as monstrous because we all agree that it is wrong to inflict “unnecessary” suffering on animals and pleasure, amusement,...
                                -06-03-2009, 02:23 PM
                              • K.G
                                Michael Vick
                                by K.G
                                Should I even mention the idea? What does everybody think? Whenever he can play we should def go after him if we got the money.
                                -05-17-2009, 08:33 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                As Vick falls, the media begins cycle of shame anew.
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Have I mentioned how much I hate the media?

                                Here's the latest. On radio talk shows... on the internet... in the newspapers... the latest trend with respect to the Michael Vick fiasco is to ask "why are we giving this so much attention?" or "aren't we overreacting?" or (my favorite) "why don't we pay this much attention to crimes against humans?"

                                Let's be perfectly clear here. The media is responsible for this whole thing. The cycle goes like this:

                                1. Build up a young exciting player by over-hyping him as "the next ______" even before he plays a down in the league.

                                2. Continue to build him up even as his actual peformance shows serious limitations, to the point where endorsement deals bring him to near iconic status.

                                3. Break the big story of his fall from grace, then splash it on the front page for weeks.

                                4. When people start getting bored, take the other side and accuse the public of making too much of the story.

                                5. Make Michael Vick the victim.

                                6. Hope he comes back so you can really sell a "from the ashes" story.

                                We've seen it before. Mike Tyson went through the whole cycle. The media is itching for guys like A-Rod to fall. Even outside the sports world, we see the same pattern with actors and musicians.

                                The reality is that Vick is almost certainly guilty of crimes that deserve punishment. Others have done worse things, but that does not excuse Vick or reduce the necessity to deal with his actions harshly. But all that said, if Vick were merely an average NFL QB (let's say Chad Pennington or Aaron Brooks or Jeff Garcia) who wasn't built up like Vick was, it wouldn't be such a big story.

                                Mark Twain said it best. "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do, you're misinformed."
                                -08-18-2007, 09:37 AM